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Pixi Lust

Pixi Lust
  • Location: Sacramento, CA
  • Birthday: 24th March
  • Heyo, I’m Pixi! I’m super duper subby small tiddy bottom bitch who’s constantly in need of getting my holes filled 🥰 I’m a slimthicc girl with a smooth bubble butt and a 6” dick that’s softer than mochi 💕

    Ive got a weakness for buff tgirls who can toss me around the room and give my ass a good beating 💪🏽 Feel free to beat me up more or choke me out when we’re done cumming 😉

    I have a lot of kinks, but what turns me on most is getting completely used for someone else’s pleasure 😋 Slam me against the wall, choke me, slap me, use my throat and ass as your own personal fleshlight and if I start to squirm from all the fucking, pin me down and rail me harder 😚😚

    Hmu if you think youre brave enough to handle this pathetic buttslut 😘😘

Pixi's Videos

Scene Title: Anal Whore is Maid to Serve! Starring: Pixi Lust Today's titillating tale of torrid taint-ticking will leave you with a tent pitched in your shorts! (Or panties so wet that when you throw them at the wall they stick!!!) Pixi Lust has another entry to put in her diary, and you won't want to miss a single stroke of her pen while you stroke! Pixi had been meeting her friends for a game of dress-up, and when this stunning brunette shows what she's got on offer, they can't help but take the opportunity to explore her submissive side! Still hot and bothered by the festivities, Pixi finds herself wanting to play some more, so out comes the toys! Fingers probe her hole deep, hitting that OM-Gspot and causing her cock to stand straight! This lil anal whore even gags her mouth so she goes tumbling ass-first into subspace! When fingers aren't enough, a mighty dragon dick pushes her hole even further! Once that ass is nice and ready, a fuck machine steps in to finish the job! That hard-fucking robo-cock gets cranked to 11, leaving this slut with a wonderful afterglow and one of her award-winning smiles. Keep it right here with Tgirls Hookup, your place for holes, poles, and sexy soles! Enjoy! Xoxo, Ana Andrews

Added on 19th May 2022

19th May 2022  |   21 minutes

    Rating: N/A

These two hotties were made for this website! We LOVE working with these two. I had really wanted to pair these two up for a really long time and I’m so glad we got to finally make it happen. Their chemistry is so amazing and the scene they shot was fantastic. Enjoy this little compilation of behind-the-scenes content. Xoxo KQ

Added on 26th Apr 2022

26th Apr 2022  |   16 minutes

    Rating: N/A

Okay y’all it's time for a brand spanking new release from Tgirls Hookup! And this one is not one to miss! We’ve got two returning titans of titillation they’re both hot enough to make your cock surge and your cum reach the boiling point! Nyxi Leon has made quite the name for herself on the app! She’s typically a sadistic top, but there comes a time when a girl might want something a little different. Her small, tight frame can be deceptive to some. Her lovely face, great tits, and awesome ass can be a lure to many. And tonight it got the attention of one Pixi Lust. Pixi’s been with the TGHU app nearly since beta, and now fancies herself a top. With beauty only outmatched by depravity, she’s got the face of an angel, and the heart of a slut. Does she have what it takes to tame Nyxi? Short answer: no. Long Answer? Pixi’s best efforts leave Nyxi wanting, so she shows Ms. Lust who the head bitch in charge really is! With huge dongs, some behavior correction tools and an interesting use of shipping materials, Nyxi Leon spends the rest of the night teaching Nyxi the true meaning of topping!

Added on 21st Apr 2022

21st Apr 2022  |   01:01 minutes

    Rating: N/A

These two hotties were such a pleasure to work with. They both had such amazing chemistry and energy and I was impressed with just how awesome of a top Nicole was. This scene was a particularly messy one and i was excited we were able to use that giant martini glass I had bought as a prop recently. What a mess but what a crazy good scene. These two stars really wowed me and I’m sure they wowed you as well! Enjoy ! PS. Pixi squirts In her own mouth during the BTS interview 😂 Xoxo, KQ

