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Wow! These two girls are so insanely hot and blew me away with their stellar performance. These two are so awesome to work with and are going to be big stars. I can't wait to have them back again really soon!! Enjoy this little behind the scenes video from "Well-Oiled Slut Machine is Desperate for Dick!" xoxo KQ

Added on 17th May 2022

17th May 2022  |   09 minutes

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Fresh from our smut oven, this update is primed to pop! The lovely Saska Sage is a down bad slut ready for dicking from a devious dom. She looks so innocent, with her angelic face and the body of a college sweetheart. However, she's a desperate, dick-hungry slut! She's definitely down-bad, and that brings her to the TGHU app. There awaits Ava Holt, a sexy seductress with a taste for discipline. This alluring siren is swinging a she-stick that more than satisfies, but there's just one thing. Ava has rules, and I'm stumped as to whether it is more fun to obey or get her well-earned "funishment"? Saska sucks, gets slicked with oil, and stuffed with cock; All while trying her hardest to please the sweet but stern Ms. Holt. Will she be able to satisfy the sultry domme top? Will Ava get her fill of this insatiable bottom? Will Ava give Saska bus fare home? Will Kelly ever be able to clean up all this body oil? The answer to some of these questions lies within this awesome update! keep it right here at Tgirls Hookup! Enjoy, Ana Andrews

Added on 12th May 2022

12th May 2022  |   38 minutes

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This was my first time getting to meet Billie! She's so cute and friendly and oh so damn sexy. She's such a nice person to work with. I had wanted to work with her for a while, but wanted to wait until I was out on the west coast so she didn't need to fly all the way to cold Providence RI when I could just go to sunny Los Angeles instead. I'm so glad I did because the weather was hot and the girls were extra hot!! Billie is totally a new fixture on TGHU. She's so awesome and she has such a cool style and energy about her. On top of that she a total slut too!! She will be back to shoot again in the next couple months. We have some fun ideas in the works for her next hardcore scene!!! Stay tuned and enjoy! xoxo, Kelly

Added on 10th May 2022

10th May 2022  |   05 minutes

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Happy Friday! Here's a special bonus hardcore scene just for being such awesome members! We've been waiting for the perfect opportunity to release this super-hot trans-lesbian threesome and today is the day! Watch me get my holes absolutely fucking obliterated by Flowergoth Roze and Delilah Darling in 'Wreck My Gape #6' -KQ BONUS SCENE!!! We've got a special one for y'all today! Our team of professional deviants has a deviation from our normal fare. No, scripts, no fantasies, no B.S! This is Wreck my Gape #6! The latest installment in the series that started it all! Kelly Quell, the lovely and depraved mind behind the entire TGIRLS-HOOKUP cinematic universe is in front of the camera this time, and she brought her filthy friends with her! The sultry Flowergoth Roze and the sensuous Delilah Darling have a no-holes-barred bout with Kelly's hungry hole! Armed with both silicone dong and girl cock respectfully, they ensure that Kelly has her fill in both her throat and ass, her gape steadily blooming as they work her wider... and wider. hope you enjoy the bonus update from TGIRLS-HOOKUP. The only place where even in our downtime, we're gaping holes and stroking poles! xoxo, -Ana Andrews

Added on 6th May 2022

6th May 2022  |   15 minutes

    Rating: 0.00

Billie is back! Ms. Beaumont returns after such a strong first impression to tell a tale of schoolgirl lust that'll definitely have you hot, horny, and ready to blow! This sexy, lean siren has quite the tale to tell, having been recently haunted by dreams of her sultry professor. She would dream of her amazing tits, and tight toned body in a way that really makes it hard to focus upon waking. It also never left her without a steamy, leaky, hard problem to deal with in her panties each morning! Billie's got her girl-cock out and stroking before she even concludes the story, her erection thick and throbbing with impressive veins. She gets much more serious once the diary is put away, lavishing her she-stick with attention. Her hole begs for attention, and it's not long before a cute pink plug gets added to the mix. Once warmed up, Ms. Beaumont kicks up the intensity, making her awesome tits and truly impressive dick bounce and heave on a huge clear dildo, riding it as she would her sexy professor if she were here. This all culminates in a soul-searing orgasm as her walls pulse and massage her makeshift lover, finally satisfied. Make sure you don't sleep on this one because Tgirls Hookup is the only site that cooks up sext dreams that'll make you cream your jeans! Xoxo -Ana A

