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Sydney Summers

Sydney Summers
  • Location: MN
  • Birthday: Dec 08
  • Hiya! I’m Sydney Summers and I’m a switch who’s been looking for depraved sluts who’ll let me do whatever I want to them 😜

    I’ll let you fuck me until I’m shaking but just know I plan on returning the favor tenfold 😈

    If you’re a brat, I’ll definitely enjoy breaking you down until you’re begging me to use you to my heart’s content 😉

    I like to live an active life both in and out of the bedroom 💪 I’m a massive nerd for computers, D&D, and MTG. I’m super into nerdy girls with a slutty side 👀

    If you’re looking to be used until your brain melts and then some, hmu 🤙

Sydney's Videos

Sydney Summers is a new model I had the pleasure of working with at the tail end of 2023. She was a little more vanilla than I was used to but that doesn't make her any less awesome of a performer. She is Ghost Park's fiancé and it would be really cool to shoot a scene with them together sometime. enjoy!

Added on 19th Mar 2024

19th Mar 2024  |   06 minutes

    Rating: N/A

Today we have a steamy hot solo scene starring the sexy Sydney Summers! She looks absolutely gorgeous in her lingerie and can’t wait to slowly tease and undress for you all. She’s a good girl and loves to play with her hard girldick and her slutty little hole. She’s your mentor today and will teach you how to take your first cock!
After she plunges her hole she moves onto her fuck machine as she strokes for you, you’ve got her so horny and revved up that she shoot’s a big load all over her cute tummy.

Added on 14th Mar 2024

14th Mar 2024  |   22 minutes

    Rating: N/A

Bambi and Sydney were a blast to work with. I loved how much energy they both brought to the scene. I think Bambi could really be a big star and I was blown away with how kinky and nasty she is. I hope to shoot more flip fuck scenes like this more often, even though it doesn’t really make sense for the whole story concept of TGHU. These two were outstanding and I hope you like this little behind the scenes compilation.

Added on 19th Dec 2023

19th Dec 2023  |   16 minutes

    Rating: N/A

We all know that TGHU is the place for depraved submissive bottoms to connect with hardcore dominant t-girl tops for wild kinky sex, but what happens when both girls happen to be bottoms? Well, then they take turns fucking each-other! Bambi Hart is a gorgeous tgirl with amazing tits, super pretty face, fit body and a throat that can take a total pounding. She's new in town and looking to score big time, but today the only girl's chatting on the app are all subby bottoms like her. However, Bambi is the queen bimbo and this ain't her first topless rodeo, she suggests what any cock-addicted whore would in a situation like this... Sydney is a cutie with a rock-hard cock and a tight asshole (despite how much she gets fucked in it). This cutie may look a little vanilla but she's just shy at first. Once you get to know her, it's very apparent how much of a nympho she really is. Sydney is a little bummed out at first when she discovers Bambi isn’t the top of her dreams, but then cheers right back up when Bambi suggests that they can just take turns fucking each-other! Sydney is a little nervous at first because she can tell that Bambi is a kinky freak, but Bambi assures her that she will teach her exactly how to fuck her like the dumb whore she really is. These cuties start out a little slow, and even sensual, kissing and caressing turns into 69-ing and then before you know it Bambi's eating Sydney's asshole like its candy. Bambi toys Miss Summers' hole with her dildo to loosen her up before sticking her ultra-stiff 7-inch girldick into Sydney's tight wet asshole. Bambi doesn't go easy on Syd, she plows her hole and shows her just the way to properly fuck a slut. When Professor Hart feels like Sydney has a comprehensive grasp on the technique of whore destroying, Bambi takes her rightful place on her knees where she belongs so Sydney can properly ram her cock down her throat. Bambi has a gag-reflex, but that doesn't stop her from devouring girlcock like...

Added on 14th Dec 2023

14th Dec 2023  |   59 minutes

    Rating: N/A