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Billie Beaumont

Billie Beaumont
  • Location: Los Angeles, CA
  • Birthday: 26th May
  • Hi! ✨I’m a slutty bottomless hole that loves being treated rough. I need my holes filled at all times and can never get enough 🙃

    P.S. I can be a bit of a brat so you might have to be really mean to me 😊

Billie's Videos

Check out this super cute behind the scenes video with hot stars Izel Saenz and Billie Beaumont!
These two cuties were so much fun to work with and I can't wait to have them back again!


Special thanks to our friends and sponsors: Hismith Sex Machines, Double Scorpio, Hankey's Toys and Mister Sister Erotica Boutique in Providence RI.

Added on 6th Sep 2022

6th Sep 2022  |   09 minutes

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Happy September 1st, here at TGHU we're starting the month off with a bang!!
Itzel Saenz is hot and horny and looking for someone with that "big girl dick" who can fuck her asshole good and rough. She's super excited when she immediately matches with the super sexy Billie Beaumont, who claims she's the top Itzel is looking for. Billie is stacked with a big hard cock and nice round tits and her athletic frame is covered in sick tattoos. She definitely looks like a top, but something seems a little off. Could it be her choice of emojis?

Itzel had her doubts that Billie may be one of those faux tops, but she takes a gamble. She says she's not that desperate for dick, but we all know what TGHU is for ;)
After exchanging nudes and flirty texts, Billie is able to convince Ms. Saenz that she's a great top and not just some subby little bottom. Itzel heads on over to Billie's fuck-pad.

Upon arrival, it's clear that Itzel's bottom-radar was right all along. This bitch ain't no top! WTF!?!
Angered yet horny, Itzel sticks around and decides that she's going to get the dick she came here for, even if she needs to top from the bottom.
Itzel takes out all her anger and aggression on little miss dumb lying slut, using her cock like a dildo for her own pleasure.
Itzel totally dominates Billie, face fucking her, calling her names and humiliating her the entire time. When Billie fucks up (literally the entire time) - Itzel then punishes her with a variety of sadistic methods including a electro-shock wand!
You definitely don't want to miss this one!


Added on 1st Sep 2022

1st Sep 2022  |   36 minutes

    Rating: 0.00

This was my first time getting to meet Billie! She's so cute and friendly and oh so damn sexy. She's such a nice person to work with. I had wanted to work with her for a while, but wanted to wait until I was out on the west coast so she didn't need to fly all the way to cold Providence RI when I could just go to sunny Los Angeles instead. I'm so glad I did because the weather was hot and the girls were extra hot!! Billie is totally a new fixture on TGHU. She's so awesome and she has such a cool style and energy about her. On top of that she a total slut too!! She will be back to shoot again in the next couple months. We have some fun ideas in the works for her next hardcore scene!!! Stay tuned and enjoy! xoxo, Kelly

Added on 10th May 2022

10th May 2022  |   05 minutes

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Billie is back! Ms. Beaumont returns after such a strong first impression to tell a tale of schoolgirl lust that'll definitely have you hot, horny, and ready to blow! This sexy, lean siren has quite the tale to tell, having been recently haunted by dreams of her sultry professor. She would dream of her amazing tits, and tight toned body in a way that really makes it hard to focus upon waking. It also never left her without a steamy, leaky, hard problem to deal with in her panties each morning! Billie's got her girl-cock out and stroking before she even concludes the story, her erection thick and throbbing with impressive veins. She gets much more serious once the diary is put away, lavishing her she-stick with attention. Her hole begs for attention, and it's not long before a cute pink plug gets added to the mix. Once warmed up, Ms. Beaumont kicks up the intensity, making her awesome tits and truly impressive dick bounce and heave on a huge clear dildo, riding it as she would her sexy professor if she were here. This all culminates in a soul-searing orgasm as her walls pulse and massage her makeshift lover, finally satisfied. Make sure you don't sleep on this one because Tgirls Hookup is the only site that cooks up sext dreams that'll make you cream your jeans! Xoxo -Ana A

Added on 5th May 2022

5th May 2022  |   17 minutes

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Get up close and personal with these two hotties in this fun behind the scenes video. I had my eye on Billie for a bit, but since she lives in LA (the opposite side of the country as me) I didn't think it made much sense to fly her out to Rhode Island. Luckily, I was able to set up a shoot when I was in Hollywood for the Trans Erotica Awards. I'm so very glad we were able to do this shoot because the scene was awesome. Billie is super friendly and awesome as much as she is a hottie. She is super easy to work with and a stellar performer. Her and Avery were such a good match for each other. I would love to work with Billie again soon. I will have to get her out here to Providence for a proper TGHU shoot. Avery Angel we all know by now. She's become one of my close friends in this industry. She happened to be staying with us at the apartment when we were in LA so it made total sense to have her be Billie's co-star. Even after a long night of partying with me and some other friends, Avery was able to find the energy to pound the hell out of Billie. Go follow these two hotties and please support them on onlyfans. xoxo KQ

Added on 12th Apr 2022

12th Apr 2022  |   07 minutes

    Rating: 0.00

Road Trip!!! Tgirls-Hookup is on the west coast! New locations means new sluts, and we have an amazing entry for you here today! Billie Beaumont is a busty, dumb slut, and you know how much we love those! With blonde pigtails and pumped-up lips, her looks just begs for you to grab those handle bars and shove a hard girl-cock into that beautiful, puffy pout Billie's new to the app and runs into the one-woman wrecking crew: the beautiful statuesque Avery Angel! Avery wants to give Billie a little bit of what she regularly doles out to sluts on the east coast, and that is furious, relentless pounding! The rules are different here on the west coast, so Avery travels to this mewling lil sluts crash pad, building up one of the angriest erections in recent memory (Writer's note: And I've seen dozens. Maybe hundreds? idk... Avery, hit ya girl up on the app!! -Ana) Billie wastes no time giving it a spit-shine and polish before Avery plunges it deep! You'll cream your jeans over the cute, slutty faces Billie makes as Avery takes her on the express trip to pound town! This train only stops in an emergency, and cumming your brains out is not an emergency! The gape gloves cum out, and Ms. Angel ensures Billie lives up to their proper purpose! Lap up this awesome update on Tgirls-Hookup, where we only bring you the hottest, sluttiest stars!

Added on 7th Apr 2022

7th Apr 2022  |   39 minutes

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