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Nicole Cheshire

Nicole Cheshire
  • Location: Philadelphia, PA
  • Birthday: 14th February
  • Adorable and durable, this little lady loves to be pounded. 5'6" with plenty of cock, and a juicy ass ripe for the dicking. Hazel eyes and a mischievous grin, she's sure to drive you mad. She's a bottom most of the time but has been known to switch things up. Put her on a leash and and take her for a walk, just remember to feed her.

    She's pansexual and kink friendly, welcoming all freaks and fangs.

Nicole's Videos

Nikki North is a bratty blonde bombshell with a wet slutty asshole that craves attention. She loves to cruise the TGHU app looking for her next cock fix. Getting her asshole destroyed by rough tgirl tops is her religion. Luckily, her prayers to the great gape god have been answered. Don’t you just love divine-dick intervention? Nicole Cheshire is a sexy, trash talking top from South South Philly. She’s for sure no angel. She’s a simple no-nonsense girl only looking to get her dick wet and call you a nasty slut as she plows your pathetic asshole. Nikki heads out wearing her Sunday’s best: the shortest skirt she owns,and some white stripper heels. She looks like a fucking whore and she’s feeling sexy for sure. Nicole greets her at the door and the verbal degradation ensues. Nicole inspects Nikki to see if she’s worthy. Damn Nikki’s ass is looking good. Nikki gets right to it and gives Nicole a slobbery, slutty blow job before Nicole takes over the situation. Nicole fucks Nikki’s face and throat, making her gag deeply on her hard cock. Nicole finger bangs Nikki to loosen her up. Nicole’s fingers are truly a gift from god. That bitch knows her way around a prostate for sure. I’ve for one been lucky enough to experience these “magic fingers”. When Nikki’s whore hole is nice and stretched out to Nicole’s liking, She slides her cock into Nikki’s gaping ass effortlessly and pounds her like it’s her fucking job. Nicole tosses Nikki all over the room as she slams her cock repeatedly into Nikki’s godless black hole at warp speed. There’s some serious muscle behind her thrusts long. I’ve never seen Nikki gape to effortlessly before. Finally it’s cumtime!! Nikki rides Nicole’s throbbing girl dick like a pro and jerks herself off until she busts a huge fat load! Nikki now has cum on the mind and she’s feeling even sluttier than before. She begs for Nicole to cum in her ass and Nicole fills her up like a good slut....

Added on 14th Oct 2021

14th Oct 2021  |   31 minutes

    Rating: 0.00

These two cuties were just so fun to work with. Nicole is one of the most hilarious people I've met in a while. We were laughing the entire time she was here. Fae and Nicole had amazing chemistry and were so great together. This was my first time working with Fae, but it will not be my last time. I've had my eye on her for a while, and it was so nice to finally get a chance to work with her. She was a delight to shoot. Fae’s cute as hell and sweet as pie. She’s really hot, and she’s a sexually charged slut! Her performance was stellar and it exceeded my expectations. I can't wait to have her back to shoot another scene. This was Nicole's second time here to shoot, and her and I spent a couple days hanging out before the work week began. We became really good friends. Nicole is an amazing person and such a hot performer. She’s such a fucking babe and she’s a really good top. She is going to make waves in this industry for sure. Enjoy this behind-the-scenes video from "Use Me Like Your Little Cum-Slut!" xoxo, Kelly

