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Serena Bubbles

Serena Bubbles
  • Birthday: 29th June
  • Hi! My name is Serena Bubbles and I want to be destroyed 💕✨😇

    I need a sadistic slut who sees my cute mouth and tight hole as HER playthings 🧸

    If you can pick me up and throw me around a little bit I’ll be a subby little bitch for you 💭 If you can’t take control of my body you can expect me to be a Brat™️ 😈💘

    Don’t worry about my interests outside of rock hard girlcock, I don’t have any 🥰 I’m a hedonistic slut with one thing on her mind: having my holes fucking annihilated! 🥵

    Serena 🧼🌹✨

Serena's Videos

I just love these two girls. They’re a total blast to work with and they are both super fucking hot. Serena is always a riot and always has some new crazy idea she wants to do for her scenes. Of course, I encourage her. She's always trying to come up with something crazier and messier to do in her next scene. Just when I think we may be running out of crazy porn antics, she comes to me with a small list messy slutty things she’d like to do. This time it was plastic wrap over her face and cum in her eyes. WOW Gina is the chilliest model you could possibly work with. Her and I have been shooting porn since day 1. She's hot as fuck and she fun to be around and relaxing to work with because she knows exactly how to shoot a TGHU scene. If it wasn’t for Gina there would be no Tgirls Hookup. She’s shot so many TGHU scenes I’ve lost count. She’s fantastic. Their chemistry was better than I could have imagined. They both had a ton of fun and it really shows. Enjoy this little behind the scenes video from Wild Bitch Tamed and Used. BTW… Gina’s twitter was hacked. Her new twitter is @GinaJamesXXX xoxo KQ

Added on 29th Mar 2022

29th Mar 2022  |   17 minutes

    Rating: 0.00

It's not even summer yet, but the scene is hot, Hot, HOT! Serena "filthiest slut ever born" Bubbles has hopped on the TGHU app once again! This sleek seductress is as sexy as ever and back on the prowl. This brat is always looking for more! More Filth! More Degradation! More Fucking! MORE GIRL-DICK! This is where Gina James comes in! Gina is a OG dom-top. To catch up the newbies, this is the Breaker of BreakHer, and quite the beauty to boot! Serena's grown weary of tops that are all talk, and Gina knows just what this brat needs! Gina isn't all talk, she's all action! This Dom doesn't even need a blowie to get going, barely getting Serena inside before plowing her with just a quick spit-start! Gina isn't big on toys or gizmos to tame this slut, just PLOWING. This things Gina gets up to with just pounding girl-dick, milk, and even more pounding simply have to be seen to be believed. What happens when an unstoppable top meets an unbreakable slut? Find out right here on TGIRLS-HOOKUP!

Added on 24th Mar 2022

24th Mar 2022  |   42 minutes

    Rating: 0.00

It’s no secret that I’m a big Serena Bubbles fan. Serena is one of my favorite models I’ve worked with. Her creative energy is so contagious. She’s always blowing me away with her outfits and what types of things she wants to do for her next scene. I love brainstorming with her and coming up with more and more insanely slutty and nasty things for her to do on film. She’s a total blast. She oozes sexual energy and her delivery and performance is always through the roof. If there was one model to sum up Tgirls Hookup’s aesthetic, it would be her. It was a total blast having her back recently and I can’t wait until she’s back again next month. The toys that were used in this scene were provided by Nothosaur. They are pretty fucking good toys. Xoxo KQ

Added on 25th Jan 2022

25th Jan 2022  |   12 minutes

    Rating: 0.00

Little Miss Serena is back once again and this time she's even hornier than ever! Last night was a night to remember. Serena was out at her local dive bar when she met a mysteriously sexy women who leads Serena out the back door of the bar and into a dark alley. Serena documents her recent fling in her diary-a tale of debauchery and degradation. As Serena re-lives her steamy back-alley lesbian encounter, she becomes visibly aroused, stroking her hard cock. Serena just can't wait to finish her diary entry so she can cum. Serena slaps her dumb slutty hole harder than I've ever seen someone slap themselves. Her butt plug is then removed and traded for a much larger dildo. Serena makes her way from big-toy to big-toy, each dildo increasing in size until she's stretched wider than she's ever been stretched before. She mounts her huge black-and-pink monster dildo and takes it for a ride until she cums her fucking brains out. Trust me, you don’t want to miss this one!

Added on 20th Jan 2022

20th Jan 2022  |   20 minutes

    Rating: 0.00

Cum hang out with Serena and Avery behind the scenes with this week’s edition of Behind the Scenes with Serena Bubbles + Avery Angel. What an amazing pairing! These two girls were totally perfect together. We loved having them here and working with them and I can't wait to have them both back again really soon. This scene was fucking crazy for sure. I don't know how Serena is going to top her performance next time. I'm sure she will come up with some ideas for next time though! Avery can really pound! Holy shit!! For an Angel she sure is a shit-talking domme! They both did such an amazing job and worked so hard on making “Serena: The Filthiest Slut Ever Born!” a masterpiece. Enjoy! and HAPPY NEW YEAR! xoxo KQ

