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Roxi Heart

Roxi Heart
  • Location: Baltimore, MD
  • Birthday: 20th November
  • Hi My name is Roxi!

    I love to use my cock. 😍

    I really get off on using trans-girl sluts, especially when they act filthy for Me. If I can spit in the face of someone, I'm happy.

    I want to fuck as many horny submissive trans girls as I can. To use a hole for My cock's pleasure, and My pleasure alone. Let me pull some hair and piss all over you and we'll have a great date.

    Swipe on me and you'll have a nice rock hard cock in your hole in no time.

    Roxi Heart

Roxi's Videos

This scene was the first scene we filmed after taking a long break due to the pandemic shut down. I waited so long to release this scene because I thought I had lost some footage, but then I remembered that it was shot on two cameras at once. Once I accidently found the footage I began editing, I realized just how hot of a scene I was sitting on. This was Nikki Jaee's second TGHU scene and Roxi's first! The chemistry these two had together was unbelievable. It was super fun and super-hot to shoot this scene that day. We all had a blast. After we were all done for the day, we all hung out in my backyard listening to music, drinking Mojitos, and eating chips with homemade guacamole. I'm so glad this scene saw light of day. Unfortunately, I did not take and BTS photos. I have included a mini gallery of my favorite pics from "Cock Addicted Whore Gets Gaped & Destroyed". Enjoy!

Added on 7th Sep 2021

7th Sep 2021  |   05 minutes

    Rating: 0.00

Roxi Hart is a stone-cold top that needs little introduction at this point. Beautiful and fierce, she leaves a trail of stretched out, sloppy gapes in her wake. Her very aura screams "I'm gonna wreck you, and I'm gonna look extremely hot doing it”. Nikki Jaee is a drop-dead gorgeous slut who’s been cruising TGHU since day one. She’s always been known to need an extra-rough top to give her what she craves. Each time looking for someone who can rough her up a little more than the last. She’s straight to the point and doesn’t waste time with a flirty convo. She’s not entirely sure what Roxi has in store for her, but she kinda likes it that way. After being quickly whisked inside, what follows is an epic in total slut destruction. Rough throat-fucking and face-slapping leaves Nikki a slobbery beet-red mess with a bowl in her lap filled up with drool and precum before Roxi even turns up the heat. Roxi lubes Nikki’s hole up for the long haul, injecting the contents of the bowl into her tight ass with a lube shooter, and then proceeds to fuck the hell out of Nikki’s slutty hole before it blossoms into a very sizable gape. Gape gloves are deployed for Nikki to keep her ass open while Roxi continues to work her hole even wider. Nikki just loves the taste of her whore ass on Roxi’s cock and she can’t seem to get enough of ass-to-mouth. When Roxi gives in to Nikki’s pathetic begging and pleading for her cum in her throat, she busts her tasty cumload right in Nikki’s slutty mouth. This is one that bring the *bang* into the phrase "more bang for your buck"

Added on 2nd Sep 2021

2nd Sep 2021  |   49 minutes

    Rating: 0.00

This scene was so much fun to film! I loved getting plowed and defiled by Roxi Heart. Oh she really knows how to wreck tgirl holes. We had a really fun time shooting this scene. I had help from all of my girlfriends as crew for this shoot. I couldn't have made this website a reality without the help of them. This was my second scene I've ever shot for TGHU as a bottom. The last time I shot as a bottom for this project was the first ever pilot episode! I figured it was time to get in for a scene and do some of the dirty things I've been itching to do on screen. Roxi is a total TGHU pro by now. I love having her in town to shoot. If you like what you see, please encourage me to bottom more :) Thank you for all being members to my website and helping make my dreams cum true ;) -xoxo Kelly

Added on 29th Jun 2021

29th Jun 2021  |   08 minutes

    Rating: 0.00

Always on the prowl, Kelly Quell is looking for a challenge once again. Always looking for the next thrill. Not a novice to the scene, Kelly hops on the TGHU app and hits the jackpot! Roxi Heart is a true veteran on TGHU and knows what she wants: a true no-holes-barred slut. Pleasantries and pics fly before Kelly rushes to Roxi, lust filling each step. A trail of tired tops and stretched out sluts in their wake, we get to see what happens when these two titans of thottery hook up! The piledriver scene has to be witnessed to be believed! Kelly is asked to open wide, as Roxi has a lot of squirt saved up to make this scene even messier! Kelly gets fucked harder than she's ever been fucked before! These two put the "s" in slutty, with the room left after a mess of sweat, lube, squirt, and cum!

Added on 24th Jun 2021

24th Jun 2021  |   27 minutes

    Rating: 0.00

Pixi Lust is in a really tight spot: she's got too much time, and not nearly enough dick clogging her throat! She's always ready to go, with a ball gag around her neck to muffle her dumb slutty whimpers, and a princess plug firmly seated in her tight ass. She survives on a liquid diet of cum, so more than one hole is hungry. It's a good thing she matched with Roxi Heart! Pixi gets the invite, and quicky gets over to Roxi's place wearing next-to-nothing, despite the weather. Roxi may dress colorfully, but don't be fooled: She's H to the C HARDCORE. Roxi wastes no time, quickly groping at Pixi, before getting her to the floor in record time to have her gargle on Roxi’s cock and balls. After Pixi's face is a mess of slobber, precum and makeup, she’s spun around and made to suck on her plug like a fucking pacifier while Roxi gets to work wrecking her pathetic hole. Pixi gets a break, but only to plaster her face in a fresh coat of dickslime and drool. Pixi begs for more throughout, dickdrunk and delirious. When Roxi gets bored obliterating this slut's hole, she switches to toys, including an inflatable plug, pumping Pixi to a nice wide gape. When Roxi feels like it's time for Pixi to get the fuck out of her house, she promptly busts a fat load all over Pixi's bimbo face, smearing the cum all-over what's left of her whorish makeup.

Added on 13th May 2021

13th May 2021  |   46 minutes

    Rating: 5.00

Take a little peak behind the scenes on set with Penny Peacock and Roxi Heart! Here is some outtakes and behind the scenes footage of the dirtiest scene we've shot so far! This scene was a ton of fun and we really enjoyed every second of making it. Penny and Roxi are absolute delights to work with.

Added on 9th Feb 2021

9th Feb 2021  |   12 minutes

    Rating: 5.00

Penny is a dirty, kinky freak! She needs her hair pulled, neck choked, throat fucked and face slapped really hard until it's beet red. No one she's fucked so far has been able to satisfy her... That is until she matches with Roxi Heart on Tgirls Hookup! Roxi is a super pretty, hard femme, with a great body, great tits, killer ass and a big fat cock. She's hot as fuck and tough as nails! Penny is so excited to find someone to treat her like the filthy cum rag she is. Penny loves cock, loves degradation and loves to drink squirt. Roxi tells Penny to come over. Roxi has no problem slapping Penny around, calling her names and telling her to shut the fuck up. Penny absolutely loves it when Roxy spits on her pathetic slutty face, destroys her gaping asshole and fills her up with squirt and cum. When Roxi is done breaking Penny, she tells her to hit the road!

Added on 28th Jan 2021

28th Jan 2021  |   42 minutes

    Rating: 5.00