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Yes that is correct, two scenes released today! You deserve something extra special, so here is an extra special update for you. A little different from the usual format but we are switching to HARDCORE SCENES ONLY on This is a new concept for a future site and I wanted to share it with all of you

Daisy Chainsaw is the ultimate whore, she exists for your pleasure. Use her holes and push her past her limits. She loved gagging on cock like a dumb slut and taking it rough and hard in her pathetic fuck-hole. Smash uses her like a ragdoll and pushes her past her limits, using every inch of her whore body like his fleshlight. After a good hard fucking, Daisy takes a good load all over her face for a good job well done.

Added on 18th Jul 2024

18th Jul 2024  |   27 minutes

    Rating: N/A

Sadie Sunstone is a kinky slut from Nevada. She's as hot as can be and ready for action. This cutie can take cock like a champ, with no gag-reflex in sight! Jaymee Castles looks amazing as she puts little miss Sunstone to work. Jaymee's cock is rock hard, her tits are big and her ass is round. She's the whole package and she makes sure to use Sadie for her pleasure. Jaymee's style of domination is so sweet and encouraging. She will make you want to be the best little slut you can be.

Jaymee starts off by opening up Sadie's throat with her thick cock, slamming Sadie's nose all the way down to Jaymee's balls! After a good 10 minutes of hardcore throat fucking, she brings Sadie over to the couch for the main course...Her rock-hard cock in her cute little asshole. She pumps Sadie hard and deep, encouraging her to take every inch like a good little whore. She's a great teacher and after 40 minutes of hole stretching hardcore sex, it's time for her to reward her little slutty student with a taste of squirt and girl cum.

Added on 11th Jul 2024

11th Jul 2024  |   48 minutes

    Rating: N/A

It's 2024 and cruising for cock has never been easier. Valorie Valentina is an insatiable whore with a desire to be used like your fuck doll. She's incredibly beautiful and her body is soft and feminine, and her ass is round and perfect. She's the queen of the hookup scene and she's been passed around so many times she's been nicknamed, "The Internet Super-Slut" by all the tops on the app. Today she's looking for someone who can really rough her up and make her feel like her only purpose on the earth is to be used for other's pleasure. Bambi is a depraved slut herself, a true versatile switch. She knows exactly what Valorie needs... A firm hand on her throat, and a thick, hard cock rammed into her fuckholes. Bambi is a goddess, with an amazing body and gorgeous face. She's curvy is all the right places and her big tits look so good as she fucks Valorie's brains out.

These two really hit it off, and Valorie did an amazing job being Bambi's little slutty bitch for the day. After a much-needed hard pounding, she cools her down with a mouth full of girljuice.

Added on 27th Jun 2024

27th Jun 2024  |   23 minutes

    Rating: N/A

Summer is officially here is it's hot, but this new scene is even hotter! Livi Doll is new to TGHU and she’s as cute and as pretty as can be. Her body is slender and fit, with perky tits, a nice round ass and a thick hard cock that drips cute precum when she gets fucked. She's a 10/10 and a real slut! She’s ultra cute and adorable with an almost innocent look to her. Though, looks can be deceiving because this depraved slut craves cock constantly! Livi heard about this new hookup app for whores like her and she was an instant hit! With in seconds she matched with her new goddess…Cherry Mavrik! Cherry’s a real femdom top with a gigantic cock and a gigantic attitude. She’s hot as fuck and just what this little submissive cutie needs...A firm hand on her throat and an even firmer cock stuffed deep down her throat and up her ass! Cherry puts this doll to work within seconds flat, treating her like a Living Fuck-Doll for her pleasure. This cutie's ass takes all of Cherry effortlessly until she earns her reward, a nice fat load of cum all over her cute little butthole.

Added on 20th Jun 2024

20th Jun 2024  |   27 minutes

    Rating: N/A

Everyone knows that girls with cocks are the best girls! Bella and Kelly are looking like sexy sluts in their matching black lingerie, they were supposed to shoot with some guys, but then decided to call up Joy Collision instead. Her cock is way better anyways! Joy wastes no time and puts Kelly and Bella in their place...on their knees! Bella and Kelly take turns sucking Joy's huge girlcock and eating her perfect asshole. Joy and Kelly take turns using Bella's mouth before Joy fucks the both of them. Joy made sure to teach these good girls how to properly suck a cock straight from their bestie's asshole. You can tell these girls are all friends by the way they all suck and fuck each other! When joy can't take anymore of both these hot slut's perfect assholes, she cums a gigantic white creamy load all over Kelly and Bella's faces. Kelly is a well trained slut and makes sure to snowball the cum back and forth with Bella!
Isn't Girlcock so much fun!?


