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Delilah Darling

Delilah Darling
  • Hi there, I’m Delilah Darling! 😘💖

    I’m a total verse whore. I love fucking and being fucked. I can give it just as much is I can take it. I love receiving dick, but nothing turns me on more than fucking submissive trans girls.

    I’m a complete cock slut and have a huge anal fetish. I love gaping asses, and big cocks. Wanna compare sizes?? 😝

    If you wanna impress me just talk about 80’s metal or something cool like that. I’ll definitely wanna fuck you afterwards 😈

Delilah's Videos

This was my first time getting to work with both these girls! These two really seemed to hit it off and we had a ton of fun shooting. Serena really amazed me with how much she put into her performance. Delilah blew me away because this was her first ever hardcore scene! Delilah is a sweetheart and I was very amazed to see how rough and mean of a top she can be. Both these girls will be back again for sure! This BTS video is a compilation of outtakes and behind the scenes footage from shooting, with a post-scene interview at the end. The photo set is made up of the few BTS pics I took on my iPhone that day as well as a handful of some of my favorite pics from the main scene. Enjoy! xoxo, Kelly

Added on 5th Oct 2021

5th Oct 2021  |   16 minutes

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Serena Bubbles Needs it bad! She's gorgeous with a streamlined frame and cute perky tits, She fulfills the dreams of many a top. Even her nipples are cute, pointy, and suckable. But Serena is a big mouth bitch who knows EXACTLY what she wants. She craves cock and she needs it so bad, that she’s ready and able to pull the dominant side out of anyone. She’s like 2007 Sasha Grey, but nastier and with a rock-hard cock! She's a true slut's slut. Serena's not doing this for the attention or validation. She’s doing it because she needs dick, and is willing to do depraved things to get it. Serena requires it harder and rougher than most. She’s not looking for everyday sex, she’s looking for someone to break her. She’s looking for cock enlightenment, and It’s a known fact that dumb idiot bitches learn best when their heads are smooshed into the carpet, and their assholes plowed by girldick. Delilah Darling is gorgeous, with a cute athletic frame, and delightful legs that go all the way up to make an adorable ass out of themselves. She also seems a bit innocent, despite her "tough" demeanor. She comes off sweet but she has an apparent dominant side for sure. Her cock is rock hard, and so is her attitude. She’s a no-nonsense type of bitch, ready to wipe the lipstick off of any disobeying bottom in her area code. After some short pleasantries, they hit it off quickly, with Serena trying her best to swallow Delilah’s cock. The cock sucking gets so intense that it might be possible that Serena can breathe girldick. After enough spit is collected (and enough braincells lost), Delilah gets to work, prepping and prying Serena's holes open with fingers and toys. With Serena’s ass properly loosened, Delilah sinks in with ease, like a hot cock through butter. Delilah fucks Serena all over the fucking living room, tossing her around like a pathetic ragdoll. If Delilah was being graded on her excessive verbal degradation skills, she would get an A+ for continually...

Added on 30th Sep 2021

30th Sep 2021  |   42 minutes

    Rating: 0.00