Added on 5th May 2022

5th May 2022  |   17 minutes

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Get up close and personal with Nicole Cheshire in this week's brand new behind the scenes video!! This was Nicole's third time here and it was so nice to get to spend a bunch of time with her again. Her and I are very good friends and it's been way too long since we've had the chance to work together and hang out. We filmed this solo in Early February but never got around to writing a story for the diary entry. We knew we would be staying together a couple weeks later when we went out to LA for the Trans Erotica Awards, so we figured we would write something and record it then. However, we didn't really need to write a story because we ended up having a steamy real-life experience for her to tell you all about. Nicole was actually just here again last week for a hardcore shoot and we sat down and typed the events up so she could record the voice over. If you haven't seen "There's no Business Like Ho-Business" Then I highly recommend going and watching it for yourself. So hot! enjoy! -KQ

Added on 3rd May 2022

3rd May 2022  |   06 minutes

    Rating: 0.00

A TRUE STORY! This scorching solo scene is a TGIRLS HOOKUP 1st! we've stepped out of the realm of fantasy and into the real world of the porn industry! But don't worry, this story still has plenty of spice! Some names have been changed to protect the deviant. Wait... no they haven't ;) Nicole's diary entry this time is jam-packed with hardcore fuckin' and suckin'! Fresh from an industry after-party, she looks smoking hot as ever, with amazing legs, and a face that just makes you want to bust a fresh load all over it! This sexy slut got invited to industry only after party, and while she was chasing a nightcap, ended up feeding our own Kelly Quell a hot load! Nicole's still riled up from the encounter and takes things into her own hands. Stroking her girl-cock until it's red and throbbing she focuses on her hole next. Topping all night left her hole hungry, and she makes sure to feed it well! Tentacle toys, bowling pins, she makes sure to thoroughly wreck herself to a nice baby-gape before pulling out the heavy artillery. She revels in her pleasure as she pushes herself over the edge to a depraved orgasm! Make sure you keep it right here on TGHU! Bringing you all the glam and sleaze your cock needs! xoxo, -Ana A

Added on 28th Apr 2022

28th Apr 2022  |   21 minutes

    Rating: 0.00

These two hotties were made for this website! We LOVE working with these two. I had really wanted to pair these two up for a really long time and I’m so glad we got to finally make it happen. Their chemistry is so amazing and the scene they shot was fantastic. Enjoy this little compilation of behind-the-scenes content. Xoxo KQ

Added on 26th Apr 2022

26th Apr 2022  |   16 minutes

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Okay y’all it's time for a brand spanking new release from Tgirls Hookup! And this one is not one to miss! We’ve got two returning titans of titillation they’re both hot enough to make your cock surge and your cum reach the boiling point! Nyxi Leon has made quite the name for herself on the app! She’s typically a sadistic top, but there comes a time when a girl might want something a little different. Her small, tight frame can be deceptive to some. Her lovely face, great tits, and awesome ass can be a lure to many. And tonight it got the attention of one Pixi Lust. Pixi’s been with the TGHU app nearly since beta, and now fancies herself a top. With beauty only outmatched by depravity, she’s got the face of an angel, and the heart of a slut. Does she have what it takes to tame Nyxi? Short answer: no. Long Answer? Pixi’s best efforts leave Nyxi wanting, so she shows Ms. Lust who the head bitch in charge really is! With huge dongs, some behavior correction tools and an interesting use of shipping materials, Nyxi Leon spends the rest of the night teaching Nyxi the true meaning of topping!

Added on 21st Apr 2022

21st Apr 2022  |   01:01 minutes

    Rating: 0.00

Nicole Korsakova is so awesome. This was her second time back to shoot and it was a total blast. She's so hot and super chill to work with. We always end up laughing our asses off on set. Enjoy this little BTS video :) Special thanks to John Thomas Toys and Hismith toys for the free dildos!

Added on 19th Apr 2022

19th Apr 2022  |   09 minutes

    Rating: 0.00

Nicole Korsakova has more sordid stories for you to stroke your shaft to! This sultry siren is a returning stunner, and you can certainly see why! with amazing tits, dangerous curves and the perfect "fuck-me" pout, this sexy switch has tops o the verge of creaming' and bottoms key-smashing whenever she logs into the TGHU app! Today's diary entry happened on the long flight back home, and does she have a story to fill us in on! The mile high club is a fantasy for many, but the logistics are tricky, so it's usually reserved for only those true sluts. After snagging some in-flight WiFi, she hops on her normal feed of hookup notifications and promo porn. But when a flight attendant sees what she got on her phone, it's time for an emergency seat arrangement...followed shortly by the flight-attendant's girl-cock rearranging her holes! Committing the tale to her smutty diary reminds her that her load of girl-cum may have shifted during flight and she desperately needs to let it fly! Her stroker and a new toy, the serpent, get used in tandem! Watching Nicole bounce on a thick toy while simultaneously shining her shaft is something that you don't want to miss! Make sure to grab you ticket, and pack your bags, because this Tgirls-Hookup release is going to have you groping yourself more than the TSA ever could!