Added on 21st Sep 2021

21st Sep 2021  |   11 minutes

    Rating: 0.00

Fae Clementine is a sexy buff babe who doesn't mess around when it comes to getting what she wants. She loves to fuck pathetic submissive bottoms but she also loves to be degraded and have her holes stretched out when she finds a top who’s even tougher than her. Fae is cruisin’ TGHU looking for her afternoon cock fix when she matches with the ultra-hot Nicole Cheshire! Nicole is drop-dead gorgeous, with an athletic build, pretty face, fantastic natural tits and a nice fat cock. Nicole slides into Fae's DM's looking to fuck. Nicole and Fae waste no time with getting to the point and within minutes Fae is on her way out the door and on her way over to Ms. Cheshire’s. Nicole guarantees Fae that she's will give her asshole all the attention it deserves and begins to stretch her out with a big fat dildo. Nicole induces some pretty sizeable gapes out of Fae's poor, pathetic butthole before tossing her to the floor to throat fuck the living daylights out of her. When Nicole decides that Fae has proven herself worth of cock, she plunges her hard dick into Fae and pounds her brains out. Nicole demands Fae stroke her rock-hard girl dick as she gets plowed. Fae cums as Nicole slams into her as rough and as hard as she can before Nicole busts her load in Fae. Fae pushes the cum and lube mixture out from her asshole, dripping all over the couch. After Fae comes down from cloud-9, Nicole kicks her out and sends her on her way.

Added on 16th Sep 2021

16th Sep 2021  |   26 minutes

    Rating: 0.00

Today (8/24) is Kelly's Birthday and she's celebrating it with you!! She's releasing this super-special bonus birthday scene as a thank you for being a member of TGHU! You really mean so much to her and she wanted to give you this special extra update this month. Nicole Cheshire was in town last weekend to shoot a couple new scene (cumming soon!!). Nicole and Kelly have gotten pretty close in the last month and they couldn't seem to keep their slutty hands off one another. Nicole loves to fluster Kelly when she’s trying to work. Nicole was making it pretty clear that she wanted to fuck Kelly’s big ass and play with her giant tits. After Kelly finished setting up the studio for the next morning’s scene, they decided it was finally time to fuck! The studio was already set up, so they thought they may as well film it! Nicole loves Kelly's big ass and has been waiting to stick her cock in Kelly since the moment she met her in July. Nicole Cheshire is so fucking sexy! Unbelievably hot. She is a pure top with a nice hard cock. Nicole was born ready to fuck dumb sluts on Tgirls Hookup, and today Kelly is one of those dumb sluts! These two cuties start off timid and shy, but that changes really fast once Nicole and Kelly begin to make out. Sparks fly! Nicole and Kelly exchange BJs for a bit before Nicole throat fucks the hell out of her. After Kelly has spit dripping down her face, it's time for Kelly to get her birthday asshole fucked and her prostate milked!! Nicole fucked Kelly so damn hard the house shook.

Added on 24th Aug 2021

24th Aug 2021  |   16 minutes

    Rating: 0.00

This was my first time getting to meet the lovely Nicole Cheshire. I started seeing her on twitter this winter and I immediately knew she would be perfect for TGHU. Nicole's personality is amazing. On top of being totally sexy as all hell, she's super fun to be around and super cool to talk to. Her and I spent the whole night before her solo shoot in my living room listening to music and nerding out about hardcore bands and rollerblading. We can't wait to have her back to shoot again. xoxo, Kelly

Added on 17th Aug 2021

17th Aug 2021  |   07 minutes

    Rating: 0.00

Nicole Cheshire is a serious skater girl and her body shows it, looking toned, but still soft in alllll the right places. We're lucky enough to get a special view of her latest diary entry. Nicole usually hits the skate park early to beat the crowds of posers and get her warm ups in, but this time she wasn't alone! She meets a cute, curly haired skater girl, and the rest of the skate park is deserted... it's like that early 2000's pop-punk anthem goes: "Can I make it any more obvious?" Sparks and pheromones fly as she regales us with what happened. Understandably warmed up afterwards, she has to release some "pressure". She strokes her rock-hard cock briskly before that simply isn't enough to slate her desires. Still horny and dripping for more, she quickly turns to plugs as a stand-in for her skate park lover. However, even the plugs aren't enough for her slutty asshole. Nicole needs something a bit more animated and turns to Ms. fuck machine to finish the job. Pounding her dumb slutty hole like the filthy fucking whore she is. Be sure not to miss out!

Added on 12th Aug 2021

12th Aug 2021  |   24 minutes

    Rating: 0.00