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Flowergoth Roze

Flowergoth Roze
  • Location: Arkansas
  • Birthday: March 29th
  • Hello lovelies❤️ I am Flowergoth Roze, call me Goddess Rozie 🌹 -I’m 22, but don’t let my age fool you, I have lots of experience topping pretty girls in their hot, wet holes, and turning them into the messy, slutty bitches they are💜 -I like gardening, hiking, getting tattoos, reading and gaming while a cute girl sucks my long, gorgeous girlcock🌿 - I’m pretty kinky and I love domming sluts into submission, using them like the fuckholes they are, and filling their throats and asses with my hot, flowery girlcum. I fuck them til they cry and make them beg their goddess for more, and squirt all over their faces making the mascara and lipstick run 💄-I’m looking for a subby bottom who loves being used and abused, spit or pissed on, slapped raw and red, bound and gagged while I fuck and cum in her holes like the worthless fleshlight she is🖤 -hit me up if you want a hard fuck and a good time, and your goddess will give you flowers after -Roze🌹

Flowergoth's Videos

Happy Friday! Here's a special bonus hardcore scene just for being such awesome members! We've been waiting for the perfect opportunity to release this super-hot trans-lesbian threesome and today is the day! Watch me get my holes absolutely fucking obliterated by Flowergoth Roze and Delilah Darling in 'Wreck My Gape #6' -KQ BONUS SCENE!!! We've got a special one for y'all today! Our team of professional deviants has a deviation from our normal fare. No, scripts, no fantasies, no B.S! This is Wreck my Gape #6! The latest installment in the series that started it all! Kelly Quell, the lovely and depraved mind behind the entire TGIRLS-HOOKUP cinematic universe is in front of the camera this time, and she brought her filthy friends with her! The sultry Flowergoth Roze and the sensuous Delilah Darling have a no-holes-barred bout with Kelly's hungry hole! Armed with both silicone dong and girl cock respectfully, they ensure that Kelly has her fill in both her throat and ass, her gape steadily blooming as they work her wider... and wider. hope you enjoy the bonus update from TGIRLS-HOOKUP. The only place where even in our downtime, we're gaping holes and stroking poles! xoxo, -Ana Andrews

Added on 6th May 2022

6th May 2022  |   15 minutes

    Rating: N/A

Flowergoth Roze is such a fantastic and talented person. She is so sweet, friendly and caring and it's always truly a delight to have her here to shoot. She's so enthusiastic and very full of energy on top of being super sexy. I was really looking forward to her coming back to shoot this week. This scene was the first scene we shot of the week. It was when Xena was out of town and I was all by myself for the shoot. I apologize that I wasn't able to take much BTS footage because of that. I was the photographer and videographer and director that day. This video is short and sweet and to the point. If you love Flowergoth Roze as much as we do, please go give her a follow and support her on her own clip stores. We hope to get her back for more TGHU sometime in 2022 xoxo KQ

Added on 28th Dec 2021

28th Dec 2021  |   01 minutes

    Rating: N/A

Flowergoth Roze just can't wait to get home from her most recent adventures to spill it all for her Diary! She had quite the night out and wants to get everything down while her thoughts are still fresh and before the cum fully dries! That pastel pink book nearly drips with secrets, trysts, and kinky rendezvous. Ms.Roze is a feast on the eyes - a leggy beauty with a killer smile to go along with an amazing ass. Not to mention a massive cock! Today's scintillating tale involves her, a close girl friend of hers, and a pervy peeping-tom of a boyfriend! When Flowergoth catches the would-be voyeur, the pervert gets much more of a show than he's bargained for! The peeper gets a front row seat to his girlfriend getting the fuck of her life at the capable hands (and fingers, and girl-cock, lots of girl-cock) of Flowergoth Roze! Once she archives this tale of cuckoldry, humuiliation, exposure, and balls deep breeding, it's time to relieve some tension... Her writing hand wrapping around another instrument! She pumps her hips as she stokes her massive girlcock, her lusts building higher as the pleasure grows. Anticipation mounts as she dives deep into her own pleasure. A princess plug gives her ass a needed filling and a cute splash of color as her hole pulses and clamps down on it. Her hands and toys roam her body, a vibrating stroker sending her to new heights. She fills the room with moans and taunting; as though she were still enacting her revenge-fuck! Once she reaches her peak, she's left breathless; both sets of cheeks red. Check it out here on Tgirlshookup!

