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Clara Belle

Clara Belle
  • Location: Illinois
  • Birthday: 31st July
  • Hiya! 🥰 I'm Clara Belle! 🍓

    I'm just ur average sweet & bubbly chubby t-girl next door, who happens 2 be a massive cum-dump of a bottom! 💦

    I like sci-fi & fantasy & home cooking!
    I also like having my fat farm-cow ass pounded like a messy whore! 🥵

    Nerdy girls like me are always secretly the dirtiest sluts, right? 😈

    I'm looking 4 a t-girl top 2 slap me & spit on me & call me a good girl while I gag on her pretty dick, then cuddle up to some kaiju movies after 😇

    Are u the slut of my dreams? 🥺👉👈

Clara's Videos

Chicago cutie Clara Belle has been showing off her giant ass on the Tgirls Hookup app like it's nobody's business. She's been meeting up with so many hot tgirls on TGHU and her greedy hole really needs to get drilled again! Clara Belle is so fucking thirsty for girlcock all the time. Luckily for her, Flowergoth Roze is in town and she definitely knows how to handle a big fat booty. Roze’s cock was made for fucking dumb sluts like Clara Belle. Flowergoth Roze is hot as fuck and really knows how to slap, choke, and fuck Clara Belle to sexual nirvana. Clara Belle’s hole just loves to get fucked and hand blasted sooooo hard until she cums her brains out! When Flowergoth Roze has had enough of fucking Clara Belle’s asshole, she finishes right in her mouth!

Added on 1st Apr 2021

1st Apr 2021  |   40 minutes

    Rating: 5.00

Take a little peak behind the scenes on set with Clara Belle! Get a glimpse of how we make these super-hot scenes! This was our first time working with Clara Belle and she is super great to be around and super cute. Unfortunately, we did not take any behind the scene pics while filming this scene. So I've included a handful of my favorite pics from the main scene!

Added on 30th Mar 2021

30th Mar 2021  |   04 minutes

    Rating: 5.00

Take a little peak behind the scenes on set with Clara Belle and Flowergoth Roze for their first time ever shooting for Tgirls Hookup! These two are so damn sexy and have amazing chemistry together. Clara Belle got fucked super hard by Roze in this scene and I can't wait for you to all see it. So here is a little sneak peek.

Added on 23rd Feb 2021

23rd Feb 2021  |   08 minutes

    Rating: 4.67

Clara Belle is newly out of college and into the workforce. She loves her job because she gets a great deal on dildos, lube, butt plugs... All the things a huge ass slut like her would ever need. Her favorite part about her job is the glory hole booths, and her boss's cock! Clara Belle get's so turned on thinking about her manager's thick, girly cock that she needs to fuck her slutty ass with her fuck machine until she cums her brains out.

Added on 21st Jan 2021

21st Jan 2021  |   20 minutes

    Rating: 4.60