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 What the fuck is TGirls Hookup??? 

We are reality porn for people who want to see the hottest trans girls getting absolutely fucking obliterated. We are only focused on producing the most hardcore trans porn on the internet! Our goals are to push the envelope of how rough and hot mainstream trans porn can be. If you want to see the hottest Tgirls getting fucked rough and hard, this is where you will find it!

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She's the perfect piece of ass for your cock. This gooner slut has transformed into the gorgeous babe she is today for one purpose, to be a porno slut for you to stroke your cock to. Her big designer tits, perfectly toned curvy body, thick thighs and a round ass are perfect to play with and use for your pleasure. Her big cock is rock hard for you and her asshole is slutty and inviting. Stick it in her, she will feel so good on you.
Bambi’s a perfect 10, who needs 10 cocks a day to really satisfy her cum craving. When she's not getting fucked, she's stroking her cock to porn and fucking her asshole with her nice dildo for hours. Her fuck machine does a good job at making her cum but what she's really missing is you. Cum play with her, she’s waiting…

Stoke your cock, and/or fuck your ass with your favorite dildo to this perfect porno princess, Bambi Hart!

Added on 23rd May 2024

23rd May 2024  |   18 minutes

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Wow this scene is on fire! Today we present to you a brand-new hottie to the website! Thea Daze is a sexy blonde with amazing plump tits, a gorgeous face and a round ass that can fit pretty much anything into it. She's a real anal whore and loves to stuff her hole full! She's brand new to the industry and brand new to the site so give her a warm welcum!

Thea Daze is new to the area and heard about TGHU from all her slutty friends. She was told it was the one place to go if you want rough and degrading trans-lesbian sex and she learns really quickly that her friends were correct! Within seconds of cruising, she matches with the hung and dominant goddess Luna Nyx. Sparks fly and Luna promises to fuck her as hard as she can and attempt to break her pathetic holes.
These two get right down to business, with Thea showing Luna just how deep she can take cock in any of her holes. She's a true anal champion, able to take her own fist while she swallow's Luna's 9" cock down her throat! Luna doesn't hold back- she is determined to jam her cock inside Thea as hard and as deep as possible. Thea then needs two cocks in her, so Luna stuffs a gigantic Hankey's Toy's dildo in her hole and her cock at the same time! This was a little too much for Thea, so they downsized a little bit...To Luna's foot!
After some foot-in-hole action Luna cums twice into Thea's spread hole, before feeding her every drop from her own asshole!


Added on 16th May 2024

16th May 2024  |   44 minutes

    Rating: N/A

Normally this week's update would be a solo-scene release, but I noticed that most of you seem to join for the hardcore scenes, so here is an amazing new trans lesbian hardcore scene starring my two favorite slutty sissies - Bella Bates and Valorie Valentina!! Bella and Valorie are looking absolutely irresistible in their matching pink dresses, sexy lingerie, slutty high-heels, and gorgeous makeup. Their bodies and ultra-feminized and soft to the touch, ready for you to play with them and get them fully undressed – exposing their toned, perfect bodies. They are submissive sissies after all - they crave your cock and to please real men like you. Their round asses and perky tits are as perfect for groping and playing with, and their girl cocks leak every time they get attention. They really are the perfect pair, and they are best friends that go everywhere together...even into your bed with you. Valorie has been fairly tight lately, so she asks her friend Bella to help stretch her out. At first, they make out and kiss and suck on each other’s breasts, but then before they know it, they are sharing a double ended dildo like proper anal sluts. Bella's girlcock gets so rock hard from playing with her and Val's ass so she decides to give her friend the real thing. (It's a good thing Bella left her chastity cage at home today!). Valorie's cock stays locked up the entire time though, she's the most submissive as they come, and her asshole welcome's Bella's hard cock effortlessly. Bella gives Valorie her all, she's never topped before but she does a great job fucking her best friend's asshole like a good slut. When Bella loses her stamina, she fucks Valorie's face, letting her clean her own pussy juice off Bella's cock. Valorie's mouth and throat skills are out of this world (I can confirm, Val's cock sucking skills really are incredible!), and it doesn't take long before Bella busts a big Tgirl load in Valorie's slutty mouth. These besies play with the cum, eat...

Added on 9th May 2024

9th May 2024  |   27 minutes

    Rating: N/A

Luci Belle is a true winner, she has it all - a sexy toned body with a slutty waist just begging to be grabbed, smooth soft skin that shows your hand print when you smack her, and a gorgeous pair of bottomless holes. She's extremely pretty and so fun to play with. She's a real sex addict, needing multiple doses of cock a day to function. Taking dick like a whore is her purpose in life and it doesn't take a rocket scientist to know that this bitch was built to bottom.

Luna Nyx is a stone-cold stunner, a real gothy bitch put on this earth to fuck dumb holes and look amazingly hot while doing it. She's thin and tall, but with an attitude as sharp as can be. She's a real dominant top, and her cock is huge as fuck. She wastes zero time getting down to business, ensuring Luci knows from the start just what her job today is. Luna destroys Luci's slutty holes and uses all of her body for her pleasure, pounding her in several positions as hard as she can before she cums all over Luci's pathetic face before offering her some much deserved refreshments...