Added on 14th Apr 2022

14th Apr 2022  |   19 minutes

    Rating: 0.00

Get up close and personal with these two hotties in this fun behind the scenes video. I had my eye on Billie for a bit, but since she lives in LA (the opposite side of the country as me) I didn't think it made much sense to fly her out to Rhode Island. Luckily, I was able to set up a shoot when I was in Hollywood for the Trans Erotica Awards. I'm so very glad we were able to do this shoot because the scene was awesome. Billie is super friendly and awesome as much as she is a hottie. She is super easy to work with and a stellar performer. Her and Avery were such a good match for each other. I would love to work with Billie again soon. I will have to get her out here to Providence for a proper TGHU shoot. Avery Angel we all know by now. She's become one of my close friends in this industry. She happened to be staying with us at the apartment when we were in LA so it made total sense to have her be Billie's co-star. Even after a long night of partying with me and some other friends, Avery was able to find the energy to pound the hell out of Billie. Go follow these two hotties and please support them on onlyfans. xoxo KQ

Added on 12th Apr 2022

12th Apr 2022  |   07 minutes

    Rating: 0.00

Road Trip!!! Tgirls-Hookup is on the west coast! New locations means new sluts, and we have an amazing entry for you here today! Billie Beaumont is a busty, dumb slut, and you know how much we love those! With blonde pigtails and pumped-up lips, her looks just begs for you to grab those handle bars and shove a hard girl-cock into that beautiful, puffy pout Billie's new to the app and runs into the one-woman wrecking crew: the beautiful statuesque Avery Angel! Avery wants to give Billie a little bit of what she regularly doles out to sluts on the east coast, and that is furious, relentless pounding! The rules are different here on the west coast, so Avery travels to this mewling lil sluts crash pad, building up one of the angriest erections in recent memory (Writer's note: And I've seen dozens. Maybe hundreds? idk... Avery, hit ya girl up on the app!! -Ana) Billie wastes no time giving it a spit-shine and polish before Avery plunges it deep! You'll cream your jeans over the cute, slutty faces Billie makes as Avery takes her on the express trip to pound town! This train only stops in an emergency, and cumming your brains out is not an emergency! The gape gloves cum out, and Ms. Angel ensures Billie lives up to their proper purpose! Lap up this awesome update on Tgirls-Hookup, where we only bring you the hottest, sluttiest stars!

Added on 7th Apr 2022

7th Apr 2022  |   39 minutes

    Rating: 0.00

This scene was shot in LA last month when we were all in town for the Trans Erotica Awards. I had planned on shooting two scenes when I was out that way, but once I got there, I realized that I could fit a third shoot in. I bumped into Cloudy at a party and I knew that she would be the girl to shoot. Her style is super cool. She's cute as hell and she's super enthusiastic and full of energy. She's going to be a big name I think. She's fucking awesome. I had an amazing time working with her. I hope to get her here in Providence for some more shoots this year!

Added on 5th Apr 2022

5th Apr 2022  |   02 minutes

    Rating: 0.00

The hits! Keep! Coming! Today we've got the amazing Cloudy Vi sharing her sticky-sweet diary with us today! With her plush lips, adorable eyes, and amazing body, she got a unique skill to look absolutely innocent while doing the most depraved things. Cloudy talks about her secret rendezvous with her professor for "advice" which resulted in a brutal ass-pounding over her teacher’s desk. This lil slut takes it in stride though, finding herself aroused beyond belief just at the thought of what transpired. It doesn't take long before the toys come out and the dildos go in, her cute girl-cock standing proud and begging for attention. Cloudy makes sure she gives her body the pleasure it craves: frotting, blowjobs and anal are all on the table with her and her silicone friends. Her orgasm rips through her body at climax in waves and brings this amazing update to a close. Keep it right here at TGIRLS-HOOKUP, where we you always graduate Summa CUM LOUD!

