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Delilah Darling

Delilah Darling
  • Hi there, I’m Delilah Darling! 😘💖

    I’m a total verse whore. I love fucking and being fucked. I can give it just as much is I can take it. I love receiving dick, but nothing turns me on more than fucking submissive trans girls.

    I’m a complete cock slut and have a huge anal fetish. I love gaping asses, and big cocks. Wanna compare sizes?? 😝

    If you wanna impress me just talk about 80’s metal or something cool like that. I’ll definitely wanna fuck you afterwards 😈

Delilah's Videos

Happy Friday! Here's a special bonus hardcore scene just for being such awesome members! We've been waiting for the perfect opportunity to release this super-hot trans-lesbian threesome and today is the day! Watch me get my holes absolutely fucking obliterated by Flowergoth Roze and Delilah Darling in 'Wreck My Gape #6' -KQ BONUS SCENE!!! We've got a special one for y'all today! Our team of professional deviants has a deviation from our normal fare. No, scripts, no fantasies, no B.S! This is Wreck my Gape #6! The latest installment in the series that started it all! Kelly Quell, the lovely and depraved mind behind the entire TGIRLS-HOOKUP cinematic universe is in front of the camera this time, and she brought her filthy friends with her! The sultry Flowergoth Roze and the sensuous Delilah Darling have a no-holes-barred bout with Kelly's hungry hole! Armed with both silicone dong and girl cock respectfully, they ensure that Kelly has her fill in both her throat and ass, her gape steadily blooming as they work her wider... and wider. hope you enjoy the bonus update from TGIRLS-HOOKUP. The only place where even in our downtime, we're gaping holes and stroking poles! xoxo, -Ana Andrews

Added on 6th May 2022

6th May 2022  |   15 minutes

    Rating: N/A

Delilah Darling is one of my favorite people I've met in 2021. She's so lovely to work with. She was here the last week of December 2021 and we shot a couple great scenes and also got to hang out and listen to records and I got to show her around Providence the last day she was here. I'm not sure what happened but I can't seem to find any of the behind-the-scenes photos I took on my iPhone. They're nowhere to be found. I think I may have accidently deleted them. So, I have included some of my favorite photos from her most recent solo set. Delilah has retired from porn again. Let’s hope she comes back. Enjoy! xoxo, Kelly

Added on 22nd Mar 2022

22nd Mar 2022  |   05 minutes

    Rating: N/A

Delilah Darling makes a triumphant return to TGIRLS HOOKUP! This sexy sweetheart took a little break, but we are proud to have her back for a candid look at her private trysts and sexy fantasies of hard fucking! Ms. Darling is an absolutely stunning blonde with a toned body and nipples that seem to just beg for attention! And that's to say nothing of that gorgeous girl-cock tucking tight into her panties! Today's sticky-wet story is from her job as a guitar instructor. She's a true virtuoso when it comes to playing, her educated fingers finding every note with perfect precision. But when a cute newbie comes in asking for lessons, she's initially hesitant,as she normally takes more seasoned players, but the girl is cute, and that certainly help sway Delilah. Things heat up in the practice room, and things go from teaching her the A-string to playing with this slut's G-string! Delilah gave this amateur whore a pro lesson in sloppy blowjobs and a hands on tutoring in taking dick! Ms. Darling takes this stroll down memory lane with her hand wrapped firmly around her girl-cock! Once the tale is told, she's so primed that her girl-dick is standing tall and proud. Her hands grasp at her body, seeking something, ANYTHING, to pull more pleasure from her body. She even pulls a dildo out to satisfy her throat. Her orgasm wracks her body and her satisfaction is so pronounced you can nearly taste it! This scene is a scorcher, and make sure you catch this hot update from TGHU, the only site that teaches you to hit the high notes!