Added on 15th Mar 2022

15th Mar 2022  |   15 minutes

    Rating: N/A

Pixi Lust is back on the prowl! This subby seductress left the TGHU app for a bit, but her cravings led her to fire up her profile again. She's got a hankering for something she just can't get elsewhere: rough fucking and degradation in equal measure! Pixi has been gone for a while and her body (while amazing already), looks even better! Her flirty profile ends up catching Nicole Korsakova! This busty, Crimson and raven-haired beauty is a walking wet dream! She's usually trolling for tops as well, but today she wants to take her turn wrecking holes. Some desperate flirty and horny pics later, Pixi rushes over to meet Nicole for a sneaky link in the middle of the night. Pixi wants to be taken down a peg or two, and Nicole has just the peg for her! The two hurry upstairs, and Pixi wastes no time in trying to make Nicole's girl-cock disappear down her throat! Pixi's in hog-heaven as she gets more than a mouthful, her girl-dick standing tall as she sucks and swallows. Nicole gives her a relentless pounding, using various demonic toys and restraints to keep the intensity high. Your jaw will drop and your cock will pop when you see Pixi's hole take in "the devil's tail" a gnarly looking plug/dildo combo! All this culminates with a martini glass full of nectar, and Pixi drinking it almost all of it before the remainder gets poured on her head! Make sure you log in and get your "log" out, because you won't want to miss this hot update right here on Tgirls Hookup!

Added on 10th Mar 2022

10th Mar 2022  |   40 minutes

    Rating: N/A

Pixi Lust is in a really tight spot: she's got too much time, and not nearly enough dick clogging her throat! She's always ready to go, with a ball gag around her neck to muffle her dumb slutty whimpers, and a princess plug firmly seated in her tight ass. She survives on a liquid diet of cum, so more than one hole is hungry. It's a good thing she matched with Roxi Heart! Pixi gets the invite, and quicky gets over to Roxi's place wearing next-to-nothing, despite the weather. Roxi may dress colorfully, but don't be fooled: She's H to the C HARDCORE. Roxi wastes no time, quickly groping at Pixi, before getting her to the floor in record time to have her gargle on Roxi’s cock and balls. After Pixi's face is a mess of slobber, precum and makeup, she’s spun around and made to suck on her plug like a fucking pacifier while Roxi gets to work wrecking her pathetic hole. Pixi gets a break, but only to plaster her face in a fresh coat of dickslime and drool. Pixi begs for more throughout, dickdrunk and delirious. When Roxi gets bored obliterating this slut's hole, she switches to toys, including an inflatable plug, pumping Pixi to a nice wide gape. When Roxi feels like it's time for Pixi to get the fuck out of her house, she promptly busts a fat load all over Pixi's bimbo face, smearing the cum all-over what's left of her whorish makeup.

Added on 13th May 2021

13th May 2021  |   46 minutes

    Rating: 5.00

Pixi Lust is a super cute Cali girl with a slutty asshole and a bubbly personality. She was a ton of fun to work with and we can't wait to have her back real soon! Here is a bonus video from when Pixi was here filming her solo scene with us. Check out how we direct these super cute solo scenes and stick around for her post-scene interview.

Added on 13th Apr 2021

13th Apr 2021  |   09 minutes

    Rating: N/A

Pixi Lust is the sexy delivery girl of your wildest, wettest dreams. Her favorite customers are the hot chicks on the roller derby team. There's a few tgirls on the local team, and you can bet your ass Pixi has been fucked by at least one of them. Sometimes she delivers them vegan pizza when they are still getting dressed in the locker rooms and fantasizes about getting face-fucked by the whole team! She'd love to be used as their cock sleeve. Luckily for her, all the gals seem to know about Pixi's desires, and her fantasies suddenly become her reality! Last night she really did deliver them a slut on a golden platter! As Pixi recounts last night's experience she gets super turned on and her cock gets rock hard! This slut just can't seem to cum enough! When Pixi is done writing down her night in her diary she jerks off her rock-hard cock, fucks her slutty ass with her pink dildo, and then busts out her fuck machine to blast her asshole into oblivion.

Added on 8th Apr 2021

8th Apr 2021  |   20 minutes

    Rating: 5.00

Take a little peak behind the scenes on set with Natalie Stone and Pixi Lust! Check out these never seen before outtakes with a lot of goofing around in-between takes. Get a glimpse of how we make these super-hot scenes! This scene was a ton of fun and we really enjoyed every second of making it. Natalie and Pixi are just a pleasure to work with and have such amazing chemistry. Pixi is just so funny and full of energy, and Natalie is just so damn cute! We can't wait to have them back again sometime soon!!

Added on 23rd Mar 2021

23rd Mar 2021  |   09 minutes

    Rating: 5.00

TGirl sensation Natalie Stone just swiped right and scored big! She's desperate to bang and get her brains fucked out. Pixi Lust is curious if she can find the nastiest little slut to play with while she's in town, and she's in luck! Natalie is willing to do anything and everything to quench her thirst and please lustful Pixi. She needs cock to wreck all her fucking holes RIGHT NOW! She's a desperate chick looking to suck big girl dick! Pixi face fucks her to oblivion, getting cum and slobber all over her face. Pixi makes sure this bossy little bottom gets what she deserves.

Added on 18th Mar 2021

18th Mar 2021  |   31 minutes

    Rating: 5.00