Added on 31st Mar 2022

31st Mar 2022  |   17 minutes

    Rating: 0.00

I just love these two girls. They’re a total blast to work with and they are both super fucking hot. Serena is always a riot and always has some new crazy idea she wants to do for her scenes. Of course, I encourage her. She's always trying to come up with something crazier and messier to do in her next scene. Just when I think we may be running out of crazy porn antics, she comes to me with a small list messy slutty things she’d like to do. This time it was plastic wrap over her face and cum in her eyes. WOW Gina is the chilliest model you could possibly work with. Her and I have been shooting porn since day 1. She's hot as fuck and she fun to be around and relaxing to work with because she knows exactly how to shoot a TGHU scene. If it wasn’t for Gina there would be no Tgirls Hookup. She’s shot so many TGHU scenes I’ve lost count. She’s fantastic. Their chemistry was better than I could have imagined. They both had a ton of fun and it really shows. Enjoy this little behind the scenes video from Wild Bitch Tamed and Used. BTW… Gina’s twitter was hacked. Her new twitter is @GinaJamesXXX xoxo KQ

Added on 29th Mar 2022

29th Mar 2022  |   17 minutes

    Rating: 0.00

It's not even summer yet, but the scene is hot, Hot, HOT! Serena "filthiest slut ever born" Bubbles has hopped on the TGHU app once again! This sleek seductress is as sexy as ever and back on the prowl. This brat is always looking for more! More Filth! More Degradation! More Fucking! MORE GIRL-DICK! This is where Gina James comes in! Gina is a OG dom-top. To catch up the newbies, this is the Breaker of BreakHer, and quite the beauty to boot! Serena's grown weary of tops that are all talk, and Gina knows just what this brat needs! Gina isn't all talk, she's all action! This Dom doesn't even need a blowie to get going, barely getting Serena inside before plowing her with just a quick spit-start! Gina isn't big on toys or gizmos to tame this slut, just PLOWING. This things Gina gets up to with just pounding girl-dick, milk, and even more pounding simply have to be seen to be believed. What happens when an unstoppable top meets an unbreakable slut? Find out right here on TGIRLS-HOOKUP!

Added on 24th Mar 2022

24th Mar 2022  |   42 minutes

    Rating: 0.00

Delilah Darling is one of my favorite people I've met in 2021. She's so lovely to work with. She was here the last week of December 2021 and we shot a couple great scenes and also got to hang out and listen to records and I got to show her around Providence the last day she was here. I'm not sure what happened but I can't seem to find any of the behind-the-scenes photos I took on my iPhone. They're nowhere to be found. I think I may have accidently deleted them. So, I have included some of my favorite photos from her most recent solo set. Delilah has retired from porn again. Let’s hope she comes back. Enjoy! xoxo, Kelly

Added on 22nd Mar 2022

22nd Mar 2022  |   05 minutes

    Rating: 0.00

Delilah Darling makes a triumphant return to TGIRLS HOOKUP! This sexy sweetheart took a little break, but we are proud to have her back for a candid look at her private trysts and sexy fantasies of hard fucking! Ms. Darling is an absolutely stunning blonde with a toned body and nipples that seem to just beg for attention! And that's to say nothing of that gorgeous girl-cock tucking tight into her panties! Today's sticky-wet story is from her job as a guitar instructor. She's a true virtuoso when it comes to playing, her educated fingers finding every note with perfect precision. But when a cute newbie comes in asking for lessons, she's initially hesitant,as she normally takes more seasoned players, but the girl is cute, and that certainly help sway Delilah. Things heat up in the practice room, and things go from teaching her the A-string to playing with this slut's G-string! Delilah gave this amateur whore a pro lesson in sloppy blowjobs and a hands on tutoring in taking dick! Ms. Darling takes this stroll down memory lane with her hand wrapped firmly around her girl-cock! Once the tale is told, she's so primed that her girl-dick is standing tall and proud. Her hands grasp at her body, seeking something, ANYTHING, to pull more pleasure from her body. She even pulls a dildo out to satisfy her throat. Her orgasm wracks her body and her satisfaction is so pronounced you can nearly taste it! This scene is a scorcher, and make sure you catch this hot update from TGHU, the only site that teaches you to hit the high notes!