Added on 6th Jun 2024

6th Jun 2024  |   24 minutes

    Rating: N/A

Every good slut always wants to be the best slut they can be. Mistress Jaymee Castles offers a personal training program to help sluts like Scarlett reach their full potential! Her course is designed to work out fuckholes so they can please dominant cocks better.
Jaymee is advertising her service on the TGHU app (don't you just love sponsored ads on hookup apps 🙄) and Scarlett clicks on her profile to see what she's offering. Scarlett is so happy to see there is a slut workshop that can help her achieve a new level of sluttyness! She can't wait to come over with her new steel cock cage and purple dildo so Jaymee can give her an introduction to being an ultra-submissive fuckhole whose purpose is just to please real cock!
Jaymee undresses Scarlett and puts her in her place. Scarlett's body is curvy and fuckable, and her tits were made to be groped and played with. Her holes take every dildo Jaymee stuffs in them until the fuck machine comes out for a real workout! Jaymee decides that Scarlett has proven herself worth enough to cum, so she removes her chastity device so Scarlett can stroke her hard cock until she cums her brains out! Scarlett's girlcock looks so cute when it's covered in her clear, sticky cum.
Jaymee then switches roles to recap the lesson, having Scarlett use some much larger dildos on her instructor. Jaymee's hole takes the huge dildo like a pro and she squirts all over herself from her analgasm.

Added on 30th May 2024

30th May 2024  |   55 minutes

    Rating: N/A

Wow this scene is on fire! Today we present to you a brand-new hottie to the website! Thea Daze is a sexy blonde with amazing plump tits, a gorgeous face and a round ass that can fit pretty much anything into it. She's a real anal whore and loves to stuff her hole full! She's brand new to the industry and brand new to the site so give her a warm welcum!

Thea Daze is new to the area and heard about TGHU from all her slutty friends. She was told it was the one place to go if you want rough and degrading trans-lesbian sex and she learns really quickly that her friends were correct! Within seconds of cruising, she matches with the hung and dominant goddess Luna Nyx. Sparks fly and Luna promises to fuck her as hard as she can and attempt to break her pathetic holes.
These two get right down to business, with Thea showing Luna just how deep she can take cock in any of her holes. She's a true anal champion, able to take her own fist while she swallow's Luna's 9" cock down her throat! Luna doesn't hold back- she is determined to jam her cock inside Thea as hard and as deep as possible. Thea then needs two cocks in her, so Luna stuffs a gigantic Hankey's Toy's dildo in her hole and her cock at the same time! This was a little too much for Thea, so they downsized a little bit...To Luna's foot!
After some foot-in-hole action Luna cums twice into Thea's spread hole, before feeding her every drop from her own asshole!


Added on 16th May 2024

16th May 2024  |   44 minutes

    Rating: N/A

Normally this week's update would be a solo-scene release, but I noticed that most of you seem to join for the hardcore scenes, so here is an amazing new trans lesbian hardcore scene starring my two favorite slutty sissies - Bella Bates and Valorie Valentina!! Bella and Valorie are looking absolutely irresistible in their matching pink dresses, sexy lingerie, slutty high-heels, and gorgeous makeup. Their bodies and ultra-feminized and soft to the touch, ready for you to play with them and get them fully undressed – exposing their toned, perfect bodies. They are submissive sissies after all - they crave your cock and to please real men like you. Their round asses and perky tits are as perfect for groping and playing with, and their girl cocks leak every time they get attention. They really are the perfect pair, and they are best friends that go everywhere together...even into your bed with you. Valorie has been fairly tight lately, so she asks her friend Bella to help stretch her out. At first, they make out and kiss and suck on each other’s breasts, but then before they know it, they are sharing a double ended dildo like proper anal sluts. Bella's girlcock gets so rock hard from playing with her and Val's ass so she decides to give her friend the real thing. (It's a good thing Bella left her chastity cage at home today!). Valorie's cock stays locked up the entire time though, she's the most submissive as they come, and her asshole welcome's Bella's hard cock effortlessly. Bella gives Valorie her all, she's never topped before but she does a great job fucking her best friend's asshole like a good slut. When Bella loses her stamina, she fucks Valorie's face, letting her clean her own pussy juice off Bella's cock. Valorie's mouth and throat skills are out of this world (I can confirm, Val's cock sucking skills really are incredible!), and it doesn't take long before Bella busts a big Tgirl load in Valorie's slutty mouth. These besies play with the cum, eat...

