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Sophie Lovely

Sophie Lovely
  • Location: Chicago
  • Birthday: Feb 7th
  • Hii I'm Sophie!

    Nothing I love more than shoving some girldick in my mouth.
    My happiest moment is looking up at a girl pumping a load all over my face.
    I live to be fucked, I live to be used as a sexdoll for all you pent up women.

    Abuse me, cum in me, fuck every hole I have.
    I dream of being exhausted in a pile of sweat cum and spit.

    Please don't tell my friends and family what I've been up to, they have no idea I love getting my ass stretched and pounded.
    To them I'm still an angel and an A student. Can't I be both? Hit me up and I'll show you what I mean👅


Sophie's Videos

Take a look behind the scenes with these two amazing cuties! Nikki North and Sophie Lovely were fantastic as always. We all had a ton of fun filming this scene for you all to jerk off to.

I hope you all are having a wonderful summer! Thank you for being loyal fans and members.


Special thanks to our friends and sponsors: Hismith Sex Machines, Double Scorpio, Hankey's Toys and Mister Sister Erotica Boutique in Providence RI.

Added on 16th Aug 2022

16th Aug 2022  |   27 minutes

    Rating: N/A

Hey y'all, did you miss me? It's ya girl Ana here! I'm coming back after a teensy lil break to do what I do best: Deliver the blow-by-blow of these decadent sluts! Today we've got the great Sophie Lovely! After a long, hard, hot day of playing on her phone, is looking for someone long, hard, and hot. this Lil scorcher is on a swiping spree on the TGHU app and dressed to fuck on a moment's notice. Her long legs, toned tummy, and hot tits are almost too much in this heat! She swipes right on Nikki North, and with a match and some amazing thirst traps, they get to chatting. Nikki North is a force to be reckoned with all on her own, but when she gets an idea, watch out. She's a vision in white fishnets and an adorable pink top. Don't let the cute clothes fool you, though, Ms. North, like her namesake, is a stone-cold top! This Raven-haired beauty with the great rack has her own tools and toys to beat the summer heat, one of them being her long, thick popsicle! With the addy dropped, Sophie gets to see what Nikki has in store. Whisked upstairs immediately, Sophie wastes no time nearly inhaling Nikki's she-stick, giving it a sheen of spit before her host can even get her panties down all the way. Nikki establishes dominance early, locking Sophie's girl cock in chastity as soon as the girl comes up for air. After that, Sophie's back on the job...A blowjob that is, as Nikki makes sure that sophies going to have cock-breath the rest of the week. With her gock primed and ready, Nikki gives Sophie a hard throne to sit on, impaling Sophie on her hard dick as she bounces her in her lap in reverse cowgirl. Sophie's girl cock looks so cute flapping helplessly as takes miles of thick girlcock in her hole. Warm-up over, Nikki works Sophie's hole in a variety of positions, even getting her face nice and sloppy with some chilled cum-lube and fast-paced face-fucking. There is so much messy thick cum on her face, that Sophie has trouble keeping her eyes open! ...

Added on 11th Aug 2022

11th Aug 2022  |   35 minutes

    Rating: N/A

Sophie is another Chicago cutie that just loves to fuck! She's full of energy and she's so fucking hot and cool. This was the first time getting to work with Sophie Lovely and I can't wait to work with her again. She was referred to me by the wonderful Saska Sage.
I loved her personality and how fun she was to be around. She has cool vibes for sure. She's from Chicago but she's an originally a SoCal girl. She loves to hit the nude beaches up and she loves to do art and hookup with cute girls in her free time. She's a cam girl, who got started during the pandemic, and now she does porn as well. Sophie has some serious deep throat skills and loves to get messy. I can't wait to see what type of scene we will make next time!


xoxo, KQ

Added on 4th Jul 2022

4th Jul 2022  |   10 minutes

    Rating: N/A

Grab your fans and a ice-cold beverage, because we've got a sweltering sapphic story to serve up! Sophie's got a bonafide girl-crush, and she's sharing her heart with her diary! Still giddy after her tawdry encounter with the object of her affection, she decides to relive some of that passion in her room. Sophie is an adorable beauty, with a sultry voice that is guaranteed to make cocks throb. Paired with perfect skin, pouty lips and a great tight ass, and you'll be wishing she had a crush on you! Just thinking about her paramour has her cock pointing skyward, so she works quickly to release the tension. She stroke her girl-cock while slipping fingers into her tight, smooth hole, gorging herself with pleasure. Once she relaxed enough, a dildo get a spit bath and stuffed into her fantastic ass! This Lil bottom needs more than one hole attended to, so she pulls out the robo-fuxx9000 to give her throat the cramming it needs. The depraved lil slut even fills her mouth to overflow with cumlube to make the exchange as sloppy, wet, and messy as possible. Thoughts of her crush fill her head as plastic cock fills her throat as she cums (for the second time), Finally sated for a bit.
Make sure you catch this awesome update here at Tgirls Hookup, where love is in the air (or is that cum?)

Ana Andrews

Added on 29th Jun 2022

29th Jun 2022  |   26 minutes

    Rating: N/A