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Ava Holt

Ava Holt
  • Birthday: 27th July
  • Hello I’m Ava🥰
    Verse bottom

    Total whore here who loves to fuck hard and get fucked hard. Looking for submissive sluts who want their holes filled by my 7 inch hard girlcock
    Don’t worry I won’t go easy 😈 I like it rough.
    Love spanking, ch0king, and I love being in control so you must do as I say or you will be punished . Hmu and just maybe you’ll be lucky enough to get this dick

Ava's Videos

Get up close and personal with Ava Holt in this week's behind the scenes video!

Ava Holt is a total babe and an amazing model and performer. This Michigan cutie just moved to Vegas and I know she will be a big star. I will be working with her again really soon and I can't wait for you to all see what we have in the works ;)


Special thanks to our friends and sponsors: Hismith Sex Machines, Double Scorpio, Hankey's Toys and Mister Sister Erotica Boutique in Providence RI.

Added on 23rd Aug 2022

23rd Aug 2022  |   13 minutes

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Ava Holt has a steamy story to tell this week, and it's based on a real life true story! (Of course, we took our liberty to make it extra slutty and super gay 😜)
Ava is the hottest slut in her class and everyone knows it. Her chemistry professor paired her up with another girl to work on an after-school project. Let's just say that if the project was on taking girlcock, then they'd both get an A+
As Ava recalls her sexually charged chemistry fling, she becomes so hot and horny that she needs to play with her arsenal of toys! Watch Ava jerk off her hard cock, play with her stroker, fuck her slutty hole with her dildo and play her gape into oblivion with her fuck machine.

You definitely don't want to miss this one!!!


Added on 18th Aug 2022

18th Aug 2022  |   20 minutes

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I first found Luci Belle on Twitter about a year ago and knew she was perfect for TGHU. She was one of the few girls I debuted first here on TGHU. She shot her first pro scene for my site and has really grown into a super-hot, super slutty, and totally talented porn performer. It was an honor to have her back for her fourth shoot! This scene was insane and if you haven't seen it already then, I suggest going back and watching "Sissy Slut Gets More Than a Mouthful of Cock!"

Ava Holt is so beautiful and sweet. It's so crazy to me how she can be such an aggressive top for being such an angel. But WOW can she fuck hard!
She was first here a couple months back to shoot her first TGHU scene with Saska Sage. That scene was really fucking good, but this scene was over the top. Since this was her second time getting to shoot one of these, she knew exactly what to do. She really impressed me and I look forward to working with her again. She's one of my favorite models to work with, as is Luci.
Their main scene really pulled out all the stops, it had sissy play, p stuff, electro play (one of Luci's favs), hand-gag, verbal domination, fisting(well, almost fisting, she got really close), huge toy play, cum on face, p drinking, and much more! Surprisingly for how much stuff we did in this scene, it didn't take much time to film it. All our breaks were short and efficient and the footage we shot was really good. It was actually much easier to edit than most other scenes we shoot. Anyways, I hope you like this little BTS video put together just for you with clips and photos from the shoot "Sissy Slut Gets More Than a Mouthful of Cock!"


Added on 19th Jul 2022

19th Jul 2022  |   22 minutes

    Rating: 0.00

Luci Belle is back and more insatiable and more pathetic than ever! She's back on the app looking for more than just girlcock to rail her holes...Today she's looking for a hardcore dominant top who will do whatever the fuck she wants with poor Luci Belle. Miss. Ava Holt doesn't feel like playing nice today and she makes it pretty crystal fucking clear to Luci just how their hookup is gonna go down. If Luci wants to get her pathetic sissy hole filled with girlcock, then she needs to obey every single fucking rule Miss Holt gives her. Obviously, Luci is too stupid (sissys have cum for brains) to follow her commands so she finds herself at the end of Ava's electro-stinger! Shocked into submission and hungry for cock, Luci is ready to fully submit to her goddess. Ava really puts Luci to the test. Ava almost gets her whole hand inside Miss Belle's prolapsed hole after loosening her up with a gigantic tentacle. Luci may be a great fuck, but she manages to still disappoint Ava because she can't seem to remember the rules. Ava provides Luci with the ultimate punishment.... A continuous mouthful of squirt, enough to overflow a filthy dog bowl! Mistress Holt pushes Luci's cute little face into the bowl as she gets her asshole fucked one last time before Ava blows her load all over Luci's slutty face. Don't worry, Ava made sure to clean Luci up before kicking her out. She poured the whole bowl down Luci's throat and the rest down her face!

🥰 Kelly Quell

Added on 14th Jul 2022

14th Jul 2022  |   56 minutes

    Rating: 0.00

Wow! These two girls are so insanely hot and blew me away with their stellar performance. These two are so awesome to work with and are going to be big stars. I can't wait to have them back again really soon!! Enjoy this little behind the scenes video from "Well-Oiled Slut Machine is Desperate for Dick!" xoxo KQ

Added on 17th May 2022

17th May 2022  |   09 minutes

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Fresh from our smut oven, this update is primed to pop! The lovely Saska Sage is a down bad slut ready for dicking from a devious dom. She looks so innocent, with her angelic face and the body of a college sweetheart. However, she's a desperate, dick-hungry slut! She's definitely down-bad, and that brings her to the TGHU app. There awaits Ava Holt, a sexy seductress with a taste for discipline. This alluring siren is swinging a she-stick that more than satisfies, but there's just one thing. Ava has rules, and I'm stumped as to whether it is more fun to obey or get her well-earned "funishment"? Saska sucks, gets slicked with oil, and stuffed with cock; All while trying her hardest to please the sweet but stern Ms. Holt. Will she be able to satisfy the sultry domme top? Will Ava get her fill of this insatiable bottom? Will Ava give Saska bus fare home? Will Kelly ever be able to clean up all this body oil? The answer to some of these questions lies within this awesome update! keep it right here at Tgirls Hookup! Enjoy, Ana Andrews

Added on 12th May 2022

12th May 2022  |   38 minutes

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