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Luci Belle

Luci Belle
  • Birthday: 21st January
  • Hi hi I'm Luci! 🥰 I'm a 100% total submissive bottom and I loooove to please and serve~ 💕 I have a special weakness for top butch girls 😻

    I'm an absolute slut and I can bring out anyone's dominant side with how cute and pathetic I look when I'm begging for your cock on my knees 🥵🙏

    I'm a fit and athletic girl with perky little tits and a cute round booty! I would look adorable under you while you fuck me like a bitch in heat, or you can sit back and relax and make me do allllllll of the work! Anything to make you cum~ 🥺💞

    I love being locked in my cute pink chastity cage while both my holes get destroyed by bigger cocks! Oh and I also love videogames and playing drums 🎀

    Message me if you're interested, I fuck on the first date btw~ 😘

Luci's Videos

It's no secret that Daisy and Luci are some of my closest friends and two of my favorite TGHU girls to work with. I knew these two would be an amazing duo and I wasn't wrong. These girls have insane chemistry together as you can see. They are both so cute and funny and so hot. enjoy!


Special thanks to our friends and sponsors: Hismith Sex Machines, Double Scorpio, Hankey's Toys and Mister Sister Erotica Boutique in Providence RI.

Added on 1st Feb 2023

1st Feb 2023  |   21 minutes

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And so, they were both bottoms...or WERE they?
We're back with a new update and a hot flip-floppin' twist! It's a rare slow day on the TGHU app, and there just aren't enough tops to go around today.
Desperate holes call for desperate measures and two of the apps hottest bottoms end up paired. Daisy chainsaw is a tried and true TGHU veteran, and with good reason! Her striking looks and great receptive ass are what wet dreams are made of!
(Writer's note: I would know >.< ) Luci Belle is a blonde beauty dripping with amazing piercings and some of the cutest ink you've ever seen! Luci skips over to Daisy's pad, and things ignite from there.
These two big-dicked bottoms start by taking turns pounding each other's throats, lips stretched and mouths full-to-bursting!
(Writer's note: I swear I don't know how Luci packs that much girl cock in those cages...) The sweet moans and groans that escape as these two plap cheeks and pound p-spots are heavenly!
You'd better hope that your computer's fans are good because when you see how these two girls fuck you'll certainly need them. At Tgirls Hookup, you will believe a bottom can top!

love and girl-cum,

Ana Andrews
Official TGHU commentator

Added on 26th Jan 2023

26th Jan 2023  |   42 minutes

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We just love Luci Belle so much! I discovered her a little over a year ago on twitter and knew she would be perfect for TGHU since day one! She's so beautiful and cute, all while being incredibly sexy and slutty. She's a depraved whore for sure, but she's cute as can be. Her and I have become great friends over the last year. She always brings her A game and her scenes are always so much fun to shoot.
I think Luci will be the next big star. Please make sure to vote for her for “Best New Face” for this year’s Trans Erotica Awards Pre-Nominations. enjoy,

Special thanks to our friends and sponsors: Hismith Sex Machines, Double Scorpio, Hankey's Toys and Mister Sister Erotica Boutique in Providence RI.

Added on 8th Nov 2022

8th Nov 2022  |   16 minutes

    Rating: 0.00

Happy halloween sluts! To finish out Locktober, we called Luci Belle to the TGHU crashpad back to delve into one of her hot, titillating stories!
Luci is a true-blue Good Girl, and stays locked more often than not. Chastity isn't just a seasonal thing for her, it's a way of life!
She's also a bit of a gamer, and wears her nerdiness on her sleeve...And thighs...And arms...And chest...
Luci's competitive spirit get's her in plenty of sweaty situations, but this time, she ended up gripping something else besides her pro controller.
Her gaming rival, got an ass prize instead of a cash prize, and just thinking about it has her reaching for her cage keys.
(writer’s note: and seriously , I thought that chastity makes you smaller? that's a nice girl dick!!!) She strokes herself hard and then gives her well-trained hole the attention it deserves. Luci starts small, but builds up in intensity quite quickly. Cute glass toys level up to plugs which then evolve into Ms. Belle trying her best to give her prostate a hi-five!
She then brings home the win by pulling out a massive squirting dildo which results in both an epic creampie and a cute lil rosebud! Tgirls Hookup always has the best trick AND treats!

Added on 3rd Nov 2022

3rd Nov 2022  |   25 minutes

    Rating: 0.00

I first found Luci Belle on Twitter about a year ago and knew she was perfect for TGHU. She was one of the few girls I debuted first here on TGHU. She shot her first pro scene for my site and has really grown into a super-hot, super slutty, and totally talented porn performer. It was an honor to have her back for her fourth shoot! This scene was insane and if you haven't seen it already then, I suggest going back and watching "Sissy Slut Gets More Than a Mouthful of Cock!"

