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Jojo Hunt

Jojo Hunt
  • Location: North Carolina
  • Birthday: 9th July
  • I'm Jojo, a switchy top who loves fucking slutty bottoms 🤪

    I'm looking for cum sluts who love to gag on hard girl cock 🍆 and get their holes filled and gaped🕳️💦

    Swipe on me if you think you can handle a rough fuck and you're looking to get wrecked🥵🥴

Jojo's Videos

Jojo Hunt is seriously one of the best performers I've ever worked with. We met in early 2020 and her and I have shot a few really fun scenes together. Jojo is just as funny as she is sexy. She's full of energy and she's hot as fuck. Jojo was in town to shoot two hardcore scenes. She wasn't originally schedule do shoot a solo. However, at the last minute I realized that I needed one more scene for the month. Jojo stepped up to the plate and delivered one of the best solo scenes we've shot thus far. Her Diary entry narration was written jointly by her and I. The story really is based on a true story. Obviously, we made up the setting and all the details. But the meat of the sandwich is factual. She really did have a threesome with a couple of trans girls, and Jojo really did fuck the hell out of the top only gf. Have fun watching this little sneak peek behind the scenes with Jojo on set for "Watch me Fuck Your Girlfriend". I've included a handful of my favorite photos from the main scene with the BTS photos.

Added on 31st Aug 2021

31st Aug 2021  |   07 minutes

    Rating: 0.00

Jojo Hunt is the consummate hottie! Her body is supple, sexy and soft. With long sexy legs and a darling face, she's hot and she knows it. Jojo can take a mean dick, but she can certainly give an even meaner one. During her erotic diary entry, we get to hear her recall her recent escapades on campus! Listen as she exerts her true dominance on another "total top" thoroughly cucking the poor girl as she rails her girlfriend senseless. As the horny girl watches in horny aspiration, she thoroughly reams her until the "top” among the pairing wants some dick too… ” if you can’t beat them, let them fuck your ass!” Am I right? Revel as Jojo strokes her rock hard girl-dick lovingly, shortly before bringing out a hot stroker toy, allowing you to see her deep in the stroker pussy she is. Watch as she strokes herself balls-deep, coaxing a hot load from her balls! Tune into to this super-hot scene!

Added on 26th Aug 2021

26th Aug 2021  |   21 minutes

    Rating: 0.00

Take a look behind the scenes with Ana and Jojo! Ana and Jojo were a ton of fun to work with. They are both cute as can be and they both will make you laugh all day long. I can't wait to have them both back here again.

Added on 13th Jul 2021

13th Jul 2021  |   08 minutes

    Rating: 0.00

Ana Andrews is late to the game. She just recently heard about the tgirl only hookup app that all her slutty friends have been talking about. With her cell phone in her hand and her cock in the other, Ana cruises TGHU looking for a super-hot, super-dominant top who can fuck her the way she's always wanted to get fucked... Extremely hard. Jojo Hunt is a sexy, no-nonsense chick with a rock-hard dick. Ms. Hunt knew fresh meat when she saw it and quickly swooped in to add Ana to the pile of gaped fucksleeves in her DMs, begging to be used again. Ana shows up to Jojo's house up looking like a slutty snack. Jojo gets right to the point, she's not one for pleasantries. Jojo's not one to play around, she knows how to fuck hard and rough and she means fuckin business. Jojo lays down her rules and Ana is ready to finally get hooked up with a hot tgirl top in her area. She tells Ana to shut the fuck up and get to work on her knees with her mouth wide open. Ana shows Jojo her cock swallowing skills before getting her brains fucked in. Ana knew she was tight, but always dreamed of her cute hole being turned into a smoldering crater, a badge of honor for a well-used slut. When Jojo is done with Ana, she pushes her to her knees and covers her face with her hot cum before tossing Ana out to venture home, still dripping with Jojo's jizz.

Added on 8th Jul 2021

8th Jul 2021  |   30 minutes

    Rating: 0.00

Nikki North is a cute bimbo slut from Atlanta and Jojo is a super sexy, super cool chick from North Carolina. These two together have so much chemistry! We had a ton of fun and a ton of laughs on set. I promise you will be seeing these girls again! They are both fantastic performers and great house guests. Make sure to follow both Nikki North and Jojo Hunt on twitter. If you haven't seen "Re-learning The Ropes" with these two, I highly suggest you go watch it right now!

Added on 15th Jun 2021

15th Jun 2021  |   23 minutes

    Rating: 0.00

Nikki North has a problem, an imbalance, if you will. While she's smokin' hot and definitely a huge fucking slut, there's something... missing? This blonde bimbo hasn't felt the touch of another girl in some time. Just dudes. With her phone in one hand and her cock in the other, she cruises TGHU looking for a well hung, no nonsense tgirl to fuck her bimbo brains out. Enter: JoJo Hunt! She's a top who has taken it hard and has learned how to give it even harder. Nikki rushes over to see Jojo and things start up with a bang and quickly turn into a flurry of drool, lube and wrecked holes! Will Jojo be able to handle holes that have seen miles and miles of dick? Can Nikki re-learn to appreciate the scent of a woman....'s fat fucking nuts? Will Nikki’s gape be stretched wide and filled? Find out in this new blazing hot hardcore scene with big toys and rough fuckin' & suckin'!

Added on 10th Jun 2021

10th Jun 2021  |   34 minutes

    Rating: 0.00