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Jade Slade

Jade Slade
  • Location: Wisconsin.
  • Birthday: September 18th
  • I can be whatever you want me to be. A pet? A slave? A lover? A toy? All of these things are for you to enjoy. Prefer to bottom but willing to try anything.

    Into bdsm, chastity, cosplay, exhibitionism, plus I'm open to trying things.

Jade's Videos

Jade is such a cutie isn't she? I found her on twitter after she slid into my DMs. She lives in the mid-west and traveled all the way to New England to get railed by the sexy Kapri Sun! Kapri is tall and hot and is a great performer. These two were fantastic to work with. I hope you liked the scene.

Added on 12th Mar 2024

12th Mar 2024  |   09 minutes

    Rating: N/A

Some Tgirls were just meant to be pretty little toys to be played with and used for the pleasure of more dominant Tgirls. Jade Slade is one of those pretty little sluts you can't just help but want to stick your cock in. This cutie was meant for breeding with those sexy hips that were made just to be grabbed like handles when you thrust your cock in her as deep as possible. She has some amazing tits, custom made for you to play with. She's innocent and sweet just like a doll, with features (like her tiny cock and round ass) just begging to be played with.

Kapri Sun is on the prowl again, looking as sexy as can be in her lingerie. She's looking to stick her cock in a cutie today and she's in luck because Jade Slade is online and waiting for action. These two hit it off quick, with Jade pretty much begging to come over to Kapri's house for a pounding. Kapri can't resist Jade's adorable slutty body and cute little smile so Kapri invites her over for some fun. Kapri works open Jade's mouth and throat with her big dick, and her cock does an amazing job at making Jade's mouth water. This chick was made to take dick and she does such a good job doing anything and everything Kapri wants. After a nice long fuck, Kapri manages to work out some girl cum for Jade to taste.

Added on 7th Mar 2024

7th Mar 2024  |   46 minutes

    Rating: N/A

Jade Slade is a cute little kinky slut from Wisconsin. It's pretty cold and boring there so most of the Tgirls are big sluts to pass the time during the cold winter months. Jade was fun to work with.

Added on 20th Feb 2024

20th Feb 2024  |   04 minutes

    Rating: N/A

Jade Slade is just about as cute as they come. This midwestern Tgirl just looks stunning in her red lingerie - sexy and classy, yet with just the right amount of slutty. She's thin and toned, with a cute slutty waist just perfect for grabbing, and a nice round ass that was made to be played with. Her tits are some of the nicest tits I've seen and her nipples are just begging to be played with. Her eyes are doll like, and her skin pale and smooth like porcelain. She really is a fuck doll like she claims.

Little Miss Fuck Doll Jade wastes no time undressing for the camera and showing off her adorably slutty body for you all. This kinky cutie loves pet-play, chastity, being degraded, and being a free-use fuck-doll for all of her friends. Her cock is adorable and very small but, cute little dolls like her were primarily made to be your hole. She’s 100% a bottom and she demonstrates just how good she is at taking cock by fucking needy ass with her dildos until she cums her brains out from prostate play.


Added on 15th Feb 2024

15th Feb 2024  |   20 minutes

    Rating: N/A