Added on 9th May 2024

9th May 2024  |   27 minutes

    Rating: N/A

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Luci Belle is a true winner, she has it all - a sexy toned body with a slutty waist just begging to be grabbed, smooth soft skin that shows your hand print when you smack her, and a gorgeous pair of bottomless holes. She's extremely pretty and so fun to play with. She's a real sex addict, needing multiple doses of cock a day to function. Taking dick like a whore is her purpose in life and it doesn't take a rocket scientist to know that this bitch was built to bottom.

Luna Nyx is a stone-cold stunner, a real gothy bitch put on this earth to fuck dumb holes and look amazingly hot while doing it. She's thin and tall, but with an attitude as sharp as can be. She's a real dominant top, and her cock is huge as fuck. She wastes zero time getting down to business, ensuring Luci knows from the start just what her job today is. Luna destroys Luci's slutty holes and uses all of her body for her pleasure, pounding her in several positions as hard as she can before she cums all over Luci's pathetic face before offering her some much deserved refreshments...

Added on 2nd May 2024

2nd May 2024  |   48 minutes

    Rating: N/A

Wow you don't want to miss this scorcher of a scene!! Nikki North and Erica Cherry are a super hot duo. You all may think of Nikki as a top but wait until you see how Erica takes full control of Nikki's sexy body and her holes. She fucks her so hard with her huge cock until they both cum their brains out!

Added on 18th Apr 2024

18th Apr 2024  |   24 minutes

    Rating: N/A

It's been a while since we've had a really wet-and-wild hardcore scene... Valorie Valentina and Nyxi Leon are two ultra-hot, ultra-depraved kink freaks with a real appetite for rough and over the top hardcore sex! Valorie is known for having pretty much no limits and she longs for hardcore degradation from more dominant trans girls. She's looking especially hot and sexy today in her black sheer panties and red fishnet top. Val's body is toned and fit and her asshole is begging for attention. Her tits are cute and perky and her throat and asshole are bottomless pits for cock.

Nyxi Leon is tiny but fierce! Miss Nyxi is hotter than can be in her slutty outfit. I love how her tiny denim booty shorts really show off her round ass and how her revealing her pink top is. She's reeved up and ready to fuck Valorie's brains out (can you blame her?) and she wastes no time getting down to business. I’ll never get tired of watching Nyxi pummel dumb sluts into submission. She uses 100% of Valorie's body for her pleasure, reminding her the whole time just who is in charge. Miss Nyxi's cock is rock hard and pounds Val's holes like she owns them and then fills her mouth up with squirt before busting a huge load on her face.

Added on 4th Apr 2024

4th Apr 2024  |   29 minutes

    Rating: N/A

Some Tgirls were just meant to be pretty little toys to be played with and used for the pleasure of more dominant Tgirls. Jade Slade is one of those pretty little sluts you can't just help but want to stick your cock in. This cutie was meant for breeding with those sexy hips that were made just to be grabbed like handles when you thrust your cock in her as deep as possible. She has some amazing tits, custom made for you to play with. She's innocent and sweet just like a doll, with features (like her tiny cock and round ass) just begging to be played with.

Kapri Sun is on the prowl again, looking as sexy as can be in her lingerie. She's looking to stick her cock in a cutie today and she's in luck because Jade Slade is online and waiting for action. These two hit it off quick, with Jade pretty much begging to come over to Kapri's house for a pounding. Kapri can't resist Jade's adorable slutty body and cute little smile so Kapri invites her over for some fun. Kapri works open Jade's mouth and throat with her big dick, and her cock does an amazing job at making Jade's mouth water. This chick was made to take dick and she does such a good job doing anything and everything Kapri wants. After a nice long fuck, Kapri manages to work out some girl cum for Jade to taste.