Added on 17th Mar 2022

17th Mar 2022  |   22 minutes

    Rating: 0.00

These two hotties were such a pleasure to work with. They both had such amazing chemistry and energy and I was impressed with just how awesome of a top Nicole was. This scene was a particularly messy one and i was excited we were able to use that giant martini glass I had bought as a prop recently. What a mess but what a crazy good scene. These two stars really wowed me and I’m sure they wowed you as well! Enjoy ! PS. Pixi squirts In her own mouth during the BTS interview 😂 Xoxo, KQ

Added on 15th Mar 2022

15th Mar 2022  |   15 minutes

    Rating: 0.00

Pixi Lust is back on the prowl! This subby seductress left the TGHU app for a bit, but her cravings led her to fire up her profile again. She's got a hankering for something she just can't get elsewhere: rough fucking and degradation in equal measure! Pixi has been gone for a while and her body (while amazing already), looks even better! Her flirty profile ends up catching Nicole Korsakova! This busty, Crimson and raven-haired beauty is a walking wet dream! She's usually trolling for tops as well, but today she wants to take her turn wrecking holes. Some desperate flirty and horny pics later, Pixi rushes over to meet Nicole for a sneaky link in the middle of the night. Pixi wants to be taken down a peg or two, and Nicole has just the peg for her! The two hurry upstairs, and Pixi wastes no time in trying to make Nicole's girl-cock disappear down her throat! Pixi's in hog-heaven as she gets more than a mouthful, her girl-dick standing tall as she sucks and swallows. Nicole gives her a relentless pounding, using various demonic toys and restraints to keep the intensity high. Your jaw will drop and your cock will pop when you see Pixi's hole take in "the devil's tail" a gnarly looking plug/dildo combo! All this culminates with a martini glass full of nectar, and Pixi drinking it almost all of it before the remainder gets poured on her head! Make sure you log in and get your "log" out, because you won't want to miss this hot update right here on Tgirls Hookup!

Added on 10th Mar 2022

10th Mar 2022  |   40 minutes

    Rating: 0.00

This was the first time I ever met Nyxi Leon. She was HIGHLY recommended by the wonderful Serena Bubbles. Serena told me Nyxi was a very good, devilishly evil, dominant top yet also a very kinky bottom, and wow was she right! I had already known who Nyxi was for a couple years but for some reason we had never worked together. I was so happy when I reached out to her and she said she would love to come shoot for TGHU! Nyxi is such a delight to be around and such a fantastic performer. This girl has some serious skill. I was blown away with how prepared she was and how fast we flew through this solo scene. She is now a new fixture on this website for sure! Please enjoy this little behind the scenes video of the making of, "Deemed Worth Enough to Cum!"!!! xoxo, KQ

Added on 8th Mar 2022

8th Mar 2022  |   09 minutes

    Rating: 0.00

Nyxi Leon is back, and ready to write in the pages of her splooge-soaked diary! This raven haired beauty just got home, and if her mischievous smile and entrancing bedroom eyes are any indication, she's got quite the story to tell! After following a sketchy lead from an even sketchier friend, she finds herself in the thrall of the mysterious Mistress, Lady M! This tale gets very kinky very fast as Nyxi follows the beck and call of a dominant woman. Recounting the story gets Ms. Leon hot and bothered all over again, and her fingers walk their way right into her sticky panties! Hot and horny, Nyxi is ready to play all over again! This time however, she's engaging in another type of B.D.S.M: Boners, Dildos, Stroking, and Masturbating! Her plump tits and prominent nipples come out to play, and once her hole begins craving cock, her crystal dildo is there to save the day! This massive glass toy finds purchase deep, touching spot that no finger could reach. Bouncing on her crystalline friend, Nyxi brings herself to a mind-bending orgasm! Keep it right here at, home to girls who are so good at being bad ;)

Added on 3rd Mar 2022

3rd Mar 2022  |   23 minutes

    Rating: 0.00

Luci and Avery were so fun to work with and I can't wait to work with them both again really soon. This was Luci's second time to Providence to work with me, and this was her first hardcore scene. The scene she shot with Nyxi was actually her second hardcore scene, but I released them out of order. Luci is going to be a TGHU star, I can feel it. She has amazing energy and she's slutty as hell. That girl has a lot of kinks and I can't wait to work with her on exploring them on camera. Avery is sweet as pie and I am always blown away when she turns the bitchy energy up to 11 when filming. That girl has strength to match with her beauty. She can pound and pound and pound. I'm looking forward to hanging out with her more in a couple weeks when we all go to LA for the Trans Erotica Awards. We are going to be shooting another scene with Avery while we are out that way. Anyways, here is a little behind the scenes video for you. Enjoy! xoxo, Kelly

Added on 1st Mar 2022

1st Mar 2022  |   20 minutes

    Rating: 0.00