Ava Holt is so beautiful and sweet. It's so crazy to me how she can be such an aggressive top for being such an angel. But WOW can she fuck hard!
She was first here a couple months back to shoot her first TGHU scene with Saska Sage. That scene was really fucking good, but this scene was over the top. Since this was her second time getting to shoot one of these, she knew exactly what to do. She really impressed me and I look forward to working with her again. She's one of my favorite models to work with, as is Luci.
Their main scene really pulled out all the stops, it had sissy play, p stuff, electro play (one of Luci's favs), hand-gag, verbal domination, fisting(well, almost fisting, she got really close), huge toy play, cum on face, p drinking, and much more! Surprisingly for how much stuff we did in this scene, it didn't take much time to film it. All our breaks were short and efficient and the footage we shot was really good. It was actually much easier to edit than most other scenes we shoot. Anyways, I hope you like this little BTS video put together just for you with clips and photos from the shoot "Sissy Slut Gets More Than a Mouthful of Cock!"


Added on 19th Jul 2022

19th Jul 2022  |   22 minutes

    Rating: 0.00

Luci Belle is back and more insatiable and more pathetic than ever! She's back on the app looking for more than just girlcock to rail her holes...Today she's looking for a hardcore dominant top who will do whatever the fuck she wants with poor Luci Belle. Miss. Ava Holt doesn't feel like playing nice today and she makes it pretty crystal fucking clear to Luci just how their hookup is gonna go down. If Luci wants to get her pathetic sissy hole filled with girlcock, then she needs to obey every single fucking rule Miss Holt gives her. Obviously, Luci is too stupid (sissys have cum for brains) to follow her commands so she finds herself at the end of Ava's electro-stinger! Shocked into submission and hungry for cock, Luci is ready to fully submit to her goddess. Ava really puts Luci to the test. Ava almost gets her whole hand inside Miss Belle's prolapsed hole after loosening her up with a gigantic tentacle. Luci may be a great fuck, but she manages to still disappoint Ava because she can't seem to remember the rules. Ava provides Luci with the ultimate punishment.... A continuous mouthful of squirt, enough to overflow a filthy dog bowl! Mistress Holt pushes Luci's cute little face into the bowl as she gets her asshole fucked one last time before Ava blows her load all over Luci's slutty face. Don't worry, Ava made sure to clean Luci up before kicking her out. She poured the whole bowl down Luci's throat and the rest down her face!

🥰 Kelly Quell

Added on 14th Jul 2022

14th Jul 2022  |   56 minutes

    Rating: 0.00

Luci and Avery were so fun to work with and I can't wait to work with them both again really soon. This was Luci's second time to Providence to work with me, and this was her first hardcore scene. The scene she shot with Nyxi was actually her second hardcore scene, but I released them out of order. Luci is going to be a TGHU star, I can feel it. She has amazing energy and she's slutty as hell. That girl has a lot of kinks and I can't wait to work with her on exploring them on camera. Avery is sweet as pie and I am always blown away when she turns the bitchy energy up to 11 when filming. That girl has strength to match with her beauty. She can pound and pound and pound. I'm looking forward to hanging out with her more in a couple weeks when we all go to LA for the Trans Erotica Awards. We are going to be shooting another scene with Avery while we are out that way. Anyways, here is a little behind the scenes video for you. Enjoy! xoxo, Kelly

Added on 1st Mar 2022

1st Mar 2022  |   20 minutes

    Rating: 0.00

Welcome back Luci Belle! A filthy lil slut that doesn't learn her lesson, Luci is everything we like in a star… Dirty, depraved, and ready for a dicking! With an ass for days and a hungry hole begging to be filled, her luscious tattooed skin is the perfect canvas to cum on! Her facial piecings show that despite her innocent features, she more than used to the rough stuff. This time she’s paired up her returning champ Avery Angel! This no-nonsense top is built like she was made to punish hole, and look hot while doing it! This brunette is long, lean and ready to cream our little simpering slut Luci. Luci desperate again, and her locked up girlcock means no release that isn't pumped out of her and Avery knows just the way to get Luci to spill. Once the address is given, Ms. Belle skips over to Avery's, anticipating the pummeling her g-spot is about to receive! Avery doesn't mince words, hurrying Luci inside and starting an impromptu game of "Guess who's in my mouth?" (hint: it's always Avery!) Once Avery has had her introductions with Luci's throat, it's time to ready Luci's hole for wrecking! A large plug gets popped in to make her hole pucker, and get ready for Avery's big bitch-breaker! Luci's cage is bursting at the seams as she gets absolutely railed! The amount of cream Avery leaves in Luci's hole needs to be seen to be believed! We barely get a breath before Ms. Angel is ringing the bell for round two! The ending is a scorcher, with rosebuds galore, and a thick creamy facial that's one for the record books! Keep it right here on Tgirls Hookup, the only site that rocks your cock!