Added on 23rd Dec 2021

23rd Dec 2021  |   23 minutes

    Rating: N/A

Take a glimpse behind the scenes on set with the lovely Delilah Darling and the gorgeous Flowergoth Roze. We absolutely just loved working with these two hotties. Their dynamic and chemistry was outstanding. They are both such amazing girls and amazing performers. I couldn’t be happier with how this scene came out. This pornstar pairing was a last-minute decision. Both Delilah and Roze were going to be here at the same time to each shoot a scene with a different girl. However, at the last minute the model wasn't able to make the trip here to shoot, so I scrambled to figure something else out. Pairing up these two stars was the result, and I'm very happy with the outcome, because their scene together was outstanding. These two are welcomed back anytime. This scene was a ton of fun to film. The milk was a big mess but it was so cool. Hismith gave me some pink dildos to try out and we ended up using them in this scene. The tentacle toy is huge and was a lot of fun to play with. It was really cool to watch Delilah get to bottom. She’s a bottom in her personal life and loves big anal play. Roze is a top in her personal life and you can totally tell. Roze genuinely loves to dominate subby bottoms. Enjoy this little glimpse into the making of "Thirsty Beach Slut Gets More Than A Mouthful" enjoy! xoxo KQ

Added on 30th Nov 2021

30th Nov 2021  |   09 minutes

    Rating: N/A

Chemistry is what changes any hookup into something special, and the chemistry here is electric! Delilah Darling is on the prowl again, looking hot as ever with her cute perky tits and pert little ass. She’s a blonde beach bimbo, who loves to bathe in the sun and get her holes fucking destroyed. Last time we caught up with her she was the top, and a hard top she was. But this beach slut is really just a total bottom. Her hole is like Excalibur, and you have to be a true top to take it completely. Flowergoth Roze might be just the right top to overtake her! With delicious looking skin, a massive dick, and a dirty, debauched mind, Flowergoth Roze is looking to turn Ms. Darling out! Flowergoth Roze is a tough chick, don’t let her small size fool you. She will knock you across your face so fast your head will spin. The girls waste no time, working themselves into a frenzy with a hot frot before Delilah is pawed at, Roze getting an intimate feeling of her wares. Lips and girldick continue to kiss and writhe together, both of them reveling in sensation. It doesn't take long before Delilah is getting her hole prepped and her girlcock stroked as Flowergoth Roze gets ready to plow Delilah like a goddamn field. Roze keeps things varied and rough, alternating between hard strokes, hole-stretching toys, and making Delilah gobble more meat than the winner of a hotdog eating contest! This thirsty beach bitch gets a nice treat when Flowergoth Roze fills her mouth with coconut milk and penis. Making Delilah a real pina colada. However, this wasn’t enough to quench Delilah’s extreme thirst for degradation. Roze pulls Ms. Darling off the couch into pile driver and sticks a funnel in her ass, filling her up to the brim. We even get to see the return of the milk-fuck, with Delilah’s hole drinking its daily recommended amount of dairy before it’s displaced by rampaging girl-dick! Delilah didn't have to take the reins this time, her girlcock fluctuating between cute...

Added on 25th Nov 2021

25th Nov 2021  |   57 minutes

    Rating: N/A

I've had my eye on Roxanne Rom for a while. From the moment I saw her pop up on GroobyGirls I thought she was so damn sexy and so very cute. I was so glad to get the chance to work with her. We got along great and I can't wait to have her back. I was truly blown away with her performance. This was her first time ever shooting porn with another person. She had only shot solo content up until this week. If this was her first porn scene than I can only imagine what her scenes will be like a 10 scenes from now. Her and Flowergoth Roze had amazing chemistry together. It was super awesome to have Roze back here. Roze is such a riot. She's seriously one of the funniest people I've met in this industry. She's full of energy on and off camera. She's sweet as can be but when she gets into top mode you better beware. That girl is a mean top. Enjoy this little behind the scenes video from "Roxanne Rom: Your cute little fuckdoll" xoxo,

