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Nikki Mayhem

Nikki Mayhem
  • Location: Montana
  • Birthday: 18th January
  • Hey y'all, Nikki Mayhem here. I'm looking to find the sluttiest holes to pound and I love it when I find a girl who likes to be roughed up and tossed around.
    The only thing that gets me going more than obliterating other girls is when I can find a tough slut to turn the tables on me :drooling_face: but I doubt most y'all can handle that tho ;3 I'm definitely a size queen, if you wanna top me you better be bigger and meaner than I am :muscle: :eggplant: When I'm not busy playing with other hotties I'm usual on my motorcycle or drifing like a delinquent. So hop on and I'll give ya the ride of your life

Nikki's Videos

This was a fun and eventful day for sure! Penny was back for her second TGHU hardcore scene with the super cute Nikki Mayhem. These two had such a great chemistry and such a fantastic time on set together. Catch a glimpse of the making of "Plow my slutty hole and breed me like a farm animal" enjoy :) KQ

Added on 24th Aug 2021

24th Aug 2021  |   10 minutes

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Penny Peacock is at it again. She's horny and on the prowl, looking for another tough bitch who can put her in her fucking place. Penny's got cock on her mind and all she wants is to be fucked harder than ever. She can't seem to get enough cock lately and she's not going to stop searching until she's got what she wants... An asshole full of cum, and slap marks all over her face, ass and ball sack. Nikki Mayhem is a sexy farm girl from Montana. She loves to plow dumb sluts like she plows her fields. Breeding dumb sluts is what Nikki does best. Penny and Nikki match on TGHU and sparks fly! Nikki doesn't waste any time putting Penny in her place. Nikki takes command of Penny and face fucks her harder than she's ever been face-fucked before. When Nikki can't take any more of Penny whining and begging for a cock in her ass, she pushes Penny to the ground and makes her worship her feet. Nikki just loves to get her toes sucked by filthy sluts. Nikki has fun degrading poor Penny, and Penny loves every second of it. When Nikki feels like Penny has earned a cock in her ass, she flips Penny over and fucks her slutty brains out. Penny's ass gapes wide open as Nikki's thick girlcock plunges in and out of it, before filling her hole up with fresh girlcum.

Added on 19th Aug 2021

19th Aug 2021  |   35 minutes

    Rating: 0.00

WOW! What a fun time the three of us had filming, "Hard Top Gets Gaped and Bred!" This was my second time having the pleasure of working with the adorable Lily Petals and my first time working with sexy starlet Nikki Mayhem! Going into this shoot I knew it was going to be an amazing one, but I didn't know that it was going to be the best scene I've ever filmed thus far. These two have an incredible chemistry together, and had a blast fucking each other’s brains out. You can see how electric their energy is in this super fun, super-hot BTS scene. Get up close and personal with Nikki, Lily and myself as we captured the hottest sex this had summer on camera for you all to see and jerk off to! Enjoy! xoxo, KQ

Added on 10th Aug 2021

10th Aug 2021  |   19 minutes

    Rating: 0.00

Gentlemen, Ladies, & Non-binary friends, this one's a summer scorcher! Lily Petal is back and she’s still a cute fucking brat with a high tolerance for filth. She likes it hard, rough, and unrelenting. Nikki Mayhem is a "hard top" who believes she can put needy sluts in their place. What could go wrong, right? Well, Lily has a secret for those tops that can’t reach her nigh-impossibly high standards for hole destruction: she's a switch! When Lily doesn't get what she was looking for, she pounds Nikki's asshole relentlessly, showing her how fucking dumb sluts is really done. Lily pulls out and shoots her cum load all over Nikki's rock-hard cock. Before cumming a second time in Nikki's slutty hole, breeding her like the pathetic bottom she really is. But Lily is not the type of girl to cum and be done. When she's done cumming she sticks her cock back inside Nikki's warm, cummy hole and fills her up with squirt! Nikki still hasn't had enough, so she begs for Lily to fill up her mouth next! That's right y'all you get to see double the holes wrecked and dominated in this entry! Watch the spit, cum, and squirt fly as this flip-fuck made in heaven goes off! We make dreams cum true here at TGHU, and judging by the smeared make-up, and twin smiles to match their Her's and Hers matching gapes, I think that happened here today. Maybe this was Lily's plan all along? Make sure to set your fans on "hi" cause this one might melt your screen!

Added on 5th Aug 2021

5th Aug 2021  |   34 minutes

    Rating: 0.00