Added on 7th Mar 2024

7th Mar 2024  |   46 minutes

    Rating: N/A

Bambi Hart is looking like a total sexy whore in her fishnet bodysuit. Her huge fake tits look perfect and round and her ass and throat are ready to take a pounding from our favorite pint-sized dominatrix Nyxi Leon. Nyxi is looking hotter than ever in her red booty shorts and matching micro crop top. Her body is tight and toned and she's horned up and ready to fuck. Nyxi loves to fuck rough and hard, turning any bottom into her little submissive bitch. Nyxi wastes no time collaring up her new plaything and plugging her big round ass with a nice plug to loosen her up for what waits around the corner. It's clear that Bambi craves attention by the way she lets Miss Nyxi cram her cock down the back of her throat until she can't take it anymore. Nyxi does a great job showing Bambi her purpose in life, on her knees with her tongue buried deep in her mistress' asshole. Bambi learns to accept that her calling is to follow orders and please cock regardless of her own needs and feelings. This is made clear when Nyxi decides she wants to fill Bambi's mouth up with some warm golden refreshments. Bambi loves to be humiliated as much as she loves her slutty holes pounded by her superiors. After an anal pounding of a lifetime, Nyxi glazes her cute slut's face with her cum as her reward for being so pathetic and fuckable.
(wet and dry version available)

Added on 22nd Feb 2024

22nd Feb 2024  |   01:12 minutes

    Rating: N/A

Tessa Jayne is the new slut on the block in this week's new episode of Tgirls Hookup! Tessa is a tall, slender nympho with a cute cock, long legs, pretty face and a gaping hole that constantly craves cock. She's looking like a fucking snack and it's no wonder why Joy Collision slides into this hot piece of ass's DMs. The convo gets pretty hot and heavy and it's clear who's role is what real fast. Joy gets her new toy over to her place pronto and begins to work open Tessa's pretty holes. Joy Collision is hotter than ever, and her cock is once again gigantic and rock-hard. I'm not sure how she's able to fit it all the way down Tess's throat but, after a little practice she succeeds.

Joy just loves it when little submissive bitches pleasure her by rimming her asshole. Joy puts Tess in her place with her knees on the floor and her tongue deep into Joy's perfect ass. Joy brings out some of her BDSM gear and secures a nice ball gag in her slut's mouth before slamming her 8-inch-thick cock into Tess's needy hole. Just when we thought the ball gag was hot enough, Joy pulls out a harness to keep her hot tgirl fucktoy nice and easy to fuck, locking her arms to her ankles for even easier access to her ass. Fucking cute slutty assholes is a lot of work, so Joy takes a break from her butt, lubes up Tess's mouth and face fucks her fast and deep. Joy's not done with the fucking yet, so she slides her off the couch into her favorite position. Joy's finally ready to cum, so she puts Tess back on her knees to eat her asshole while she strokes.

Added on 8th Feb 2024

8th Feb 2024  |   41 minutes

    Rating: N/A

Bella Bates can’t seem to get enough cock so she’s back on the app looking for her next cock fix. This dick hungry needy slut is looking hotter than ever, (probably because of all the girlcum she swallows! That stuff is full of estrogen!) Her body is soft and her tits have grown fuller and more gropeable. Her ass is round and her waist is as slutty as can be. She really knows how to look her prettiest when she’s looking to get fucked and filled.

Aelin Blue is a switchy top, with a gorgeous body! Her cock is huge and her ass is nice and big it barely fits in her shorts. When she sees Bella on the app she knows what she wants. She’s going to dom Bella into topping her! Bella and Aelin make a deal, Bella will fuck Aelin as long as she fucks her even harder when she’s done!
Bella starts off showing Aelin how to suck cock like a proper bottom before fucking her brains out in two really hot positions. Aelin takes Bella’s cock so well, and Bella gives it to her as hard as she can give it. But when the tables turn it’s time for Bella to get her holes destroyed. Aelin throat fucks Bella repeatedly until she sticks her huge cock in Bella’s ass, pounding her hard and rough. Bella’s hole gapes effortlessly from Aelin’s gigantic girlhog. But it’s just not gaped enough for her so Aelin stuffs her whole fist into Bella to loosen her up even more! When she sticks her cock back into Bella it’s like she’s throwing a hotdog down a hallway 😂
After Bella’s pathetic whore hole starts to tighten back up and grip Aelin’s cock it brings her closer to orgasm rapidly until she busts a fat load in Bella’s wrecked ass for her to go home with as a prize for a job well done.

Added on 25th Jan 2024

25th Jan 2024  |   50 minutes

    Rating: N/A

Roxanne Rom is back and eager to get some girlcock in her nice round bubble butt. She's always looking for a good pounding; swiping through toppy tgirl profiles on her phone. Miss Rom looks better than ever and she deserves all the cock in the world. Her skin is flawless and smooth, her tits have grown a little since last year and they are more than a handful. Her thighs and ass look like perfectly grabbable. She's hot and ready to fuck. A new girl catches her eye...

