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Sabina Steele

Sabina Steele
  • Birthday: 26th October
  • Hii I'm Sabina🤍, I'm a Scorpio and a princess. A perfectly innocent girl in the streets but a bratty little power bottom in the sheets. I love being having my tiny cock put in its place.🥵🥵

    I can't really top but I make up for it by being a huge size queen and I love getting stretched out. Just buy me pretty stuff and my hole is yours 🥺🥺

Sabina's Videos

This was my first time getting to meet Sabina Steele! She's so cute and friendly and oh so damn sexy. She's such a nice person to work with. I was really excited to get to work with her. Ana Andrews is my girl! For those of you who do not know, Ana Andrews is a TGHU team member! She writes almost every one of the scene descriptions (excluding BTS scene descriptions). Those witty, funny and erotic scene reviews are all that girl's amazing work. She's so, talented, intelligent, sexy, horny and an amazing friend. It was truly fantastic to have her back to shoot, this time as a top!! Waxed, Vaxxd and Prolapsed was actually her first ever time topping on camera, and only her third time topping in real life! She was so amazing!!! This scene was a total blast to film. I still can’t believe how amazing these two girls were together! This BTS video is a compilation of behind-the-scenes footage from shooting, with a post-scene interview at the end. Enjoy! xoxo, Kelly

Added on 19th Jan 2022

19th Jan 2022  |   13 minutes

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Sabina Steele is back! this depraved lil slut keeps tumbling down the rabbit hole, and looking for harder and harder kinks. A self-styled "sissy", Sabina certainly checks the boxes: a scrumptious ass, cute titties, and a craving for hard dick, no matter the source. That's where Ana Andrews comes in. Ana's got a fat ass, homegrown big tits, and a dick that would put most tops to shame. A bottom herself, she knows exactly what this remorseless slut needs: She needs a relentless fucking and to be treated like a gaping fuck-hole! She says all the right things to get Sabina over to her pad, and just as quickly hurries her inside. Ana wastes no time in getting Sabina sucking on her hard, throbbing cock. There's so much meat on her plate, Sabina can't even wrap her mouth all the way around it! Once the "foreplay" is over and the poor sputtering sissy is left a sputtering, slobbering mess, Ana pries her open, her hole having to stretch and creak around her girth. Sabina can only hold her hole open and endure as Ana begins to rail her hard and deep! She takes breaks only to further humiliate Sabina, comparing Sabina's pathetic cock to her thick bitch-breaker! Ana relishes giving this slut everything her depraved heart desires, going from one sick pleasure to the next. Sissy Sabina loves the defilement and is having a lovely time with her new friend Ana. What a better way to celebrate a new friendship than with some champagne! Sabina begs for a drink so Ana moves her head off the edge of the couch and fills her mouth up with her warm, sparkling wine right form the tap! After Ana’s bladder is empty, she face-fucks Sabina before pounding her sissy ass some more. Once Sabina's poor hole can take no more, it starts to rosebud, and Ana can't help to make out with her Holiest of Holes! Ana's not through yet though, pounding her even harder before dumping a hot load in her guts and leaving the slut seeing stars! Make sure you grab you lotion and tissues for this one,...

Added on 13th Jan 2022

13th Jan 2022  |   44 minutes

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WOW! These two girls had AMAZING chemistry together. I can't wait to have them back again. I found Avery Angel only a couple months ago and when I saw that she was another east-coast girl, I knew I needed to get her here asap. I’m always in need of good trans tops. I reached out to her and we made plans fairly quickly. Sabina- I had been in touch with for a while about shooting, but it took me a few months to get her up here to shoot. I was very glad we were able to make it happen. Avery and Sabina are both sweet as can be. They are both originally from the mid-west and ended up moving to other parts of the country. Sabina lives in Vegas, and Avery in the DC area. I always find mid-west girls to be really easy going and very friendly. Sabina was a riot. She really surprised me with just how slutty and nasty she can be. She's cool as hell, super cute, super easy to talk to, and fantastic to work with. I can't wait to shoot even harder and nastier content with her next time. Avery is a very good top. She can pound away for a while without needing a break. I was blown away. Avery is so hot and super nice. She was just so nice and friendly and cute. She was very easy to work with as well. She’s going to be a star. I can sense it. Both were a delight to have here and I can promise that they will both be back again soon.

Added on 21st Dec 2021

21st Dec 2021  |   05 minutes

    Rating: 0.00

Sabina Steele has an insatiable craving! With beautiful tits, and an amazing ass, Sabina has a body that just begs to be grabbed, fondled, and groped. She has a cute, innocent voice until you hear her depraved ramblings. She recently found the TGHU app and immediately started swiping right on all the toughest tops she could find! Enter Avery Angel. She's a sight to behold, and has all the right meat in ALLLL the right places. Avery Angel has the body of a model; a long, lean fucking machine, and a huge hard cock! She has plans for Sabina, all the slutty pics Sabina floods her phone with quickening her pulse and making her girlcock absolutely THROB. Sabina gets the green light and practically runs over to Avery's place, paying little mind that she's dressed like an absolute fucking whore! Avery has her in the door and on her fucking knees in moments, filling her mouth with more meat than your local deli. Avery Angel's packing some heat in her panties, and watching the veins twitch and pulse as she WRECKS Sabina's miraculously tight hole is a sight to behold! Avery fucks Sabina rougher than she’s ever been fucked before and totally puts her in her place. Her hole is purely Avery’s play thing - fucking her in a variety of positions that only a small flexible slut like Sabina could pull off. When Avery has felt like Sabina has been a good enough girl for her, she cums right in her ass, releasing deep into Sabina’s desperate hole. When the dust and girlcum settles, holes are gaped, clothes are ripped, and Sabina's left trying to find a way home in even less clothes than she started. Enjoy the Latest update from Tgirls Hookup, your home for T4T debauchery!

Added on 16th Dec 2021

16th Dec 2021  |   36 minutes

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