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Ghost Park

Ghost Park
  • Location: MN
  • Birthday: October 6th
  • Heyya I'm Ghost Park and I'm lookin for someone to treat me like the lil 🐶puppy🐶 slut that I am😋

    Hope you like bratty girls cause I LOVE to disobey (because let's be real, punishment is the BEST part :3)

    If you REALLY have the need to tame me, shock me ⚡️⚡️⚡️, choke me, grab my hair and toss me around (I can take A LOT💋)

    I'm also into hiking, camping, long walks on a leash, and longer times with my face buried in the pillow🥰

    If you think you can tame me...hmu and gooooooood luck💕💕

Ghost's Videos

This week's behind the scenes update starring Ghost Park, Fairy Petal, and Valorie Valentina. All three of these girls were fantastic to work with and are all so darn hot 🥵🥵

Added on 28th Nov 2023

28th Nov 2023  |   07 minutes

    Rating: N/A

Happy Tuesday! Ghost Park is back and ready to show you all how much of a kinky slut she is. Ghost is a total puppy girl and just loves to be treated like a dumb little dog. She shows off her sexy body to the camera and plays with her tight little hole before locking herself in a dog crate and getting railed from both ends until she cums her brains out. She loves to shock herself with her electric training collar every time a dildo falls out of one of her holes. She truly is a Depraved Tgirl.


Added on 21st Nov 2023

21st Nov 2023  |   27 minutes

    Rating: N/A

Ghost Park is a cute little puppy girl who seems like an innocent little vanilla angel. However, never judge a book by its cover because this tgirl is a total depraved freak! This horny nympho is kinkier than most (BY A LOT) and today she's online looking to hookup with a real kinky top who can humiliate and break her. She matches with the stunningly gorgeous Luna Nyx and these two hotties get right down to business! Luna is brand new to the app as well and can't believe just how hot and totally insane all these bottom sluts are. She's in whore heaven and she wastes no time getting Miss Ghost over to her fuck-pad!

Luna starts the date by toying Ghost's beautiful asshole to loosen her up for the major pounding that's about to ensue. She takes Luna's orange butt-plug so easily but it makes her tremble in pleasure. Luna then pulls her up to her knees and tests out her throat skills and pushes her gigantic 8-and-1/2-inch cock deep into Ghost's face-pussy. After Ghost is a slobbery mess, Luna marks her whore with some lipstick right across her forehead before wrapping her up in some plastic wrap. Luna pumps Ghost full of her cock over and over before giving her some much-earned refreshments! Ghost does such a great job being a humiliated bitch so Luna make's sure to glaze her face with cum as a reward before sending her out into the cold to venture home naked and used like a dumb slut.

Added on 26th Oct 2023

26th Oct 2023  |   44 minutes

    Rating: N/A

Ghost Park is a super cutie from Minnesota and I was so excited to get the chance to work with her. She's literally adorable and sexy and cute and slutty all at the same time. She's a total blast to work with and really fun to be around. She loves to play with her cute cock and her slutty hole and I really think she's going to be a very successful model. You will be seeing more of her here for sure!

Added on 10th Oct 2023

10th Oct 2023  |   06 minutes

    Rating: N/A