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Janelle Fennec

Janelle Fennec
  • Location: Colorado, US
  • Birthday: 6th June
  • Kinky Slut who likes the great outdoors. When not getting tied up, Janelle likes to snowboard, hike, and shoot guns.
    Janelle is a huge Sci-Fi fan and is currently replaying the Mass Effect Trilogy.

    As a vegetarian, Janelle has a deep passion for animals and the environment.

Janelle's Videos

Take a look behind the scenes with Janelle Fennec from her solo scene! Janelle was a pleasure to work with!

Added on 6th Jul 2021

6th Jul 2021  |   12 minutes

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Janelle Fennec is a true fox, both in namesake and physique. Her body's sexy and she knows it, but that's because she puts the work in. Janelle's a gym bunny through and through, and is no stranger to doing some hot and heavy...reps. That's in no small part to Chad, her crush. He pushes her harder and harder, but just not in the way she wants. At least not yet. She knows that he's packing some serious weight in his gym shorts, so she needs to train her hole! Just like in the gym she pushes hard, stretching her hole with fingers, plugs and toys. She strokes her cute girldick in time with her hole, to ensure a thorough workout. After a warm-up she moves on to the machine, with a Chad-sized attachment! Watch this hot slut do a super set on her hole in this super hot update that is sure to leave you winded. Be sure to stretch!

Added on 1st Jul 2021

1st Jul 2021  |   18 minutes

    Rating: 0.00