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Lucy Fir

Lucy Fir
  • Location: Atlanta
  • Birthday: June 8th
  • bratty slut proverb: Use me or lose me 👅

    Lucy’s the name😈, provoking hot older women into fucking the insubordination out of me is my game 😜

    Bend me over your knee, or push me onto mine 🤤 I don’t care as long as I’m being put in my place and used like a toy.

    Don’t waste time gagging my whore mouth because I can’t help but talk back 🙊 Punishment is pleasure and I’ll beg for it any way I can 🤲 >;)

    When I’m not fulfilling my greater purpose of being a disobedient cock hungry slut you can find me micromanaging 5 cats, 😸gardening, or ass deep in some sci fi 👀

    long hair to yank around like a puppet, juicy breedable ass perfect for your fat load 💦huge milky tits just waiting to be tied up and smacked around, 😳😳😳😳

    just thinking about all of this has me so fucked up i may need to redownload some apps… again…

Lucy's Videos

Wow Lucy Fir and Joy Collision were so amazing together! It was both their first time ever shooting for me and I can't wait to have them back again. They are both natural performers and so fucking hot! Enjoy this little BTS compilation from their hardcore debut!


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Added on 16th May 2023

16th May 2023  |   26 minutes

    Rating: N/A

Today we have a double debut for you to beat your meat and ride your biggest dildo to! Lucy Fir vs. Joy Collision!
Lucy Fir is new to town and looking for that grade-A mommy dick and all the “tops” on tind3r seem to be a bunch of vanilla prudes who don’t know how to fuck a brat into submission. Luckily for her TGHU exists for only the nastiest sluts to match with the most experienced, no-nonsense, dominant tgirl tops around! Lucy matches instantly with Joy Collision and these two make plans to meet up so Joy can use Lucy’s holes.
Joy Collision is a tall, slim, drop-dead gorgeous older Tgirl milf whose persona is totally “mommy domme”. She’s very experienced with fucking dumb sluts and knows exactly what Lucy needs… Mommy’s firm hand across her face and her hard cock deep down her throat and pussy.
Joy starts out with a playful attitude with Lucy, but then puts her foot down to take complete control of Lucy. Brats like Lucy need to learn how to shut up and take it, and that’s exactly the lesson Joy provides.
When Joy is finished with Lucy, she cums in her ass and sends her packing.


Added on 11th May 2023

11th May 2023  |   42 minutes

    Rating: N/A