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Penny Peacock

Penny Peacock
  • Location: Seattle, WA
  • Birthday: July 29
  • Hey, I’m Penny!

    Verse submissive. I’m cock hungry 🤤 and piss 💦 thirsty. I have a thick dick 🍆 and my slutty hole 🕳 gapes real easy.

    I like rough and disgusting sex. Both sides of it tbh. I love tossing girls around and being ragdolled. I also love denying men pleasure until they’ve begged enough or earned it in some way.

    I'm looking for girls who want to fuck me aggressively or be fucked aggressively. I love wrestling for the top as well.

    In my free time I love doing film photography. It’s been kinda hard being separated from a dark room all these months, almost as hard as it’s been not being able to be as slutty as I usually am.

    Match with me if you want to get filthy.

Penny's Videos

This was a fun and eventful day for sure! Penny was back for her second TGHU hardcore scene with the super cute Nikki Mayhem. These two had such a great chemistry and such a fantastic time on set together. Catch a glimpse of the making of "Plow my slutty hole and breed me like a farm animal" enjoy :) KQ

Added on 24th Aug 2021

24th Aug 2021  |   10 minutes

    Rating: 0.00

Penny Peacock is at it again. She's horny and on the prowl, looking for another tough bitch who can put her in her fucking place. Penny's got cock on her mind and all she wants is to be fucked harder than ever. She can't seem to get enough cock lately and she's not going to stop searching until she's got what she wants... An asshole full of cum, and slap marks all over her face, ass and ball sack. Nikki Mayhem is a sexy farm girl from Montana. She loves to plow dumb sluts like she plows her fields. Breeding dumb sluts is what Nikki does best. Penny and Nikki match on TGHU and sparks fly! Nikki doesn't waste any time putting Penny in her place. Nikki takes command of Penny and face fucks her harder than she's ever been face-fucked before. When Nikki can't take any more of Penny whining and begging for a cock in her ass, she pushes Penny to the ground and makes her worship her feet. Nikki just loves to get her toes sucked by filthy sluts. Nikki has fun degrading poor Penny, and Penny loves every second of it. When Nikki feels like Penny has earned a cock in her ass, she flips Penny over and fucks her slutty brains out. Penny's ass gapes wide open as Nikki's thick girlcock plunges in and out of it, before filling her hole up with fresh girlcum.

Added on 19th Aug 2021

19th Aug 2021  |   35 minutes

    Rating: 0.00

Penny was back here shooting in July and we had an absolute blast! I met Penny last year and she came to shoot in September of 2020 for the first time. She has been a member of the TGHU family ever since. She is a firecracker of energy and has such a fun personality. She's cute as can be and she's got some very interesting and intense kinks, which makes her perfect for Her gape is also totally insane. Her gape is like a black hole. Her and I had a great time filming her newest solo video for you all.

Added on 3rd Aug 2021

3rd Aug 2021  |   07 minutes

    Rating: 0.00

Penny Peacock is a gorgeous, insatiable slut. With cute, puffy nipples and a pert little ass, she's a sight to behold. Did I mention she's a slut? A bottomless bottom, if you will. The girls just can't get enough, and she's not afraid to show pride in her "work". Penny's got a date tonight, Courtesy of your favorite Tgirl hookup app, and we get to look at all the best views as she gets ready. She starts with some intense stroking, to rev herself up, before quickly reaching for her plugs. She's a veteran, so she knows that all tops love a soft pliable gape, and she intends on coming to the party with one at the ready. She pulls out the fucking machine (because, come on, why WOULDN'T she have one) to further bore her ass out, before swithing holes and making sure her throat game is on point. You don't want to miss this one, because this is one time I believe this bottom is totally ready for what cumming to her door.

Added on 29th Jul 2021

29th Jul 2021  |   15 minutes

    Rating: 0.00

Take a little peak behind the scenes on set with Penny Peacock and Roxi Heart! Here is some outtakes and behind the scenes footage of the dirtiest scene we've shot so far! This scene was a ton of fun and we really enjoyed every second of making it. Penny and Roxi are absolute delights to work with.

Added on 9th Feb 2021

9th Feb 2021  |   12 minutes

    Rating: 5.00

Penny is a dirty, kinky freak! She needs her hair pulled, neck choked, throat fucked and face slapped really hard until it's beet red. No one she's fucked so far has been able to satisfy her... That is until she matches with Roxi Heart on Tgirls Hookup! Roxi is a super pretty, hard femme, with a great body, great tits, killer ass and a big fat cock. She's hot as fuck and tough as nails! Penny is so excited to find someone to treat her like the filthy cum rag she is. Penny loves cock, loves degradation and loves to drink squirt. Roxi tells Penny to come over. Roxi has no problem slapping Penny around, calling her names and telling her to shut the fuck up. Penny absolutely loves it when Roxy spits on her pathetic slutty face, destroys her gaping asshole and fills her up with squirt and cum. When Roxi is done breaking Penny, she tells her to hit the road!

Added on 28th Jan 2021

28th Jan 2021  |   42 minutes

    Rating: 5.00

Penny Peacock is a hot tgirl with a petite body, pretty face, nice cute tits and a seven-inch cock. While writing in her diary about how she just moved to Providence last week, Penny touches her tits and her uncut cock. Penny really wants to meet someone kinky and rough enough to satisfy her pathetic sexual cravings. She moved to Providence because she heard from some friends that Providence is where you can find the sluttiest tgirls in the country. She writes that she needs to find someone to fuck her brains out and treat her like the piece of slut trash she is. Penny writes about how her fantasies have grown out of control. Penny becomes so turned on that she needs to put the diary down and jerk her hard cock until she orgasms. Penny orgasms so hard and loud with her cock pulsating in her hand.

Added on 12th Jan 2021

12th Jan 2021  |   09 minutes

    Rating: 5.00