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Nikki North

Nikki North
  • Location: Atlanta, GA
  • Birthday: 2nd May
  • I’m a spicy southern whore that loves to fuck and suck big juicy cock💦 I’m a blonde 23 year old who loves being a dirty slut😉 When I’m not being such a slut, I love exercising and eating delicious foods, you know, to make this Georgia peach of an ass fatter and fatter🍑 Put me in my place in the bedroom...on my back🤫 Don’t forget to fill me up and make me swallow your load🤤

Nikki's Videos

Nikki North is a slutty blonde bombshell with an amazing ass and looks that could kill. She's a horny submissive with a need to be constantly filled with girl-cock. In this steaming hot episode of "Slut Fantasies", Nikki writes in her diary about last night's T4T party at her local lesbian bar. She begins to stroke herself as she recounts how the hot bartender fucked her brains out last night. Nikki re-lives last night’s sexual bliss all over again as she fucks her slutty ass with her toys until she gapes. Nikki goes to town wrecking her own hole, as a good slut should. When she's ready to release, she shoots a huge cum shot all over her own face.

Added on 23rd Sep 2021

23rd Sep 2021  |   17 minutes

    Rating: 0.00

Nikki North is a cute bimbo slut from Atlanta and Jojo is a super sexy, super cool chick from North Carolina. These two together have so much chemistry! We had a ton of fun and a ton of laughs on set. I promise you will be seeing these girls again! They are both fantastic performers and great house guests. Make sure to follow both Nikki North and Jojo Hunt on twitter. If you haven't seen "Re-learning The Ropes" with these two, I highly suggest you go watch it right now!

Added on 15th Jun 2021

15th Jun 2021  |   23 minutes

    Rating: 0.00

Nikki North has a problem, an imbalance, if you will. While she's smokin' hot and definitely a huge fucking slut, there's something... missing? This blonde bimbo hasn't felt the touch of another girl in some time. Just dudes. With her phone in one hand and her cock in the other, she cruises TGHU looking for a well hung, no nonsense tgirl to fuck her bimbo brains out. Enter: JoJo Hunt! She's a top who has taken it hard and has learned how to give it even harder. Nikki rushes over to see Jojo and things start up with a bang and quickly turn into a flurry of drool, lube and wrecked holes! Will Jojo be able to handle holes that have seen miles and miles of dick? Can Nikki re-learn to appreciate the scent of a woman....'s fat fucking nuts? Will Nikki’s gape be stretched wide and filled? Find out in this new blazing hot hardcore scene with big toys and rough fuckin' & suckin'!

Added on 10th Jun 2021

10th Jun 2021  |   34 minutes

    Rating: 0.00