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Ivona Marie

Ivona Marie
  • Location: Minnesota
  • Birthday: March 2nd
  • I’m Ivona, your personal little bombshell…..I like to be slapped, fucked silly and made to swallow cum. 😩😩😩

    Use me, and P 💦 on my face.

    I’m totally a freak…BUT only if you make me that way….I mean i am kinda a brat..

    Im fucking hott with a soft ass….what else do you want? 💅🏼💋💋

Ivona's Videos

Get up close and personal with the sexy and talented Ivona Marie in today's Behind the Scenes vid!!

This cutie came here all the way from Minnesota just to show off how slutty she is for you all!
Ivona was super cool and I had a blast hanging out with her and working with her. Her and I went out for lunch and drinks and had so many oysters after this shoot. I can't wait to have her back again another time.


Special thanks to our friends and sponsors: Hismith Sex Machines, Double Scorpio, Hankey's Toys and Mister Sister Erotica Boutique in Providence RI.

Added on 30th Aug 2022

30th Aug 2022  |   05 minutes

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What's up Coomers? TGHU is always ready and raring to go harder and nastier than the rest, with hotties that were picked from the best!!

Today's hot and ready tasty tidbit is Ivona Marie. Hot on the heels of her scorching hardcore, she's back to share a sexy story from her diary that will have your erection and attention! Ivona is a hottie of the highest order with great plush lips that invite you closer and an ass that makes your face feel weirdly like a seat all of a sudden. (maybe that's just me...)

While grabbing a coffee, she runs into a girl who is a total top, and quickly things head to the, restroom. Recount her heated tryst in the overpriced local coffeeshop get her hot and heated all over again, and her panties are shed before her book hits the bed, her hands instinctively going for her she-pole and hole!

Soon enough, she needs something a bit thicker to scratch her itch, and her fingers are replaced by a nice big purple dildo. Her she-stick abandoned, Ivona then moves to the holefux 9001, A machine that can provide the thigh-clapping pounding she craves. This all culminates in a leg-shaking orgasm that makes Ivona want to reach for two things, a pillow, and that girl's number! Keep it right here at Tgirls Hookup, where the whores go and the cum flows!

💕 Ana Andrews

Added on 26th Aug 2022

26th Aug 2022  |   18 minutes

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Ivona hit me up a couple months ago over twitter to express interest in wanting to shoot for TGHU. I already had my eye on her for a bit and I thought she was hot, but I didn't know how much of a nasty freak she was. I was blown away with how messy she got in this scene. The spit and drool, cum-lube and P!$$ wow! She’s absolutely amazing to work with. I can't wait to have her back. I really like working with her and getting to hang out off camera with her. She really cracks me up. Ravena is one tough baddie. This goth beauty knows how to fuck hard. This was her second scene that week and her performance was stellar in both shoots. She comes off pretty shy off camera, so I was really blown away when I saw how dominant and full of energy she was in front of the camera. I will have her back again for sure! Enjoy! xoxo, KQ

Added on 28th Jun 2022

28th Jun 2022  |   16 minutes

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Like the perfect summer hotdog, this scene has some amazing flavor and serious bite! Ivona Marie is on the prowl she’s making damn sure all the thirsty tops online now that she’s open and available! She got curves for days with perky nipples and an ass that just won’t quit. With her cute blonde hair and freckles, she’s sure to get the girls salivating! Ravena couldn’t say no to such a tasty treat, and this Gothic beauty has her sights set on this new cutie immediately! Ravena is a raven-haired, fair-skinned vision of loveliness with a fat girl cock She’s got a burning desire to give Ivona a one-way ticket to pound town! With pleasantries, pics, and GPS Pins sent, Ivona finds herself at the Tgirls Hookup crash pad. She’s barely in the door before Ravena gives her the pat-down of a lifetime and makes sure the goods are as good as she claimed. Once upstairs, Ravena wastes no time giving Ivona a heaping helping of girl-dick, getting well acquainted with the slut’s throat. Once Ivona is a whimperin’, slobberin’ mess, she’s bent over and given the pounding of a lifetime, courtesy of Ms. Solstice's meaty shaft. She claps her cheeks with reckless abandon, her hips heaving with hectic haste into Ivona’s enticing bubble butt! With Ravena in full control, Ivona just has to hold on drool, and cum as Ravena rag-dolls her from one position to the next, building her passion as she plays musical chairs with her holes. Once Ravena’s had her fill of bouncing Ms. Marie on her bulging bitch-tamer, she unloads on her chest and mouth before giving her the boot! This summer is a scorcher, so stay inside, chill out and beat off with the hottest, nastiest stars right here, at Tgirls Hookup! xoxo, Ana

Added on 23rd Jun 2022

23rd Jun 2022  |   39 minutes

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