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Nikki Jaee

Nikki Jaee
  • Location: Boston, MA
  • Birthday: May 31
  • Hoiii :3 Iā€™m NikkiJaee!

    I love to play video games and get fucked in my tight little asshole, hehe šŸ˜

    Outside of being a dorky little nerd, Iā€™m actually pretty kinky šŸ˜…ā›“šŸ—ā›“ I love being tied up and put in my place like the dirty fucking whore I am.

    So match if me if we can take turns sucking each others cock while playing games or if you just wanna hole to fuck šŸ˜œ šŸ‘‰šŸ»šŸ‘ˆšŸ»

Nikki's Videos

Nikki Jaee

Nikki Jaee is on the prowl again. With her cock in one hand and her phone in the other- Nikki cruises Tgirls Hookup looking for a new girl to come fuck her brains out. Nikki matches with the tall and sexy top, Alice Arctic, and the sexually charged flirting begins. Nikki can't get enough cock, and Alice is ready to give it to her. Alice face-fucks Nikki until she's a slobbery mess and then sticks her perfect girlcock into Nikki's tight asshole. For such a fucking slut, Nikki Jaee sure has a really tight hole. Nikki's ass is looking super fine these days and is perfect for slapping and plowing. That ass was born to fuck. Alice fucks Nikki as hard as she can until she's ready to squirt her cum all over Nikki's face. After she busts her load, she has Nikki clean her up with her mouth before kicking her out.

Added on 25th Feb 2021

featuring Alice Arctic 
25th Feb 2021
24 minutes

    Rating: 5.00

Nikki Jaee

Take a little peak behind the scenes on set with Nikki Jaee and Alice Arctic! These two are really good friends in real life and their chemistry on set is so adorable. This was a super fun scene to shoot and it totally shows in this behind the scene video.

Added on 2nd Feb 2021

featuring Alice Arctic 
2nd Feb 2021
09 minutes

    Rating: 4.33

Nikki Jaee

Nikki Jaee is the filthiest goth slut you will ever meet. Proudly nicknamed, "The Goth Whore Next Door" by everyone on campus, Nikki has made a name for herself by getting fucked rougher and harder than anyone at her school. However, she needs something a little more exciting than just multiple, anonymous sexual partners frequently stuffing her slutty holes. She craves something more... She craves abuse and defilement. Nikki wants someone to treat her like the dumb slut she is and slap her around, fuck her throat until she can't breathe, fill her ass and mouth with her squirt, and fuck her until she's crying in a puddle on the floor. Nikki matches with hard top Kelly Quell on Tgirls Hookup and she heads over to Kelly's house to be used like a pathetic, worthless fuckdoll.

Added on 12th Jan 2021

featuring Kelly Quell 
12th Jan 2021
27 minutes

    Rating: 5.00

Nikki Jaee

As soon as Nikki finishes her first scene for Tgirls Hookup, "Nikki Jaee - The Goth Whore Next Door", Kelly turn's the camera back on and interviews the super sexy Nikki Jaee, who flew all the way to New England from Cali to shoot for Tgirls Hookup! Nikki tells the camera a little about herself, and what hot kinky fun she just had for her first scene! Nikki looks like a total mess and is still riding the wave of sexual bliss from the super hard fucking she just received.

Added on 10th Jan 2021

10th Jan 2021
02 minutes

    Rating: 5.00