Lotus The Vampire is her name and a mix of pain and pleasure is her game. She's an erotic witch, a sensualist top, and a self-proclaimed sadomasochistic monster. Whatever she is, she's hot as fuck with her fangs and in knee-high vinyl boots. She is mysterious and sexy, tall and fit, with a look in her eyes that'll put you in a sexual trance. Her cock is big and hard and ready to split daring submissives in two!

Roxanne loves Vampire Lotus' vibe and hits her up looking to fuck. She's instantly under the vampire's spell and quickly invites her over for the most erotic and sensual fuck of a lifetime. Lotus uses every part of Roxanne's body for her pleasure... Her feet, her thighs, her ass, her throat...All are fucked by her giant cock before cumming a monster load all over Roxanne's pretty face.


Added on 11th Jan 2024

11th Jan 2024  |   45 minutes

    Rating: N/A

Ginger is back looking like a fuckin snack and ready to get fucked like a total slut AGAIN! Ever since she got her holes destroyed by Nyxi she's been working the corner at the trailer park to get her constant cock fix. She craves cock more than ever and luckily Kapri Sun is here to give it to her.
Kapri is new to TGHU but definitely isn't a rookie...This chick was made to fuck dumb pathetic cock-whores like Ginger. Her dick is extra-hard, and her attitude is extra-bitchy. She totally turns Ginger into her little fuckdoll as soon as she meets her. Ginger takes a brutal throat fucking from Kapri, leaving her face a total mess. Her asshole gets a total workout, starting with Kapri's girldick and then getting annihilated by a gigantic dildo.
When Kapri is done messing Ginger up, she gives her some warm refreshments for a job well done.

Added on 28th Dec 2023

28th Dec 2023  |   41 minutes

    Rating: N/A

We all know that TGHU is the place for depraved submissive bottoms to connect with hardcore dominant t-girl tops for wild kinky sex, but what happens when both girls happen to be bottoms? Well, then they take turns fucking each-other! Bambi Hart is a gorgeous tgirl with amazing tits, super pretty face, fit body and a throat that can take a total pounding. She's new in town and looking to score big time, but today the only girl's chatting on the app are all subby bottoms like her. However, Bambi is the queen bimbo and this ain't her first topless rodeo, she suggests what any cock-addicted whore would in a situation like this... Sydney is a cutie with a rock-hard cock and a tight asshole (despite how much she gets fucked in it). This cutie may look a little vanilla but she's just shy at first. Once you get to know her, it's very apparent how much of a nympho she really is. Sydney is a little bummed out at first when she discovers Bambi isn’t the top of her dreams, but then cheers right back up when Bambi suggests that they can just take turns fucking each-other! Sydney is a little nervous at first because she can tell that Bambi is a kinky freak, but Bambi assures her that she will teach her exactly how to fuck her like the dumb whore she really is. These cuties start out a little slow, and even sensual, kissing and caressing turns into 69-ing and then before you know it Bambi's eating Sydney's asshole like its candy. Bambi toys Miss Summers' hole with her dildo to loosen her up before sticking her ultra-stiff 7-inch girldick into Sydney's tight wet asshole. Bambi doesn't go easy on Syd, she plows her hole and shows her just the way to properly fuck a slut. When Professor Hart feels like Sydney has a comprehensive grasp on the technique of whore destroying, Bambi takes her rightful place on her knees where she belongs so Sydney can properly ram her cock down her throat. Bambi has a gag-reflex, but that doesn't stop her from devouring girlcock like...

Added on 14th Dec 2023

14th Dec 2023  |   59 minutes

    Rating: N/A

Alia Malia is as sexy and as slutty as they come. Her tiny sissy body is soft, smooth and her ultra-feminized girldick is perfect for grabbing like a handle (or slapping) when you fuck her silly. Alia is one of the biggest whores on the app, and she's constantly looking for mean girls to stuff her holes full of girl-cock. She's a nympho with a lust for the toughest tops in the 8" + category on TGHU and today she gets some much needed therapy for her cock addiction.

Luna Nyx is just what the doctor ordered. This gothy goddess was built to fuck dumb cock-whores like Alia. She's lean, very mean, and a total fuck machine, and her rock-hard 8-inch girl-cock is absolutely perfect for Alia's needy holes. Luna is a kinky freak and really takes great pleasure in totally demolishing Alia's pathetic throat and desperate asshole. She's so fucking hot as she takes full control over Alia's sexy little body-using all of her for her pleasure before cumming a gigantic load all over her cute little face.