Added on 17th Mar 2022

17th Mar 2022  |   22 minutes

    Rating: N/A

Get up close and personal with Vera Special and Delilah Darling in this week's brand new behind the scenes video!! This was Delilah's third time here to shoot and Vera Special's first time!! These girls were outstanding together!! So hot! enjoy! -KQ

Added on 15th Feb 2022

15th Feb 2022  |   12 minutes

    Rating: N/A

Vera Special has a taste for something just a bit rougher tonight...and boy has she found it! Vera is a sexy little redhead with long sumptuous legs and nipples just begging for a nibble. And that's to say nothing of her amazing, fuckable ass! Her encounter at the museum has sparked a fire within and she's going to need more than water to put it out! Delilah is a veteran at the TGHU game, and is more than willing to give Vera the hard fucking pounding she craves. Ms. Darling is a vision with blonde hair, milky skin and a sporty frame seemingly purpose-built to serve cock at ramming speed into needy little bottoms! A few messages are exchanged before things transition from inbox to front door. Vera's barely inside the door before passions ignite, submissively following Delilah in before making sure her throat and Ms. Darling's girl-dick were thoroughly acquainted. Delilah's girl-dick stand's tall and strong, throbbing at all the attention being lavished on it. Delilah works Ms. Special open with toys for a bit, making sure that she is literally pleading for a pounding before she obliges. Theatrics are pushed aside as she pushes inside, her girl-cock hitting just the spot Vera needed! The two-pound raw for what feels like forever, the naked, bareback hard fucking being what both of them craved. The smack of skin-on-skin making all the applause they needed as Delilah thoroughly claps Vera's cheeks! This smoldering ass-pounding sizzles before Delilah gives up a bit of Nectar and cum in equal measure! Keep it right here at Tgirls Hookup, the place to be for hardcore T4T!

Added on 10th Feb 2022

10th Feb 2022  |   39 minutes

    Rating: N/A

Take a glimpse behind the scenes on set with the lovely Delilah Darling and the gorgeous Flowergoth Roze. We absolutely just loved working with these two hotties. Their dynamic and chemistry was outstanding. They are both such amazing girls and amazing performers. I couldn’t be happier with how this scene came out. This pornstar pairing was a last-minute decision. Both Delilah and Roze were going to be here at the same time to each shoot a scene with a different girl. However, at the last minute the model wasn't able to make the trip here to shoot, so I scrambled to figure something else out. Pairing up these two stars was the result, and I'm very happy with the outcome, because their scene together was outstanding. These two are welcomed back anytime. This scene was a ton of fun to film. The milk was a big mess but it was so cool. Hismith gave me some pink dildos to try out and we ended up using them in this scene. The tentacle toy is huge and was a lot of fun to play with. It was really cool to watch Delilah get to bottom. She’s a bottom in her personal life and loves big anal play. Roze is a top in her personal life and you can totally tell. Roze genuinely loves to dominate subby bottoms. Enjoy this little glimpse into the making of "Thirsty Beach Slut Gets More Than A Mouthful" enjoy! xoxo KQ

Added on 30th Nov 2021

30th Nov 2021  |   09 minutes

    Rating: N/A

Chemistry is what changes any hookup into something special, and the chemistry here is electric! Delilah Darling is on the prowl again, looking hot as ever with her cute perky tits and pert little ass. She’s a blonde beach bimbo, who loves to bathe in the sun and get her holes fucking destroyed. Last time we caught up with her she was the top, and a hard top she was. But this beach slut is really just a total bottom. Her hole is like Excalibur, and you have to be a true top to take it completely. Flowergoth Roze might be just the right top to overtake her! With delicious looking skin, a massive dick, and a dirty, debauched mind, Flowergoth Roze is looking to turn Ms. Darling out! Flowergoth Roze is a tough chick, don’t let her small size fool you. She will knock you across your face so fast your head will spin. The girls waste no time, working themselves into a frenzy with a hot frot before Delilah is pawed at, Roze getting an intimate feeling of her wares. Lips and girldick continue to kiss and writhe together, both of them reveling in sensation. It doesn't take long before Delilah is getting her hole prepped and her girlcock stroked as Flowergoth Roze gets ready to plow Delilah like a goddamn field. Roze keeps things varied and rough, alternating between hard strokes, hole-stretching toys, and making Delilah gobble more meat than the winner of a hotdog eating contest! This thirsty beach bitch gets a nice treat when Flowergoth Roze fills her mouth with coconut milk and penis. Making Delilah a real pina colada. However, this wasn’t enough to quench Delilah’s extreme thirst for degradation. Roze pulls Ms. Darling off the couch into pile driver and sticks a funnel in her ass, filling her up to the brim. We even get to see the return of the milk-fuck, with Delilah’s hole drinking its daily recommended amount of dairy before it’s displaced by rampaging girl-dick! Delilah didn't have to take the reins this time, her girlcock fluctuating between cute...