Added on 2nd Nov 2021

2nd Nov 2021  |   07 minutes

    Rating: N/A

Roxanne Rom is a desperate slut with a big ass that was made to take a pounding. She's new to the TGHU scene and she's in the market for the meanest tgirl top she can get her hands on. Dressed like a cheap fucking whore, she cruises Tgirls Hookup looking for the one girl who's going to hopefully ruin her day and fuck up her makeup. Enter: Flowergoth Roze... FGR is one of the most hardcore tops on the app. Don't let her size fool you, because she will fuck you so hard your head will spin. Her cock is huge and so is her attitude. Don't get in her way unless you want her to fuck you so hard, you'll see stars. She's a hardcore mistress looking for subby little sluts and today is her lucky day. Roxanne and Roze hit it off over chat and sparks fly. She tells Roxanne to head on over to her place if she's really looking for the relentless pounding she says she wants. Roxanne arrives looking like a fucking snack. She's so damn curvy and hot. Her sexy fishnets show off her amazing legs and hyper-feminine figure. Her tits are big and juicy. Talk about dress to impress! This girl is drop-dead-gorgeous. Roze looks killer too, with a sexy stone-cold demeanor that makes bottoms precum in their panties. Roze is in amazing shape like usual and ready to fuck. Her tits are looking round and perky and her ass looks simply amazing. Flowergoth Roze takes Roxanne upstairs and puts her to work on her fucking knees like a good little submissive slut. Roxanne shows her date just how much she loves sucking girlcock before Roze slams her huge dick into Roxanne's soon to be gaping hole. Speaking of gapes... This episode is full of them! Roxanne's slutty hole gapes effortlessly with the help of Flowergoth Roze's big fat cock and her new pink dildos from Hismith. Roxanne's asshole gets so stretched out that it looks like an event horizon, so dark and empty that not even light can escape. Roxanne whimpers and moans from her multiple orgasms as Flowergoth Roze slams...

Added on 28th Oct 2021

28th Oct 2021  |   47 minutes

    Rating: N/A

Chicago cutie Clara Belle has been showing off her giant ass on the Tgirls Hookup app like it's nobody's business. She's been meeting up with so many hot tgirls on TGHU and her greedy hole really needs to get drilled again! Clara Belle is so fucking thirsty for girlcock all the time. Luckily for her, Flowergoth Roze is in town and she definitely knows how to handle a big fat booty. Roze’s cock was made for fucking dumb sluts like Clara Belle. Flowergoth Roze is hot as fuck and really knows how to slap, choke, and fuck Clara Belle to sexual nirvana. Clara Belle’s hole just loves to get fucked and hand blasted sooooo hard until she cums her brains out! When Flowergoth Roze has had enough of fucking Clara Belle’s asshole, she finishes right in her mouth!

Added on 1st Apr 2021

1st Apr 2021  |   40 minutes

    Rating: 5.00

Take a little peak behind the scenes on set with Flowergoth Roze for her first time ever shooting for Tgirls Hookup! Some of this is footage that was cut out of the main scene and some of this footage was shot by Kelly on her phone. Get a glimpse of how Kelly directs a scene and watch Flowergoth Roze being absolutely adorable as she touches herself.

Added on 9th Mar 2021

9th Mar 2021  |   08 minutes

    Rating: N/A

Take a little peak behind the scenes on set with Clara Belle and Flowergoth Roze for their first time ever shooting for Tgirls Hookup! These two are so damn sexy and have amazing chemistry together. Clara Belle got fucked super hard by Roze in this scene and I can't wait for you to all see it. So here is a little sneak peek.

Added on 23rd Feb 2021

23rd Feb 2021  |   08 minutes

    Rating: 4.67

Flowergoth Roze is a cute and tiny tgirl with a big hard cock and some super-hot tattoos. Besides being the hottest girl at the gym, Roze is absolutely the sweetest thing and she is totally irresistible. All of her friends want to get fucked by her. Roze is in her bedroom writing in her diary about the amazingly hot experience she just had at the gym with her two friends, Alice and Clair. It was the best work out! As Roze tells the story about how they came to have the hottest bareback locker room threesome ever- Roze just can't seem to keep her hands off of herself. When Flowergoth Roze is finished recounting the steamy gym workout experience, she quickly closes her diary and gets to working out her cock! Roze stokes her already hard girlcock until she's even harder than before. Roze inches closer and closer to orgasm and grabs for her Fleshlight. Roze fucks her fleshlight hard while thinking about Clair's fat juicy pussy before she pulls out to finish herself off with her magic-wand vibrator.

Added on 18th Feb 2021

18th Feb 2021  |   20 minutes

    Rating: 5.00