Added on 2nd May 2024

2nd May 2024  |   48 minutes

    Rating: N/A

Lotus is here and she has you under her spell today. She wants you to submit to her so she can teach you all about pain and pleasure. She wants you on your knees where you belong. You follow her every instruction and begging to worship every inch of her perfect, savory body. Her cock begins to harden, stiffer and stiffer in your mouth. You are doing a good job being her little submissive play-thing today. You can now touch your little cock and squirm like a cute little fuck toy. Maybe she will even use your asshole to pleasure her huge, rock-hard girlcock. When you've done a good enough job, she makes you beg for her cum, and before you know it, she busts a huge load of white sticky cum in your mouth as your reward for being such a good submissive.

Added on 25th Apr 2024

25th Apr 2024  |   18 minutes

    Rating: N/A

Wow you don't want to miss this scorcher of a scene!! Nikki North and Erica Cherry are a super hot duo. You all may think of Nikki as a top but wait until you see how Erica takes full control of Nikki's sexy body and her holes. She fucks her so hard with her huge cock until they both cum their brains out!

Added on 18th Apr 2024

18th Apr 2024  |   24 minutes

    Rating: N/A

Fiona is cute as can be in her little black cardigan and her plaid skirt. She looks almost innocent, but we all know just how much of a big slut she really is. She loves to show off for the camera while wearing her sexy see-through lingerie. Her cock looks absolutely adorable when it's soft, and incredibly hot when she's hard. Her body is slim and her skin is milky and smooth. She’s really fucking cute and she couldn’t wait to undress and tell me just how much of a slut she really is.

Fiona loves to play with her asshole like a good little slut, she brought with her some of her favorite toys just to show you. She oozes sexuality and her tiny body just looks like it was made to be fucked. She's a free-use Tgirl hole, just for you.

Added on 11th Apr 2024

11th Apr 2024  |   18 minutes

    Rating: N/A

It's been a while since we've had a really wet-and-wild hardcore scene... Valorie Valentina and Nyxi Leon are two ultra-hot, ultra-depraved kink freaks with a real appetite for rough and over the top hardcore sex! Valorie is known for having pretty much no limits and she longs for hardcore degradation from more dominant trans girls. She's looking especially hot and sexy today in her black sheer panties and red fishnet top. Val's body is toned and fit and her asshole is begging for attention. Her tits are cute and perky and her throat and asshole are bottomless pits for cock.

Nyxi Leon is tiny but fierce! Miss Nyxi is hotter than can be in her slutty outfit. I love how her tiny denim booty shorts really show off her round ass and how her revealing her pink top is. She's reeved up and ready to fuck Valorie's brains out (can you blame her?) and she wastes no time getting down to business. I’ll never get tired of watching Nyxi pummel dumb sluts into submission. She uses 100% of Valorie's body for her pleasure, reminding her the whole time just who is in charge. Miss Nyxi's cock is rock hard and pounds Val's holes like she owns them and then fills her mouth up with squirt before busting a huge load on her face.

Added on 4th Apr 2024

4th Apr 2024  |   29 minutes

    Rating: N/A

I don’t know about you, but I know I can't get enough of Neci Archer! She's a tiny little fuck-doll just big enough to fit in your pocket. You can pick her up and toss her around, bend her into any position you'd like, and she’ll let you do anything you want to her. Neci’s body is soft and ultra-feminine, and her skin is smooth and soft to the touch. Her small natural breasts long for attention and her holes just beg to be used. She's a true nympho and she's back to tell you about her recent sexcapade and play with herself like a good little slut.

Nymho-Neci really works herself up as she recalls just how hot it was when she sucked her new manager's cock on the job. Her girldick gets so rock hard from just thinking about it. Neci plays with her cute asshole with her anal beads before stroking her hard cock with her stroker. She's then climbs on top of her dildo and rides it until she gets closer and closer to orgasm. She finishes herself off with her hand and cums a gigantic load like a good needy cumslut.

Added on 28th Mar 2024

28th Mar 2024  |   19 minutes

    Rating: N/A

Today we have a hot switchy flip fuck scene for you to sink your teeth into! Tessa Jayne is back again and this time she's not only looking to get her holes filled... Aelin Blue and Tessa are so revved up and horny they can't keep their hands off each other. They start out kissing and sucking before playing with Tessa's vibrating nipple clamps! After some lesbian fingering they move to anal where Aelin fills Tessa up with her nice big cock. These two are so in lust for each other. Tessa just wants to be a good useful pet and asks Aelin what she could do to please her. Aelin mounts Tessa and rides her hard cock like a pro. After some much needed ass to mouth, Aelin blows her load in Tessa's pretty little whore mouth.

Added on 21st Mar 2024

21st Mar 2024  |   01:01 minutes

    Rating: N/A

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