Added on 25th Nov 2021

25th Nov 2021  |   57 minutes

    Rating: N/A

This was my first time getting to meet Delilah Darling! She's so cute and friendly and oh so damn sexy. She's such a nice person to work with. I was really excited to get to work with her because she was recommended to me by a fan. Her and I hit it off super well and I'm so glad I had the opportunity to work with her. Her and I are friends now and you will be seeing more of Miss Darling soon! Delilah has an anal fetish and loves stretching out her hole. I let her borrow some of my favorite anal plugs to take home with her. I can't wait until she comes back next and shows me her anal training progress. Enjoy! xoxo, Kelly

Added on 26th Oct 2021

26th Oct 2021  |   07 minutes

    Rating: N/A

Self-proclaimed Groupie slut Delilah Darling is smoking hot in this fantasy solo scene! With her cute, perky tits and pert ass, she gets all the attention she wants from the crowds at her local rock shows. She's a regular, and has had more bands in and out of her holes than you have in your party playlist. She's far from shameful though, a proud groupie front and center for each band to take back stage. We get to be a fly on the wall as she writes her latest exploits in the sticky pages of her cum-stained diary. When a new punk band takes the stage, she barely hears what they're playing before she's dreaming of hot guitarist girl-dick. She gets invited back and gets her slutty holes wrecked backstage. Delilah's not looking for a backstage pass, just to be some backstage ASS, and even the drummer gets some! Before she can even put her pen down, she got her fingers sneaking into her backstage area, and plays a solo all her own. Her last big number is a duet with her electric fuck machine, tuned to the key of GAPE. Watch this slut try and hit the high notes on this latest update!

Added on 21st Oct 2021

21st Oct 2021  |   19 minutes

    Rating: N/A

This was my first time getting to work with both these girls! These two really seemed to hit it off and we had a ton of fun shooting. Serena really amazed me with how much she put into her performance. Delilah blew me away because this was her first ever hardcore scene! Delilah is a sweetheart and I was very amazed to see how rough and mean of a top she can be. Both these girls will be back again for sure! This BTS video is a compilation of outtakes and behind the scenes footage from shooting, with a post-scene interview at the end. The photo set is made up of the few BTS pics I took on my iPhone that day as well as a handful of some of my favorite pics from the main scene. Enjoy! xoxo, Kelly

Added on 5th Oct 2021

5th Oct 2021  |   16 minutes

    Rating: N/A

Serena Bubbles Needs it bad! She's gorgeous with a streamlined frame and cute perky tits, She fulfills the dreams of many a top. Even her nipples are cute, pointy, and suckable. But Serena is a big mouth bitch who knows EXACTLY what she wants. She craves cock and she needs it so bad, that she’s ready and able to pull the dominant side out of anyone. She’s like 2007 Sasha Grey, but nastier and with a rock-hard cock! She's a true slut's slut. Serena's not doing this for the attention or validation. She’s doing it because she needs dick, and is willing to do depraved things to get it. Serena requires it harder and rougher than most. She’s not looking for everyday sex, she’s looking for someone to break her. She’s looking for cock enlightenment, and It’s a known fact that dumb idiot bitches learn best when their heads are smooshed into the carpet, and their assholes plowed by girldick. Delilah Darling is gorgeous, with a cute athletic frame, and delightful legs that go all the way up to make an adorable ass out of themselves. She also seems a bit innocent, despite her "tough" demeanor. She comes off sweet but she has an apparent dominant side for sure. Her cock is rock hard, and so is her attitude. She’s a no-nonsense type of bitch, ready to wipe the lipstick off of any disobeying bottom in her area code. After some short pleasantries, they hit it off quickly, with Serena trying her best to swallow Delilah’s cock. The cock sucking gets so intense that it might be possible that Serena can breathe girldick. After enough spit is collected (and enough braincells lost), Delilah gets to work, prepping and prying Serena's holes open with fingers and toys. With Serena’s ass properly loosened, Delilah sinks in with ease, like a hot cock through butter. Delilah fucks Serena all over the fucking living room, tossing her around like a pathetic ragdoll. If Delilah was being graded on her excessive verbal degradation skills, she would get an A+ for continually...

Added on 30th Sep 2021

30th Sep 2021  |   42 minutes

    Rating: N/A