Added on 30th Nov 2023

30th Nov 2023  |   39 minutes

    Rating: N/A

Today is the day we think and reflect about how thankful we are for cute tgirl sluts! Tgirls are the best girls, and we just can’t get enough of fucking each other! Today we have a super cute and extra hot trans lesbian scene featuring a brand-new girl on the site! Give a warm welcum to Fairy Petal! This hottie is so sexy, with her perky tits, soft smooth feminine skin, grabbable ass and thick cock! She can't get enough of her sissy friend Valorie. Valorie is a total sissy whore and is no stranger to TGHU. She's tall, slim, and pretty, with a slutty waist and bottomless pit of a throat. Her tiny tits are perfect for smacking around and playing with and her asshole is desperate for attention.

Fairy is a good top, and really shows Valorie how to shut up and take it like a good girl. Her rock-hard girldick slides in and out of Valorie's throat until she's begging for it in her cute little asshole. After Fairy's had enough of plowing Valorie's desperate hole, she cums down her throat!

Added on 23rd Nov 2023

23rd Nov 2023  |   21 minutes

    Rating: N/A

TGHU’s favorite tiny fuck-doll is back again to show the world just how pathetic and desperate she is for girl-cock. This 5ft tall cutie may be small, but her appetite for humiliation and rough sex as big as they cum. This week she may have bit off a little more than she could chew but it doesn't matter because at the end of the day she's just a pathetic whore looking to get dicked-down anyways. Cardi Falcone is brand new to TGHU and can't wait to get in the action and fuck some real life sluts! She heard all about the hookup app from her girlfriend Luna Nyx and she couldn't believe her eyes with just how many cute sluts are eager to get totally destroyed and defiled. Cardi is super hot and ready to show Neci how to follow directions. Cardi fucks Neci in all the ways she can think of, using every part of her body for her own pleasure. Cardi stuffs a dildo gag in Neci's mouth and shows her how a real bottom rides dick before making her worship her asshole. After a brutal fucking she gives Neci a taste of her goddess nectar before sending her ass back to the street to look for more dick.

Added on 9th Nov 2023

9th Nov 2023  |   37 minutes

    Rating: N/A

Happy Last day of Locktober and happy Halloween! Since today is a holiday I figured I would give you a Loctober Special Bonus Scene! What a perfect excuse to watch yours truly fuck both Alia Malia and Valorie Valentina!
Alia and I lock up Valorie's cute little cock in chastity before teasing her pathetic balls while we take turns using her face. Alia then stuffs the base a dildo in Valorie's mouth and proceeds to ride it for her own pleasure while I fuck Valorie from the other end. Alia gets it too, right in her cute ass before I cum on both of their faces!

Added on 31st Oct 2023

31st Oct 2023  |   23 minutes

    Rating: N/A

Ghost Park is a cute little puppy girl who seems like an innocent little vanilla angel. However, never judge a book by its cover because this tgirl is a total depraved freak! This horny nympho is kinkier than most (BY A LOT) and today she's online looking to hookup with a real kinky top who can humiliate and break her. She matches with the stunningly gorgeous Luna Nyx and these two hotties get right down to business! Luna is brand new to the app as well and can't believe just how hot and totally insane all these bottom sluts are. She's in whore heaven and she wastes no time getting Miss Ghost over to her fuck-pad!

Luna starts the date by toying Ghost's beautiful asshole to loosen her up for the major pounding that's about to ensue. She takes Luna's orange butt-plug so easily but it makes her tremble in pleasure. Luna then pulls her up to her knees and tests out her throat skills and pushes her gigantic 8-and-1/2-inch cock deep into Ghost's face-pussy. After Ghost is a slobbery mess, Luna marks her whore with some lipstick right across her forehead before wrapping her up in some plastic wrap. Luna pumps Ghost full of her cock over and over before giving her some much-earned refreshments! Ghost does such a great job being a humiliated bitch so Luna make's sure to glaze her face with cum as a reward before sending her out into the cold to venture home naked and used like a dumb slut.

Added on 26th Oct 2023

26th Oct 2023  |   44 minutes

    Rating: N/A

Bella and Gina were so much fun to work with as always. They had great chemistry together and the scene was super-hot and easy to film and even easier to edit. It's nice when you get to work with someone that you've worked with over twenty or thirty times since 2018 (Gina James). I love working with her because she knows the way we do things from a production side. Bella and Gina are amazing performers and I'm glad you liked this scene as much as me.


Added on 17th Oct 2023

17th Oct 2023  |   13 minutes

    Rating: N/A