Added on 24th Feb 2022

24th Feb 2022  |   55 minutes

    Rating: 0.00

Get up close and personal with our newest TGHU stars Luci Belle and Nyxi Leon in this week's BTS update!! Luci and Nyxi were just so hot together. Nyxi was hands down one of the most aggressive tops I've worked with. I couldn't believe how well Luci took all that Nyxi dished out to her. These two will be back again. I promise :) P.S. Thanks again to Hankey’s Toy’s for providing us with the awesome Ray Diesel Signature Dildo! We absolutely love it. Check it out here

Added on 1st Feb 2022

1st Feb 2022  |   15 minutes

    Rating: 0.00

Luci Belle might have bitten off more than she can chew this time! With a mix of innocent features and extensive body mods, she really conveys the idea of "sweetheart with an edge". She recently found the TGHU app and has gotten plenty attention from all the toppy trans girls looking to wreck someone as cute and slutty as she is! She gets a hit, the devilishly dominant Nyxi Leon! Nyxi is stunning, and has a presence that commands attention! Nyxi isn't some poser, she's the real deal, and Luci doesn't know how out of her depths she really is. Pics are traded, and the bratty Luci rushes over for a good time. Nyxi is a certified bitch tamer and quickly get to work giving this brat the discipline she craves. Nyxi brings out a toy so extreme that only one word can accurately describe it: Shocking! Luci Always thought of herself as a bad girl, but in Nyxi's eyes, She's just in need of proper training. Your mouth will drop and your cock will pop when you see Nyxi use the sound-activated collar on her dumb slutty pet! Luci better not give Nyxi a reason to yell, or the collar will give her direct feedback on her performance. She’s instructed to sit on a gigantic dildo courtesy of Hankey’s Toys and ride it like a cowgirl while continuing to suck. Luci’s throat gets a work out with the most hardcore face/throat fucking we’ve seen yet on TGHU. Nyxi pulls out her proud girl-cock and has Luci lavish it with devotion before bending the slut over and working her fucking asshole over ruthlessly. With Luci's holes loosened and her attitude thoroughly adjusted, Nyxi finally decided that the pathetic slut is worthy of fucking! If you like your girls sloppy, slutty and covered in saliva, keep it right here at Tgirls Hookup! P.S. Thanks again to Hankey’s Toy’s for providing us with the awesome Ray Diesel Signature Dildo! We absolutely love it. Check it out here

Added on 27th Jan 2022

27th Jan 2022  |   54 minutes

    Rating: 0.00

I stumbled across Luci's twitter a couple months ago and I really liked her style. I figured she would be so perfect for Tgirls Hookup. As you probably know, I love girls with tattoos, especially bright colorful tattoos. I also love red hair and I love girls that really exude slut energy. However, she hadn't shot any pro shoots yet, and I usually like to shoot girls after they've shot for another known studio. Delilah Darling was supposed to come up to shoot a solo but she was unable to make it at the last minute, so I instantly reached out to Luci to see what she was doing in a few days. Luckily, she was available and we were able to secure plane tickets immediately. She flew in and she knocked it out of the park. We shot content for Grooby one day, and the next day we shot her TGHU solo. I had never even seen her hard before. She's pretty much 100% caged in every piece of media I've seen on twitter. Her cage is one of those tiny micro-cages. So... I assumed she had a tiny cock. WOW was I totally surprised when I saw it! Her cock is like a horn. It's super thick at the base, and hard as can be. I was also not expecting to see her squirt cum like a fountain! That was amazing. This was the first scene we used my brand-new sex machine, courtesy of Hismith. My old machine was getting a little worn and it was time for a new one. I reached out to them and they sent me this purple one free of charge because I told them I would use it in almost every solo scene on my website. So far, this machine is much nicer than the one I've had for over 4 years. I also love that it comes in fun colors. They gave me a 5% off coupon code for TGHU members that's good for any of their products on amazon. “TGHUxxx5” The twisted unicorn toy we used is also from Hismith. It made Luci cum buckets! Maybe it will make you cum buckets too?? Give it a try for yourself? As for Luci... I can't wait to have her back! She was really cool to hang out with and work with. It's always nice...

Added on 14th Dec 2021

14th Dec 2021  |   14 minutes

    Rating: 0.00

Luci Belle is the most hardcore cutie you may ever see! She's a mix of saccharine sweet and raw edge. Intricate ink covers most of her soft, sensuous body, save for her puffy nipples and adorable face. Speaking of ink, Luci couldn't wait to put her latest horny hijinks into her suspiciously sticky diary. When her cute tattoo artist offers her a treat after some shade work, she can't help but take them up on it! Luci can't help but stroke her huge girl cock as she recalls the cute tattoo artist having her way with her, pounding her into a submissive puddle. Once the pen is put away, Luci gets to work with both hands stroking her MASSIVE girldick while caressing her pink star. Her hole starts to get lonely, so Luci accommodates by becoming a member of the 4-finger club, stretching her hole wide while she strokes her shaft whimpering all the while. She works herself open with a variety of toys, her hole pink like bubblegum and just as fucking stretchy. When she's ready, Luci saddles up with the fuck machine, equipped with a toy so big that even I blushed at the sight of it! The fuckbot starts it's pounding, unrelenting work on her hole, turning her brains to mush. Body and brain overwhelmed, Luci can't help but squirt out her third orgasm, her pounded little prostate pressed flat by the large toy. Her cum load was so big that even she was amazed. Make sure you don't miss this this super-hot update, because at Tgirls Hookup, the girls always leave themselves reamed and creamed!

Added on 9th Dec 2021

9th Dec 2021  |   24 minutes

    Rating: 0.00