Added on 4th Jan 2022

4th Jan 2022  |   19 minutes

    Rating: 0.00

Serena Bubbles makes a raunchy return! With the face of an angel and a body made for sin, she's the perfect match for local bedroom bully Avery Angel. Serena Bubbles is no ordinary dumb slut, she’s depraved and filthy too. She’s been around the block before but today she’s looking to be extra humiliated, and to have what little brain cells she’s left in her head fucked out by a big fat girl cock. Avery's beauty is streamlined and striking and that and her dominant attitude lure Serena in easily. Serena got hooked last time, and after getting fucked stupid like that, can we blame her for making the same mistake twice? After pleasantries, pictures, and location pins, Serena shows up in the dead of night with little more knocking around her head than the promise of a prostate pounding. Once ushered inside, Avery gets Serena into a submissive headspace with an eerie speed, starting a debauched fuck-fest one has to see to believe! Serena swallows Avery’s cock all the way like a deep throat queen and gargles lube like a nasty slut. Her hole is open and ready for the hardest pounding she’s ever had. Clothes pins, duct tape, and funnels find new uses with these two around, with hard pounding in between to keep things intense. "Cock is my god!", mews a desperate Serena, the rest of the world falling away as she worships at Avery's altar. She doesn't delay in molding Serena into the perfect fuck pet, keeping her mouth busy with a conveniently placed fuck machine, orchestrating a spit roasting filling the room with the wettest sex noises imaginable. When Avery has had her way with Serena, she pops a funnel in her dumb sloppy hole and fills her up with her vile squirt. Sluttier, harder, and more depraved are always the goals of this site and if you like it rough, you certainly won't be disappointed. Make sure you check out this new hardcore transbian scene, right Here at Tgirls Hookup, where we rip more fishnets than a whore's hangnail! P.S....

Added on 30th Dec 2021

30th Dec 2021  |   44 minutes

    Rating: 0.00

This was my first time getting to work with both these girls! These two really seemed to hit it off and we had a ton of fun shooting. Serena really amazed me with how much she put into her performance. Delilah blew me away because this was her first ever hardcore scene! Delilah is a sweetheart and I was very amazed to see how rough and mean of a top she can be. Both these girls will be back again for sure! This BTS video is a compilation of outtakes and behind the scenes footage from shooting, with a post-scene interview at the end. The photo set is made up of the few BTS pics I took on my iPhone that day as well as a handful of some of my favorite pics from the main scene. Enjoy! xoxo, Kelly

Added on 5th Oct 2021

5th Oct 2021  |   16 minutes

    Rating: 0.00

Serena Bubbles Needs it bad! She's gorgeous with a streamlined frame and cute perky tits, She fulfills the dreams of many a top. Even her nipples are cute, pointy, and suckable. But Serena is a big mouth bitch who knows EXACTLY what she wants. She craves cock and she needs it so bad, that she’s ready and able to pull the dominant side out of anyone. She’s like 2007 Sasha Grey, but nastier and with a rock-hard cock! She's a true slut's slut. Serena's not doing this for the attention or validation. She’s doing it because she needs dick, and is willing to do depraved things to get it. Serena requires it harder and rougher than most. She’s not looking for everyday sex, she’s looking for someone to break her. She’s looking for cock enlightenment, and It’s a known fact that dumb idiot bitches learn best when their heads are smooshed into the carpet, and their assholes plowed by girldick. Delilah Darling is gorgeous, with a cute athletic frame, and delightful legs that go all the way up to make an adorable ass out of themselves. She also seems a bit innocent, despite her "tough" demeanor. She comes off sweet but she has an apparent dominant side for sure. Her cock is rock hard, and so is her attitude. She’s a no-nonsense type of bitch, ready to wipe the lipstick off of any disobeying bottom in her area code. After some short pleasantries, they hit it off quickly, with Serena trying her best to swallow Delilah’s cock. The cock sucking gets so intense that it might be possible that Serena can breathe girldick. After enough spit is collected (and enough braincells lost), Delilah gets to work, prepping and prying Serena's holes open with fingers and toys. With Serena’s ass properly loosened, Delilah sinks in with ease, like a hot cock through butter. Delilah fucks Serena all over the fucking living room, tossing her around like a pathetic ragdoll. If Delilah was being graded on her excessive verbal degradation skills, she would get an A+ for continually...

Added on 30th Sep 2021

30th Sep 2021  |   42 minutes

    Rating: 0.00

Serena is so damn hot! This girl has been wanting to shoot for TGHU since we first put our model application form up online. She was made for Tgirls Hookup. She's our newest addition and we can't wait to have her back again really soon! Serena was not just a total hottie, but she was also a total pleasure to work with. She was super professional and respectful the entire time she was staying with us at the TGHU house. This girl is the complete package. She's cute, she’s hot, she a total fucking slut, she's really chill to hang out with and she follows directions really well. She was so excited to shoot and it totally shows. I haven't seen a girl with this much nasty slut energy ever! Check out the behind the scenes of "Dumb Little Birthday Whore's Cumdump Surprise Party!" xoxo, Kelly

Added on 14th Sep 2021

14th Sep 2021  |   09 minutes

    Rating: 0.00

Petite little slut Serena Bubbles just loves to do as she's told. Her Mistress planned the best birthday surprise party ever. She's never had a surprise party before and she just loved what her mistress had in store for her last night. Listen to Serena recount her horniest birthday party ever, as she strokes her rock-hard cock and fucks her dumb slutty hole. Serena goes to town on her ass with her glass plug and her purple dido while she reminisces about last night’s cum dumpster slut celebration. When she's on the brink of eruption, she hops on her fuck machine and gets her hole blasted until she can't take it any longer.

Added on 9th Sep 2021

9th Sep 2021  |   21 minutes

    Rating: 0.00