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Bambi Hart

Bambi Hart
  • Location: Chicago
  • Birthday: Dec 31
  • Hey there! 💖 My name’s Bambi Hart and I’m a filthy cock-hungry cumslut who’s ALWAYS looking to please. Sure I love topping other nasty slutty tgirls but what I REALLY prefer is to be absolutely 100% dominated, used, and abu$ed 🥵

    I love relinquishing all control to whoever wants to use my holes as their own personal fucktoys. I can’t get enough of being brutally degraded and objectified; the more brutal the better. I LOVE having my throat fucked as hard as possible until I can’t take it anymore (but that doesn’t mean I want you to stop 😈). Make me whine and beg and cry.

    In addition to being absolutely obsessed with gagging on girldick, I’m a huge film buff (especially into really sleazy exploitation films), love playing videogames, and reading manga.

    If you’re looking for a filthy cumdumpster to violate, look no further because I’m always looking to put my limits to the test 🥰

Bambi's Videos

Bambi Hart is looking like a total sexy whore in her fishnet bodysuit. Her huge fake tits look perfect and round and her ass and throat are ready to take a pounding from our favorite pint-sized dominatrix Nyxi Leon. Nyxi is looking hotter than ever in her red booty shorts and matching micro crop top. Her body is tight and toned and she's horned up and ready to fuck. Nyxi loves to fuck rough and hard, turning any bottom into her little submissive bitch. Nyxi wastes no time collaring up her new plaything and plugging her big round ass with a nice plug to loosen her up for what waits around the corner. It's clear that Bambi craves attention by the way she lets Miss Nyxi cram her cock down the back of her throat until she can't take it anymore. Nyxi does a great job showing Bambi her purpose in life, on her knees with her tongue buried deep in her mistress' asshole. Bambi learns to accept that her calling is to follow orders and please cock regardless of her own needs and feelings. This is made clear when Nyxi decides she wants to fill Bambi's mouth up with some warm golden refreshments. Bambi loves to be humiliated as much as she loves her slutty holes pounded by her superiors. After an anal pounding of a lifetime, Nyxi glazes her cute slut's face with her cum as her reward for being so pathetic and fuckable.
(wet and dry version available)

Added on 22nd Feb 2024

22nd Feb 2024  |   01:12 minutes

    Rating: N/A

Bambi Hart is so hot in this week's BTS update! This Chicago cutie loves porn so much that she decided to become a pornstar. I'm obsessed with how hot she is and how much of a dirty slut she is. Her and I have a lot of crazy kinks in common and it's been a blast getting to shoot with her. Go follow her twitter!

Added on 23rd Jan 2024

23rd Jan 2024  |   12 minutes

    Rating: N/A

Bambi Hart is one of the hottest, nastiest and sluttiest porno sluts ever to shoot for this website. She's up there with the over-the-top gonzo gooner freaks like Dahlia Crimson and Serena bubbles. Bambi is a perfectly plastic porno princess with her big fake tits, perfect round ass and her insanely hard cock! Not only is she obsessed with porn, she is obsessed with being the porn! This insanely hot silicone fuck-doll just wants to be used for your pleasure, regardless how it makes her feel later. She's into heavy kinks like CNC and EXTREME throat fucking. If it's not uncomfortable for her then she's not having a good time. She loves to feel like a worthless sexual object for you...That's what gets her off.

This hot tgirl is horned up and ready to show you all what kind of a kinky freak she is. Watch her show off her perfect body for you all, fuck her ass with her dildo, and see Kelly ram an 8-inch silicone cock down Bambi’s throat before she jerks off her slicked up cock and cums for you...Just like a good little internet whore should.

Added on 18th Jan 2024

18th Jan 2024  |   27 minutes

    Rating: N/A

Bambi and Sydney were a blast to work with. I loved how much energy they both brought to the scene. I think Bambi could really be a big star and I was blown away with how kinky and nasty she is. I hope to shoot more flip fuck scenes like this more often, even though it doesn’t really make sense for the whole story concept of TGHU. These two were outstanding and I hope you like this little behind the scenes compilation.

Added on 19th Dec 2023

19th Dec 2023  |   16 minutes

    Rating: N/A

We all know that TGHU is the place for depraved submissive bottoms to connect with hardcore dominant t-girl tops for wild kinky sex, but what happens when both girls happen to be bottoms? Well, then they take turns fucking each-other! Bambi Hart is a gorgeous tgirl with amazing tits, super pretty face, fit body and a throat that can take a total pounding. She's new in town and looking to score big time, but today the only girl's chatting on the app are all subby bottoms like her. However, Bambi is the queen bimbo and this ain't her first topless rodeo, she suggests what any cock-addicted whore would in a situation like this... Sydney is a cutie with a rock-hard cock and a tight asshole (despite how much she gets fucked in it). This cutie may look a little vanilla but she's just shy at first. Once you get to know her, it's very apparent how much of a nympho she really is. Sydney is a little bummed out at first when she discovers Bambi isn’t the top of her dreams, but then cheers right back up when Bambi suggests that they can just take turns fucking each-other! Sydney is a little nervous at first because she can tell that Bambi is a kinky freak, but Bambi assures her that she will teach her exactly how to fuck her like the dumb whore she really is. These cuties start out a little slow, and even sensual, kissing and caressing turns into 69-ing and then before you know it Bambi's eating Sydney's asshole like its candy. Bambi toys Miss Summers' hole with her dildo to loosen her up before sticking her ultra-stiff 7-inch girldick into Sydney's tight wet asshole. Bambi doesn't go easy on Syd, she plows her hole and shows her just the way to properly fuck a slut. When Professor Hart feels like Sydney has a comprehensive grasp on the technique of whore destroying, Bambi takes her rightful place on her knees where she belongs so Sydney can properly ram her cock down her throat. Bambi has a gag-reflex, but that doesn't stop her from devouring girlcock like...

Added on 14th Dec 2023

14th Dec 2023  |   59 minutes

    Rating: N/A