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Siege Breakher

Siege Breakher
  • Birthday: 25th December
  • Hey there; the name is Siege Breakher, I’m that girl next door, that your mom thinks is a massive slut 😘

    Im a true versatile girl who is good at adapting to any situation, I’ll look you up and down and decide if I’m gonna be the one ravaging you or if I’m gonna drop to my knees like a salivating bitch.

    I’m a sporty girl who like to stay in shape so if you wanna play, you better bring your A game 💯, and when I’m not riding bikes I’m def riding you!

    I love big cocks, I’m the queen of drool, so you better fuck my throat hard and my ass harder, maybe if your lucky I’ll worship those 👠👑

Siege's Videos

This was actually the first scene we shot with Siege, though it was released after both of her hardcore scenes. I always like to start off the shoot week with a solo scene as the first scene we do. I find that it helps to start off a busy week with an easy shoot. Solos are a lot of fun. Siege and I got along really well. I thought she was adorable and sexy all at the same time. Her ass is totally amazing, and she is the kindest person I've ever met. She's also a slut and was totally made for TGHU. Get a little glimpse behind the scenes with Siege Breakher on set for "Fucked by the Pool Girl". This is a compilation of behind-the-scenes footage I shot on my phone as well as a post-shoot interview. If you like behind the scenes footage, and you like Siege, then check this scene out! The photo set is a little small, so I included some of my favorite photos from the main scene for you. enjoy! xoxo Kelly

Added on 20th Jul 2021

20th Jul 2021  |   08 minutes

    Rating: N/A

College cutie Siege Breakher is known on campus for being be hottest tgirl with one of the sluttiest holes. Siege just loves girldick. I mean who doesn't. It's no surprise why Siege gets so much action up at college, just look at her... She's stunning! Siege's ass is looking really nice and fat, her slim body is nice and toned and her face is just so sexy and feminine! While Siege was on break from classes, she decided to take a visit home. Her dad just bought a sweet new house with a pool. She gets some alone time to relax, until she see's a hot chick out of the corner of her eye and instantly pops a hard-on while wearing a micro bikini! Her dad has a hot Cabana TGirl! Siege is a girl cock magnet, and she doesn’t waste any time getting to her hole wet. Siege reminisces about yesterday's pool-girl play-thing and just can't control herself. She just can't seem to keep her hands off of her sexy body as she writes in her diary. After she strokes her cock for a bit, she sucks and fucks her little dildo before mounting her fuck machine. As Siege gets her asshole blasted with her trusty toy, she can't stop thinking about how good she got fucked yesterday until she cums her brains out!

Added on 15th Jul 2021

15th Jul 2021  |   18 minutes

    Rating: N/A

Daisy Chainsaw is super hot and so fun to be around. We really had a ton of fun shooting this scene with her and Siege. Siege is so fucking cute and I really really got along with her. I have had a crush on her for a while and it was awesome to finally get the chance to work with her. This scene is so fucking hot and if you haven't seen it yet I highly suggest you go check it out. I can guarantee you that both these hot girls will be back again really soon.

Added on 1st Jun 2021

1st Jun 2021  |   10 minutes

    Rating: 5.00

Daisy Chainsaw is direct and to the point, which can throw some tops off their game. She's also strikingly beautiful, with a sexy body and a face begging for a thick coat of cum and drool. In other words: a fucking brat! Horny pictures and flirty words come easily for Daisy, she's in heat right now, her cock is hard and dripping, and her hole is wet and eager. Siege Breakher knows that mouthy sluts are just begging to be put in their places, and all Daisy needs is a little "attention". Siege knows just how to handle brats, providing a steady regimen of toys, fingers, girlcock and teasing all her own. She quickly turns Daisy from a brat into a needy, obedient submissive. Siege fucks Daisy so hard that she’s left a sloppy, slutty depleted shell of her former self. Will Daisy continue to be a slutty brat afterwards?? Probably. But her hole will be a little bit wider and isn't that what TGHU is all about? Bringing girls together and spreading gapes a little further apart.

Added on 27th May 2021

27th May 2021  |   40 minutes

    Rating: 5.00

Wow what a fun day it was on set with these two hotties! I've had my eye on Siege for a while. From day 1 I thought she was super cute and had a slutty edge to her. I had a feeling that she would be just perfect for TGHU! After almost a full year from when we first started DMing on twitter, we finally pinned down plans for her to come here and shoot. I'm glad we waited so long to get her here, because over the last year she's just gotten hotter and hotter. We hit it off super well and she was super easy to work with. Every day Siege was on time, organized and ready to work. All the shoots we did that week with her were a breeze. She looked so hot the entire time she was here. Her personality is amazing, she's slutty and she's really fucking cute... What a girl! Gina is amazing to work with. As you know, she's been in a lot of my videos on this website and on my own personal xxx website. I met Gina in 2017 and we've shot a ton of stuff over the years. Gina is super chill and relaxed; she is funny and makes everyone on set laugh. Gina is a fucking bombshell and I'm constantly amazed with how she looks better and better every time I see her. Gina is a jaw-dropping show stopper. This scene was super fun and it was really hot. I was really excited to shoot this scene that day. We had brainstormed what we were going to do the night before. The scene came out even hotter than I initially thought it would. When working with a girl for the first time you never know how a scene is going to go. I was more than pleased with the outcome. I loved how much fun Siege had with all the lube and saliva in her mouth. Enjoy this behind-the-scenes video. It's a collection of BTS footage and outtakes. I was the only one on set that day behind the scenes (except for the front door intro), so I wasn't able to snap any behind the scenes photos, I was running video the whole time. Here is a small photo gallery of stills that I took from the BTS video and some of my...

Added on 4th May 2021

4th May 2021  |   23 minutes

    Rating: N/A

Siege is town looking for a nice fat tgirl cock to hop on. She's been on tour with her band and hasn’t had any free time to get boned. She’s hornier than ever and just needs to used and discarded like a broken drumstick left on the dirty venue floor. Lucky for her, she matches with TGHU Veteran Gina Fuckin' James who is just what the doctor ordered. Gina is looking hotter and, in more shape than ever! She was put on this earth to do one fucking thing… Wreck trans girls’ holes. Gina makes Siege aware that her quest for cock has come to an end and that she should come on over. Siege just loves to be enticed quickly to her knees and worship a big thick cock and this is just what she gets. Gina grabs her by her head and fucks her mouth till she's a drooling, sloppy mess before fucking her to the floor and fucking her ass until she more than satisfied. Siege really knows how to take a cock, and she gets fucked hard, extremely hard. When Gina has had enough of tossing Siege all over the room like a slutty rag doll, Gina directs Siege to get on her knees to finish her off. Siege is begging for Gina’s cum and in no time Gina bust's a nice fat load right on Siege's tongue and in her mouth. Siege gargles it like the perfect cum-slut princess she is. I have a feeling we will see a lot more of this slut, hopefully her band tours Providence again real soon.

Added on 29th Apr 2021

29th Apr 2021  |   38 minutes

    Rating: 5.00